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x see 6 úr.


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n (Lat. iūs, iūris) law, `right' : a n-astud it seilb cene folo ai no iuir `as far as law and right shall permit' (Plummer MS. Notes), O'Curry 32 (< H 3.18, p. 13b ) = cene fola aile a nuir transltd. `without sticking them in the ground,' Laws iv 140.24 Comm. Cf. is comiúir (comiiur, comdiuir, condiur, v.ll.) in Coimmdiu `the Lord is equally just,' Fél. 229 , glossed: is comdíriuch, Fél.² xxv .

?4 lí

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ind ( = 1 lí?): molt feissi cet do chuir con a líí, O'Curry 880 ( H 3.18, 394 ). i ngait . . . do chairech .i. cen li no cen iuir without fleece (?) or without fat, Laws i 170.10 Comm . cauru co l.¤ , Laws i 122.11 .


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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: preisteur

n m. ( AN loanword, Risk 602 ) a preacher : brathair preisdiúr a friar preacher, Mac Aingil 334.4 . brathair presediur, AFM v 1288.15 . an tOrd minúr presidiur, 1444.15 . preisteur, -iúir `a foreman, precedent or superior', P. O'C.

6 úr

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n (ur ?) fleshiness, fatness : may be subst. usage of 2 úr: mucc co nur (.i. co meithe uirre a n-áimsir a marbtha, no cua na nur) `a pig with fatness,' Laws i 122.10 ( 126.21 ). muca co nuir isunn, 170.8 Comm. oppd. to: in tan nachit metha, ib. 9 . Cf. however: do chairech .i. cen li no cen iuir , ib. 10 . mása comaith gabus a huir anosa in muc i [?] cus trasta, O'D. 1660 (< H 5.15 23a ) (`if it fattens equally well' Pl. MS Notes).