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áeraid satirizes, lam- poons
lám 1 hand; expels; arm; Of the hand used in measuring length; Of the whole arm as measure; spectator 2 prowess, valour, accomplishment; might; control, power; upper hand, conquering arm; active part in crime 3 undertakes; act of undertaking; an undertaking certain of success; proposes, attempts; Of course of action undertakes; enjoins upon; petitions; practises violence on; operates on; act of avoiding, renouncing; beside; along by; compared with; refuses, rejects; Of renunciation of world, sin, etc; excepts; accepts the protection of someone; shakes hands; reserve force; manipulates; helps; help, assistance to; takes possession of; violates, disobeys 4 liberates from; undertakes; goes to communion; receives confirmation; in the power of, at the discretion of; subordinate to; swearing; beside x; Hence of possession, control; places at the disposal of; on behalf of, deputizing for; captive, subservient (to); In oaths by; in spite of5from hand to hand; equally balanced; together, unanimously; secretly; side by side; one and all; on either side