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con-lá places together, joins; Of joining battle
1 do-lá puts away, expels, rejects; discharges, remits (debts, etc.)
ind-la goes in, enters into
in-lá 1 enters into (a compact), undertakes, arranges, stipu- lates; causes; yokes, trains to the yoke2 casts in, inlays ?
la 1 beside, by, touching; along by; along with, in the same direction as; in motion with; following the course of, secundum (flumen); with, in the company of; alone; with; in spite of; with, in custody of, at the disposal of; carried or worn by; along with, and, in addition to, as well as; also; either; with, assisting, on behalf of2 Marking point of time, coin- cidence of occurrence or action. Of point of time; with that, immediately, thereupon; during 3on account of, because of, by reason of; through the agency of, by means of; Of accompanying circumstance or condition; con- temporary action 4 by, by the hands of, by direction or order of; at the hands of5 In at, among, with; in, amongst, with, of customs and usages, corresponding to in, amongst, with; In the opinion of, according to; from, at the hands of; with, amongst, at; according to, in the opinion of; This construction very common at all periods to indicate possession of opinion, notion, feeling, desire, impulse, etc.6Denoting possession, ownership, etc.; x owns, possesses y, y belongs to x; In extended meaning x has a right to (do) y; visible, uncovered
1 day, daylight; yesterday, to-day, next day, etc.; Day of Judgement; Denoting point of time; daily; once upon a time; one day; seeing that; since; when; while