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Forms: cadecht, catecht

adv (variously spelt, orig. form and origin uncertain) yet, as yet after neg. verbs: cadecht, catecht gl. nondum, Ml. 19b4 , 30b15 . doadbadar híc nádroscribad dosuidib c.¤ , Wb. 27d13 that these had not yet been written to(?) (otherwise Thes.). ind réta adgúsi optait ní bíat c.¤ gl. optatiuus . . . ipse quoque uideatur ad futurum pertinere, Sg. 148a4 . ní rabatar cidecht gl. quae optamus non euenisse, 148a9 . acht nadfess cadacht cidrofiugrad and, Thes. ii 252.18 . co cualatar guth ina hingini . . . ┐ ni ragab si labrath cid acht she had not as yet begun to speak, Vita Br. 4 . athlaech . . . nad nascnai sacarbuic cad acht (so to be punctuated), Laws iv 366.13 . nī hēn chadacht (sic leg.) nō nī hēn clūmda, Corm. Y 511 . aní ná roich lam cid acht / is écen dam a dūtracht, LU 3935 ( cidacht, SCC 44 , cid acht, facs.). Without prec. verb: ar oítiu a airechsa c.¤, úaire is nue ó rogab tre(a)bad, Críth G. 88 `still', Gloss.


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adj i (cf. éimech) swift, prompt: labrath eimigh (: clēirigh), Snedg. u. Mac R § 56 . cf. 65 . bid émid a cobair Fél. Dec. 29 LB. redig dam, a Dé do nim, | co hémid... LL 141b28 = Rawl. 76a5 . co heimidh, Trip. xxviii . gabait umpa co héimid (: cléirig) `in haste equipped them' SG 65.40 . lim bus cumain co hemig | geib umut ┐ erig YBL 315a30 . a Bhrigit...a chaillech óg éimid, SG 389.13 . a Rí ríchid reidig dam | tria gné n-eimid n-eladan, LL 143a40 . bad emídh gurbadh særcach, BB 64d5 = ba hemich corbad sercach, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. i 14.11 .


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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: gaibim, gabimm, gaibiu, gaibid, gaibthi, gaib, gaibit, gabit, gaibde, gaba, rogba, gebaid, gebat, gabsu-sa, rongabus, gabais, gabis, rogab, gaibthir, rogaibther, gaibtir, gabthar, gabthe, rogabad, rogabath, rogabtha, gabthi, gabaid, gebsa

v see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 527 . O.I. Pres. ind. 1 s. gaibim, Thes. ii 2.35 . gabimm, Wb. 16d4 . gaibiu, Trip. 54.14 . 3 s. gaibid, Wb. 9a3 . Ml. 64c12 . (with pronom. suf.) gaibthi, Sg. 26b7 . ni gaib , Wb. 3d8 . 3 p. gaibit, Sg. 200b10 . gabit, Ml. 38a8 . rel. gaibde, 76a16 . Pres. Subj. 3 s. gaba, Wb. 28a20 . rogba, 15d40 . Fut. 3 s. gebaid, Wb. 8a7 . 3 p. ni gebat , 4c8 . Pret. and Perf. 1 s. gabsu-sa, Thes. ii 291.7 . (ceín) rongabus , Wb. 23b18 . 3 gabais, Thes. ii 238.16 . gabis, i 495.1 ( Ardm. 77a1 ). rogab, Wb. 2c21 . Pass. Pres. ind. s. gaibthir, Wb. 16d7 . (hó) rogaibther , 13b13 . p. gaibtir, Thes. ii 295.16 . Subj. s. gabthar, Wb. 29b5 . Pret. and Perf. s. gabthe, Ml. 55c1 . rogabad, 14a14 . rogabath, 24d13 . p. rogabtha, 133b2 . verb. necess. gabthi, 76d4 . Vn. gabál, q.v. For later forms see IGT Verbs § 23.

I Trans. lays hold of, grasps .

(a) takes hold of, possession of ; passing into sense receives, accepts . With co and reflexive pron. takes to oneself : admits of, allows . Ní gaib cen (acht) insists on. Supports, upholds (= congaib) ; sometimes almost = fogaib.

(b) With pers. obj. receives, admits . g.¤ nech in receives as : g.¤ ar considers as.

(c) takes by force, captures ; takes away ; g.¤ lám, g.¤ búaid.

(d) More rarely holds, maintains (against an enemy).

(e) affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition, etc. ; affects injuriously (illness, etc.) paralyses, bewitches .

(f) puts, applies .

(g) puts on, assumes : g.¤ arm assumes warrior status ; g.¤ caille, colann, étach, etc. With imm and reflexive pron. puts on (clothes), cf. inf. V (g).

(h) g.¤ cuan, port, etc., reaches (a destination).

(i) g.¤ dúnad, longport pitches a camp .

(j) chooses, fixes (a day, meeting, etc.).

(k) sets about, begins (an employment, etc.).

(l) conceives (a passion, etc.).

(m) thinks, infers . (m 2) takes down from dictation; edits (?).

(n) conceives (offspring).

(o) With for and reflexive pron. takes on oneself (responsibility, etc.).

(p) With co and refl. pron. assumes .

(q) takes a path, traverses, reaches .

(r) ? celebrates (a festival).

(s) suits (late).

(t) A legal idiom (?)

II Intrans.

(a) goes, proceeds .

(b) lands, settles, takes up one's abode (esp. of starting a community).

(c) holds out, remains .

(d) Gram. is declined ; also is subdivided.

(e) holds sway, reigns .

(f) takes hold or effect .

III Perfect forms= subst. vb.

IV sings, chants, recites , etc.

V Further uses with preps. :

(a) g.¤ ar (1) holds back, restrains (2) distrains (rare).

(b) g.¤ de hinders, holds back : also g.¤ ní de neuch.

(c) g.¤ do (1) sets about . (2) attacks . (3) covers, fits .

(d) g.¤ fa attacks, charges at.

(e) g.¤ for (1) assails . (2) begins, sets about . (3) overtakes . (4) outshines .(5) includes .

(f) g.¤ fri (1) holds out against . (2) warns (doubtful). (3) receives, welcomes (late). (4) commences, begins .

(g) g.¤ imm (1) refuses, refrains from, conceals, withholds . (2) distrains . (3) makes good, compensates . (4) adheres to. (5) dresses, arrays oneself.

(h) g.¤ in assails .

(i) g.¤ la accepts, sides with.

(j) g.¤ oc. (1) sets about, begins . (2) sides with, stands by ; passing into sense is partial to, lets off.

(k) g.¤ ós gains supremacy over .

VI Used in phrases with nouns to which references are given.

I Trans. In widest sense lays hold of, grasps .

(a) takes (hold of, possession of) ; passing into sense of receives, accepts (with mat. obj.) : amal náṅgabimmse didiu ni gaib Lucas, as I do not take it (of a payment), Wb. 16d4 . rogabad gabáal dóib leu, 7a7 . gebid A. in n-id inna láim, TBC-LL¹ 581 . focherd a bunsaich ... condagebed re toitim ... so that he would catch it before falling, TBC-I¹ 518 . gab a Eba in t-uball-sa, Ériu iv 114.2 . rogab ... in mac ina ucht, RC xxiv 192.1 . adubradar nach gēbdais coma ina sārugud, ZCP viii 274.18 . Giabud-sa coma uaib, xiii 240.14 . dogab Buinne na comhadha sin, IT ii2 140.445 . `in ngēbthái cís no cáin uatha ? ' ... `ní giabthar,' ZCP xiii 226.9 - 11 . do-ghéabhainn ... eineaclonn, TD 3.52 . Analogous : roghabhsat a ndíorma `they sent out their squadron' (i.e. took and got together), AFM v 1812.15 . geibid Brigit e fri baithis `B. holds him at the baptism,' Fél. 110.27 . g.¤ ech gets (and makes ready) a horse : gabhthar a ghabhar do Ghuaire, RC xxvi 374.22 . gebid ar n-eich co escaid, vii 296.114 . is gabtha indiu in gabar bán, SG 243.32 .

With non-mat. obj. : gēbaid a ainm dim anmaim[-se] he will take his name from mine, ACL iii 231.16 . ro gab ratha grene ┐ esca `took guarantees of the sun and moon,' MR 2.5 . caibdhi (caibghi v.l.) ler geab sí suirgi a bride-price for which she accepted wooing, IGT Decl. ex. 176 . geb as do thoil fen bás accept death, PH 6631 . gab maithim n-anacail accept protection, TTebe 1030 . níor ghabh umhlocht `did not receive homage,' TD 17.43 . ro ghabh a n-airi cur fir a ndobratar a ndraidhe fein riu it was borne in upon them, RC xliii 76 § 76 . g.¤ sossad (suide, etc.) : rogab á sossad he hath taken his station, Wb. 4b18 . gabsat ... a suide, BDD 59 . gaib do chuil isin charcair take thy corner in the prison, Thes. ii 290.8 . g.¤ ríge, tír, etc. takes possession of, takes over (an office, dignity, property, etc.) : ataat da n-orpe rogab A., Wb. 2c21 . cia dib gebus t'forba, RC xxiv 194.1 . resiu rogabtis tír tairṅgeri, Ml. 123a1 , or under (c) ? tria chumachta na hingine nogebtais tír, Ériu iii 138.2 . doguidhetar ... fá mhac ... dogébhed a nionad dia neisi, BNnÉ 190 § 1 . iar ndul adíu nogabad Tír an Dísirt `that he set up in T.' (of a bishop), BColm. 56.30 . i mbechbrethaib bech ... gaibte crann `bees that have taken up their lodging in the tree,' Laws iv 180.16 . gabaid M. rīge nEírenn, ZCP viii 318.11 . ... nar gaba rath na righi, Fen. 120.11 . Ri do gabustar righi, BCC § 141 . Cf. in lin rig rogab hErind, Fen. 58.14 . ar ghabh dá gcineadh Bóinn Bhreagh, TD 8.17 . géba apdaine ┐ cumachta fors-in domun, PH 2272 . Domnall o Conaill do gabh uadha e a nGaidhilg `took it down in Gaelic from him' (i.e. from his dictation), Plummer Colophons 16, n.4 . Often with co and refl. pron. takes to oneself, undertakes : ma ro gabsat daine aile cuca ar comairce, Laws iv 228.25 . gab chucat sind, a Christ, PH 183 . gabh chugat mo chomairche undertake my defence, Dán Dé 1.3 . blāith rogabais cucut corp, ACL iii 242 § 16 . dogab Serlus sin cuige co mor, C. took that greatly to heart, RC xix 278 § 204 (Fier.). níor gábh Eóghan chuige go maith an t-urfhuighioll sin, ML 44.9 . takes to witness : rogab neam, ┐ talam, Todd Nenn. 126.9 ; lxx 11 . admits of, allows : ni gabait etir na lestair lána a tórmach, PH 5480 . Ni gaband sí a cumdach le h-or no le h-airget, BCC § 52 (of a stone). beac ma gabann leighes quasi non recipit curationem, O'Gr. Cat. 205.21. Cf. dá ngébha an focal chuigi if the word will allow of it, IGT Introd. § 3 . ní ghéabhainn dol go clannaibh séaghainn Saxon I would not consent (?) to go, Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 8 § 5 . ná gabh toirmeasg `admit no hindrance,' TD 2.3 . Ní gaib cen (acht) will take only, insists on : ní ragaib cen chuit cána, LL 376a35 . nī gēb cen sē curu, TBC-I¹ 2274 ; 2260 . na geb-si cen cath insist on a battle, MR 42.19 . adubhairt nach gebhadh gan meisi dḟaghail mar mhnaoi, Ériu v 182.360 ; 209.21 (v.l.). adubairt nac hgébadh gan éraic d'fagáil, BNnÉ 89.9 . Nír gap uaidip gan bangcēd, Fl. Earls 68.25 . ní ghéabhaidh ód ghruaidh gan bheith feithmheach ..., TD 19.6 . ni ragab acht a anmnigud o anmaim (of Lifea and Mag Life), LL 159a31 . ni ro-gabsat uada acht a bréthir do comallad friu, PH 908 . nir gabhsat uadha gan a athchur, BNnÉ 236.31 . ni rogab acht oentech do denam imme, Anecd. i 9.11 . Also ní gaib co : nī rogaib A. co tarta rātha ┐ gremand fris `A. did not rest satisfied till securities and bonds were given to him,' Cáin Ad. § 22 ; § 26 . supports, upholds (?) glossed congbann : in tí na gaibh rechtge, ni tuilledh rechtge dó .i. in tí na congbhann in díretad, O'D. 712 ( H 3.17, c. 520 ). concerns, affects : comaithces ... is cuma no do gaib aire fri aithech, Laws iv 68.4 . In some cases nearly = fo-gaib : ni gaib airechas it does not get leadership, Wb. 3d8 . canas a ngabar índ aile dec `whence is the twelfth derived ?' Laws iv 198.1 Comm. 16.11 Comm. rogab lige n-úar i n-úir, Metr. Dinds. ii 36.4 .

(b) With pers. obj. receives, admits : manumgaibi ar charit (= Si ergo habes me socium), Wb. 32a16 . na gaph tescariut mar caruid, Ériu v 126.8 . rogabad som hirige, Ml. 14a4 . conadragaib ina munteras, IT i 74.5 . arroeta[t]ar (.i. ro gabadar) he co fáilti, ACL iii 30 § 81 . ro gabadh go honórach hé ón rígh, RC xxv 388.6 . sí ar feadh na gorta níor gheabh `throughout the famine he disowned her' (i.e. would not have her), TD 15.31 . g.¤ nech i n- takes, receives as (in the quality of) : gebtit iudei i n-apid `Judaei will receive him as lord,' Wb. 26a8 . Cf. gabsi cadessin abbaith, Thes. ii 242.21 . co ro-n-gabthar i n-ar mbraithrib do Christ, PH 7883 . do gab se 'na la ciunaiss dó fén é `he took it for a day of rest,' BCC 408.12 . A somewhat different idea with ar : gebidh in aimsir frecnairc arna huilib aimseraib he takes the present time for all times, Auraic. 84.

(c) takes by force, captures . duairci bas dun chach ṅgaibde whom they seize, Ml. 76a16 . condagaibtis intais amprom trianintleda that the wicked used to seize them through their snares, 31c6 . damsa bed gabthi (gl. nihil defuit ad capiendum me), 76d4 . fer gaibes fer beogabail, Laws iv 336.8 . Na mna ... rogabad la Creon rofhosclad dibh la Teis, TTebe 4907 . romgab in críne m'imlúad old-age has deprived me of my power of motion, Ériu iv 154.15 . co[r] gabatar tech fuirre they stormed the house in which she was, RC xv 323 ( Dinds. 23 ). Ro gabhadh an droichet forra, AFM vi 1992.5 . gébtáit ar tír frind, TBC-I¹ 172 . gabsit tír and ar chlaideb, ZCP viii 313.21 . gabsat tír im Themair Breg, Hail Brigit § 18 ( LL 50a10 ). For g.¤ láim expels, g.¤ láim for enjoins, see lám and s.v. gabál. Fig. dede huangaibter in descipuil oc eitsecht inna preceptorae `... whereby disciples are taken,' Ml. 122c2 . A Eua, cid arnotgeib ? (= ar-ṅdot-geib ?) what is the matter with thee ?, SR. 1693 . g.¤ buaid wins a victory: ní ba unus gebas a m-buáid, Wb. 11a6 . isóinfer gaibes buáid diib, 11a4 . gabsat búaid, Fél. Jan 28 ; July 6 .

(d) More rarely holds, maintains (against an enemy, etc.): ro gabsat co setrech ... in tech commatain, TFerbe 339 . Cf. ré fer ná ré mnái ... ní gabtar in t-aracul the little house is never closed against man or woman, SG 245.8 .

(e) affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition or the like; more commonly affects injuriously (of disease, danger or other evil influence); esp. bewitches, paralyses: nachinrogba derchoíniud, Wb. 15d40 . nachas-ragbad torsi díachessadsom, RC iv 246 § 3 . gabaidh toirrsi mor M.E., Ériu v 72.13 . rom gab trist, TBC(C) 1058 . conidrogbad huall, Ml. 39d22 . nísgaibed tart nā līae, Hy. ii 29 . conidgaib codlad de, TBC-I¹ 371 . do gob ita iarsin iad 'thirst seized them', ITS xxxix 38 § 233 . ro gobustair ferg mor he 'great wrath seized him', ITS xxxix 38 § 233 . romgab imtholta im erscéluib Tāno do ḟaisnēis dam, ACL iii 3.18 . gabsai format, ZCP xi 108.2 . ní-dom-geibend ecal, Metr. Dinds. iii 152.18 . ma rangba crith, Ériu vii 168.30 . rongab failte, BB 493b30 . do gab gengairi ... é, BCC § 98 . in corrmíl bá in sengán nom-gaib isin crecht `that nips me in the wound,' BDD 162 . ni-mragba nathir, Misc. Hib. 20.1 . nin geib rind, TBC-LL¹ 3209 . nachumgabat gái, KMMisc. 256 § 28 . ní geibhtis renna ... he, RC xliii 46 § 45 . Ni báid usce he ... ┐ ni geba iarn, PH 7278 . ni gabad arm é, Ériu iii 166.36 . ros gabsat idain Moncha, CMMucr. 50 § 42 . re siu ro gobad galar `before disease took hold on him,' Ir. Review 1912.250 . RC iii 177.7 . gabais buidre a cluasa 'deafness seized their ears', Blathm. 96 § 21 . nis ragaibh lugha dighe thirst did not oppress them, AFM i 382.7 . Ro chansat-side brechta druidechta ina agid, co ro gabait a chossa ocus a láma so that his legs and arms were stricken, SCC 48 ( LU 4028 ). Cf. do gabhadh a chosae ┐ a lamha fair, ZCP x 14.4 . Lism. L. 3043 . rogabtha a cossae cona dernae figild, Mon. Tall. § 34 . gabtar cassa na n-each (i.e. by the power of St. Molasius), SG 26.19 .

(f) puts, applies: gabais iarom a mér ina bēolu, RC xxv 344.z . geibh ind uisqui put it in water, Lism. L. 2676 . gabhais minn ... fa a cheann, CF 903 . in t-aire rogabsabair foraib, ZCP viii 318.25 . ro-gabsat étach corcorda imme, PH 3295 . rogobad ola ... da churp oil was applied to his body, TTebe 2560 . geibid na claidhmi dar a n-aigthib doip `slash the swords over their faces,' CCath. 5163 . conid hé gebes claideb dó, RC xxi 386.14 . gabais tabaill dōib, TBC-I¹ 1100 . gaibthi dō he plies it on him, 1735 . `gebid dúrna dar a gnúis dó,' PH 2330 . RC xliii 28 § 25 . ord don Chrumm rogab he plied a sledge hammer on C., Metr. Dinds. iv 22.9 . geibidh otrach ... ┐ clocha dó, BNnÉ 34.14 . Idiom: Ní raghatt ... ar nach gabat in sluagh imchumhang an toighi form `lest the army pen me in the house,' BS § 55 ( BS² 1660 ).

(g) puts on, assumes: gaibid mod ṅargumint it takes the form of an argument, Ml. 64c12 . Ca delb rogabais ?, Ériu iv 104 § 53a . rogabsi delb fhir do Grecaib fuirri she assumed the form of a Greek, TTebe 3449 . Ar ghabhabhair do ghné an chróigh the ruddy hue you had assumed, IGT Decl. ex. 318 . g.¤ caille puts on the veil (i.e. becomes a nun): gabais caille la Patricc Lassar, Thes. ii 238.16 ( Ardm. 17a2 ). g.¤ arm (gasced) assumes warrior status: romoch lind ra gabais armu, TBC-LL¹ 1163 . `in gaisced gebis (gebes LU) in gilla ?', TBC-I¹ 562 . g.¤ colaind takes flesh: ro-gabais colaind ndoenda, PH 164 . g.¤ étach, etc. (usu. with imm and refl. pron.) puts on clothes: gaibid immib a n-etach macc cóimsa, Wb. 27b16 . lasse gabas immbi, 13d22 . dond fíanerred ... rogabastár-som immi, TBC-I¹ 1870 . 2038 . gab etach ... pendaite umat, PH 452 . gabhuis a éideadh aithfrinn, Irish Texts i 38.18 . do ghabh fa na ghealghlacuibh á lamhanna, Rel. Celt. ii 262.25 . Fig. na daoine ghabhas orra grádh do bhriathar-sa do bheith aca `such as appear to reverence ... thy word,' Carswell 61.

(h) g.¤ cuan, port, etc., gains, reaches (a destination): gur ghabhsad cuan they put into port, Keat. i 142.51 . ro gabhsat caladh, Leb. Gab.(i) i 224 § 150 . gabuis port curuch C.C., Mon. Tall. § 66 . in tan ro gabsat na curaig tír, LU 6922.

(i) g.¤ dúnad, longport fixes, pitches (a camp): gabthe dunad les fris, Ml. 55c1 . co ro gab longphort oc Muaid, RC xxiv 178 § 6.

(j) chooses, assigns, fixes (a day, meeting, etc.): Do ghabh sé tráth rer teibi he has assigned a time for our destruction, IGT Decl. ex. 160 . gabsat la catha, BNnÉ 10.7 . do gabhsad ... lā cuinne, Duan. F. i 13.23 . do gabatar lá a cend mís do fhregra chatha da cheile, L. Chl. S. § 12 . rogabadh coinne, Expugn. Hib. § 76.

(k) takes up, sets about, begins (an employment or occupation), usu. with vn.: gabais eigsi corbo sui, ZCP xiv 154.11 . Nás rogaibi gním cen gáis, Metr. Dinds. iii 48.13 . Ó rogabsat ... tochmarc Túaige, iv 58.17 . is é cles do ro ghabh an ingen ... dona hógaibh, RC xxix 110 § 4 . gabais cluche arísi, LU 1715 . gabaid ... imbirt a dornn foraib, TBC-I¹ 431 . gaibig (gabaid , LU) immān līathrōide riam darin nārmaig, 455 . rogab formalad na sin (sic leg.) began to extol the weather (Four Old Irish Songs), Rawl. 107a3 ; ni ragab si labrath cid acht, Irish Texts i 2 § 3 ; 14 § 42 . dianragabsa dībrugud isin tailm, 1054 . gebid cách díb ... leod ┐ letrad, TFerbe 728 . ro gab ... scaindred ... int ṡluáig, 732 . geibid glanad na hadba, Metr. Dinds. iii 246.61 . Cid imma ngabthar trebad ?, ZCP viii 112.17 . rogab torad tercugad, rogab talam olcugadh, ZCP vii 309.9 . do ghabadar na díbfergaig teichedh, SG 10.11 . o ro gabhus fogail, Moling § 16 . gabur aile do denam the fence is begun, Laws iv 70.24 gl. With infixed pron. anticipating the object of the vn.: romgab mo thēdi toghaois my wantonness has commenced to beguile me, Ériu ii 16 § 5 . Is labar tonn mara mair. rusgab in gaim comgabáil winter has begun to arouse it, Otia i 125 . Rosngap an mpachlach griseth the churl began to upbraid them, ITS ii 124 § 98 . (Cf. atároí astód he fails to stop them, LU 6793. ) Also gaibid for gaibid oc and gaibid fri, qq.v.

(l) conceives (a passion or emotion) the mental state being the obj. of the vb., a later construction than (e): gabaid feirg Cathal, MacCongl. 51.27 . geibhis aitricche ndiochra inn, BNnÉ 323 § 35 . rogab ét ingen R., Metr. Dinds. iii 94.13 . dogob nairi an ingen, iv 12.13 . gor gabh risin Fhein format, ZCP xi 43 § 44 . na gabh ... crith re gríoghail, ML 100.20 . an ní fá ngabhaim gúasacht, Studies 1921, 419 § 10 . co ngebtais ... ecla reimi, TTebe 2390 . ro gabustar-som uaill ... de-sin, RC xliii 14 § 7.

(m) thinks, infers . Sometimes with oc and refl. pron.: rogab a menma-sum robad budi la Grécu, LL 231b18 ( TTr. 1057 ). rogab a menma conad e Ænias in fer, Aen. 1591 . ni gebad delb eli dib acht `... would form no other conception of them but,' CCath. 782 . conid assin rogabad a tichtain a nelaip ciach, RC xii 58.9 . nī asa ṅ-gabtha, anything from which might be inferred, Rawl. 75a49 . ar mírbuil dino as gabtha do churp in Choimded dul isin tegdais foriatta, LB. 195a42 . Very frequent in Laws Comm. in this sense, e.g. Is ass gabar sin it is from this that that is deduced, Laws passim . na gebed ... nech aicce co mbad ... (= nemo putet ...), PH 6144 . na ragbam accaind ar dhíles na hindmusa do-ratait dúin (= ea non debemus retinere privata ...), 6123 .

(m 2) takes down from dictation; edits (?): Nicol hua hIceadha do gabh a nGaeidilg, NLI G2 248 . Ua Dubthaig do gab ┐ do scríb, NLI G5 f. 5v . See Angus Matheson Essays 88-89 .

(n) conceives (offspring). Common in later Church language. sul ar ghab sí C. ina broinn, SG 1.9 . Géabhair mac ón Athair, A. Ó Dálaigh i 7 . do bhrigh nach gabhthar ón Spiorad Naomh acht Mac Dé, Eochairsg. 120.5 . do gabhadh ón Sbiorad naomh, Ó Héodhusa 7. With object unexpressed: Gabhais an ógh ón Athair, A. Ó Dálaigh i 1 .

(o) g.¤ for, with refl. pron., takes (a burden, responsibility on one's self), undertakes . geibid foraib faisam in meic, TBC-LL¹ 934 . geib-siu ḟort na ticfa d'ḟortacht ... fer n-hErend, 4668 . gabaim-si immorro form ōn Coimdhe co nā ba lugaite di (= do) rath, ACL iii 309.14 . gabhuid sin ortha fein they undertake to do that, BNnÉ 159 § 16 . gabait forro ferta ... nach fétat do dénam dóib, FA § 28 . gabh ort mo choimhéad, Dán Dé iii 19.

(p) g.¤ co, with refl. pron., takes to oneself, receives, cf. TSh. Glossary. Leg. assumes (?): gabaimse cugam a breitheamnaibh nach tarrus aos láime, O'D. 1700 ( H 2.12, No. 8, p. 1 ).

(q) takes a path, etc., traverses, reaches: Is mair[g] mairg ... gabus in athgairit-si dochumm n-iffirn, PH 7608 . conar inna aithrige dia mbeth nech nodagabad, Ériu i 200 § 24 . rogabhsat an clochán astech, v 94.2 . an t-eolass comcoitchenn gabus cach docum an oilen, BCC 234.23 . gabhait in fhairrgi, Fl. Earls 8.19 . With neut. aff. pron. as cognate obj.: gaibte (.i. teit) Moling, Fél. 152.13 . gaibt[h]i sīar she goes west, ACL iii 1.15 . gaibthi inund, Ériu ii 24.7 . gaibhthe ... docum na meithle, Lism. L. xii 2.

(r) provides for, holds, celebrates (a festival): is de sin no geibed Flidais cach sechtmad láa di feraib Herend do bóthorud dia thoscid ocon Táin, LU 1631 . Conchobar ... fessin no gaibed in samuin dóib, Ériu iv 26 § 14 ( LL 106b30 ). a menain si con-gabaind an Chaisc dōib, Irish Texts i 7 § 23 .

(s) becomes, suits (late): is olc ghabhus tú h'atán `badly doth thy hat become thee,' TD 38.48 .

(t) ? legal phrase: is mor nodcuri ┐ nodgabai fein id dhalaib `greatly dost thou put thyself and take thyself (?) in thy causes,' IT iii 201.1 .

II Intrans.

(a) goes, proceeds, extends: gaibid in rí condeissid forsin cholcaid, SG 414.7 ( LL 279b10 ). gebid ... sair, RC vii 300.1 . car ghabh an crodh ?, xxiii 10.6 . rogab remi ar ammus mara, TTr.² 146 . ar fágcbail tslebi San C. ... gebair ... co mainister manach, Maund. § 49 . cualli iairn isin brutt ... co n-geib on gualaind go araile dó so that it extends, TBC-LL¹ 5387 . gaibid ind ōcben chucu draws near, RC xiii 375.18 . cor' gabh in clais sin ó imell an longphuirt co caladh in mara sís, CCath. 1740 . gabhaidh iar sin anfadh for an ath a tempest passes over the ford, RC xliii 86 § 87 . gabh go dún Í Dhonnchadha, Gofraidh Fionn i i 15 ( Ir. Monthly 1919 ). An ruibēr gabus go Louāine, Fl. Earls 64.15 . doirsi tré ngabhann an Críostaidhe, Ó Héodhusa 14. With imm surrounds: coro gabsat immut uli `es hatten dich umgeben alle,' TFerbe 47 6. Fig. dogabsat ara coradaib `they turned to their sureties,' Ériu v 116.47 .

(b) settles, lands, takes up one's abode (esp. of the founder of a religious community): co ragbaiset hi trácht Fuirbthi they landed on F. strand, LU 6921 ( BDD 53 ). co ro gabsat i mBrēntrācht, ITS xliv 12 § 379 = gabsat Brentracht, LL 1466 . gur' gab isin bruach eli, CCath. 2616 . anadh ait a ngabadh fom mo c[h]urach, Anecd. i 72.203 . ara ṅgabtais i purt Semeonta, LL 219b46 ( TTr. 200 ). gabsat ... hic Temuir, ZCP viii 305.25 . mad beich rogabat and `if it be bees that have taken up their abode there,' Laws iv 168.27 . sruth. ... ro gab for brú amnis (of an anchorite), Fél. 42.36 . is é gebhus i rRind Ruis B. `it is he who will found a community at R.,' RC xxvii 274.4 . Asi sin aimsir roghabhasdair F. ... a Sliabh Ealpa, Hy Fiach. 18.7 . a ndíochur as in maighin i raghbhaiset (of troops encamped), AFM iv 902.26 . gabsat ann-sin co mucha lai ara barach, RC xliii 62 § 63.

(c) holds out, remains: ro gab ina chind co maeth-tráth éirgi arnabarach (`behauptete [das Haus],' Wind.), TFerbe 393 . gabus C. ina righi ... cu tainic in bodhith, RC xliii 12 § 5.

(d) Grammat. t. is declined: ionann ghabhuid (i.e. fine, aicme, etc.) d'úathadh ┐ d'iollradh, IGT 37 n. 6 . A fig. use of (a) ? Cf. Clann Charthaigh 's gach gné i ngabhoid `each of its species,' TD 32.15 .

(e) holds sway, reigns: dia éis ro gab C., Arch. Hib. ii 85 § 48 . ro gab ós Mide, 82 § 6 . na ríg rogabsat ō Chimbaeth co C., ZCP viii 326.17 . espoc S. .i. cetna comharba roghabh iar Finnén, Lism. L. 2633 . gebaid mac in duinn nadeig, Fen. 150.16 . BNnÉ 254.10 .

(f) takes hold, takes effect: as tene gabus gu grod `a spark that kindles quickly,' Ériu iv 212.11 dinin disail for gair gabhaidh takes effect on a short [syllable], Auraic. 1547.

III Perfect forms with neut. inf. pron. (ron[d] gabus, ron[d] gab, ron[d] gabsat) are used in O.I. and survive in Mid. I. as periphrases of the pres. ind. of subst. vb. in nasalising relative sentences, esp. after `amal' or its equivalent. In origin an idiomatic use of I (a), i.e. `I have taken it,' GOI § 781. Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 436 . Phil. Soc. Trans. 1899, p. 12 . nobiad chách amal rongabusa as I am, Wb. 9d25 . ceín rongabus i carcair as long as I am in prison, 23b18 . ni fitetar amal rongab they know Him not as He is, 27a11 . [ita] rongab scientia lib as there is s. with you, 6d12 . rongab remcaissiu Daé dinaib dulib, Ml. 20c3 . fobíth rongab torsum ┐ tortum, Sg. 172b1 . amal rongabsat in túisil olchenæ hi tuiter, 71a11 . co ceoluib ┐ ligbothaib amal rongab fo[r]na seacht ndealba ind richid, Ériu ii 106.14 . anruth ... ni nascar fair, amail ro gab rig Erenn, Laws iv 358.19 ; 334.6 . atat araile pectha ... sicut rongabsat fingala, RC xv 488.5 . is maith rongabus fritt I am good to thee, LL 249b1 . is si in derbhfine amuil ro gab bruinne in duine, O'D. 548 ( H 3.17, c.436 ). mar ro gab mét a sochraiti because of the number of their host, Cog. 66.23 . Cf. amail ro gaba (pres. subj.) as it may be, as for instance , O'Curry 2298 ( Eg. 88, f. 22 [23c] ).

IV sings, chants, recites; declares (cf. similar use of canaid). Oc cormaim gaibtir dúana, Thes. ii 295.16 . nosgaibtis for clais they used to sing them in choir, Ml. 2b7 . tre ailli gaibther re proinn, Wb. 28c20 . gabis ailli (gl. benedixit), Thes. i 495.1 ( Ardm. 77a1 ). gabais doib inna rundu sa sis, LU 3307 ( SCC § 11 ). gébdait mecc beca na runda sin, MacCongl. 17.16 . ro gab ceol, Fél. Nov. 27 ; Ep. 114 ; 173 . dogabsat gloria glan aingil, ZCP viii 114.7 . Aedh ... do ghabadh moran dana, AU iii 196.21 . is de gaibthi igitur it is of this that he says `igitur,' Sg. 26b7 . dorumenatar combad fou nogabthe isint faithsini (sic leg.) they thought it was uttered in prophecy, Ml. 35b18 . gaibthir tra déde isin testiminse two things then are treated of in this text, Wb. 16d7 . gabar in pater i sanais, PH 7995 . in tan gaibther ecnaircc neich, Rule of Tallaght § 21 . In leigenn gabur co hard, Ériu v 22.9 . geib t'aiccept, a mic `repeat thy lesson,' Fél. 12.19 . cidbe gabus sin for nim no liun ní bia irchoit de (of an incantation), Laws i 2.22 Comm. `Rogaub an rand sa dam dia gabāil doid-se.' `Gab!' ol sé, ACL iii 1.16 .

V Further uses with preps.

(a) g.¤ ar

(1) holds back, restrains . connā gebethar ar lúamairecht lám dó, TBC-I¹ 1872 = TBC-LL¹ 2528 . na maidid in t-echt, noco ngaba fo thrí ar a anáil until he thrice holds in his breath, Mer. Uil. 135 . neach nach gabhann ar a ghuth, Ir. Monthly 1927, 308.3 . ar mh'osnaidh an uair ghabhuim, Ir. Monthly 1927, 361.41 . gabail ar a fual, Mon. Tall. 147.21 . gabam ar ferge (ḟergaib MS) fīrbruth, ACL iii 321.5 . aithchim ... gabháil díbh ar bhar ngáiribh ... restrain your laughter, Content. xvi § 88 . distrains: gaibter ar a fine comfocus do, co nimcuimet aire, O'D. 2180 (cf. Laws iv 128.5 ). g.¤ for = g.¤ ar: ni raigebthar fort you will not be stopped (i.e. from giving largess), LL 277b6 . dia ṅgabad forsin rúin if he tried to hold in the secret, Ériu iv 32.2 . dia roghabhduis inniu fora n-ítaidh ..., Lism. L. 4404 . Cid forsna geib glas na slabrad ?, ZCP xiii 274.3 . nach gebhtha forra tocht an conair, Hugh Roe 36.20 (10a) .

(b) g.¤ de hinders, holds back: nī gēbasa (gebsa LU) dīt ēm I shall not stand in your way, TBC-I¹ 1588 . ní gebam dít trí ḟornert, TFerbe 83 2. mani gabtáis na mórchoicthi díib, TTr.² 1092 . ma dethbir gabus de if necessity prevent him, Laws ii 58.16 Comm. mine gabad naire dim, Aen. 680 . Also with direct obj.: ní boi ní nogabad díbsom tabart fochaide foir, Ml. 33a5 . Nicongebsa ón dítsu ón cid cossin n-echaire théisi I shall not hold you back, TBFr. 314 ( LL 251a40 ). nī gabt[h]ar dím dul cech conair, ZCP iii 33.18 .

(c) g.¤ do:

(1) sets about, undertakes: do gab dá admolad, SG 309.5 . rogabh A. ... do comrag la F., ZCP xiii 174.33 .

(2) attacks, `goes for': dobeir cesti do chách et ni maith less cia gabthar do, Wb. 29b5 . rogabsat dó ar gach taeb, ZCP vi 79.26 . gabar doib co taethsat ann let them be pressed, MR 128.1 . ra gabhadh dhóib ... do chlochaibh, TFrag. 146.15 . ib. 186.7 . mad gabtha gāi dūaine dō, Bruchst. no. 28 .

(3) covers, fits: con-gebethar dóib o thaul co aurdorn (of mail-clad horses), TBC-LL¹ 2544 . con-gabad do o thana thaib co tiug a oxaille, 2561 . clíabinar ... co ngebethar dó co barrúachtar a dondfúathroci, LU 6557 . go ngabhadh dhó ó fhosadh-mhullach a chinn go a cholpa, ML 112.

(d) g.¤ fa attacks, charges at: ro ghabh fotha amhail faol fo chaorchabh, TFrag. 166.8 . ra ghabhsat ... fo na Loclannaibh, 174.13 . ? gébthir fo mac n-imraichni, Imr. Brain 27 § 57 (see EIL 217 ).​

(e) g.¤ for

(1) assails; attacks: ar gebaid in scol for aréli `one school will attack another,' Wb. 8a7 . gabsait do lorcuibh ... forro, Marco P. § 148 . gebtait forn, Rawl. 132a53 ( Cymmr. xiv 114.13 ). ra gabastar de chlochaib ... bar feraib hE., TBC-LL¹ 4618 . (ar = for) roglac bata ... ┐ rogab orra, ZCP vi 57.26 . Keat. iii 1430 . gabhaidh dá earball air, TSh. 2608.

(2) begins, sets about: gabsat for ól ┐ for aibnius, TBC-LL¹ 999 . ro-gab for toirsi moir, PH 3025 . doghabh for tairchetul, Lism. L. 929 . Marco P. § 114 . (ar= for) rogab ... ar buain in ghuirt, Ériu v 116.2 .

(3) overtakes: gabaid adaig forra, BColm. 78.1 .

(4) outshines, beats, defeats: rogab do chlú for a chlú, LL 50a31 ( Hail Brigit § 25 ). gebthar oirb a dtir nEireand you will be defeated, MR 62.20 .

(5) includes, comprehends: cia hænfocul gebes forna ceit[h]ri ernaili ind Auraicepta, Auraic. 1260.

(6) rules over: gebaid do ṡil ar Erinn, YBL 329a12 ( TMoméra 152.9 ). gēbaid for Liphemaigh, B. in Scáil § 31 . gabhaiss foraibh finnuibh coruibh, ZCP viii 197.6 . gabais for dōine domnaib, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 10 § 5 . mór ríg ro gab for Mide, Arch. Hib. ii 82 § 2.

(f) g.¤ fri:

(1) holds out against, prevails over: ni gebat frib ... i cathaib, SR 4835 . ni gébat frit' gnuis ṅgargdai (sic leg.) buidni borba barbardai, 5015 . ni gébad fri feta in serriti óc amulchach sain, TBC-LL¹ 1961 . ni ragbad riss no resistance was made to him, TFerbe 322 ( LL 255b27 ). nícon gébtar cath no comlonn frit, RC vi 183.10 . xviii 181.z (Tig.). gebaidh side fri dam (of a fence) `it will be a defence against oxen,' Laws iv 112.6 . claideb ... frisna gabtís lúirecha, TTr.² 1000 . ni gabtha friu ar a n-aicenta (of women) they should not be impugned (?) for their natures, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. i 20 § 11 . gabhaid sealad fri ḟeoil ... ar crabhudh they abstain from meat, TFrag. 124.10 . an tan no-gabdais caingni fer nErenn fris when the affairs of the men of Ireland were too much for (i.e. harrassed) him, ZCP xiii 262.15 . nocho ragaib Find ra ech `F. did not rein in his horse,' RC vii 294.87 . do chogainn crann a chraois[i]dhe (sic leg.) ... go a hionnsma, ionnas gur ab é a cró cruaid ... do ghabhastair re a gheal-dhéadaibh that offered resistance to his teeth, ML 62.19 . nochor béo-sa īarum oc gabāil fris nī bas sīriu, RC xiii 383.8 .

(2) warns, threatens (?): rogebad frind dia caithmis co fuidbemis bas ( LB 110b51 ), MacCarthy 52.15 .

(3) receives, welcomes (?): ro ghabh O Ferghail fris, ┐ do rad ferann dia cethraibh, AFM iv 1018.17 .

(4) commences: gabais fri grisad Cuind, LU 3169.

(g) g.¤ imm

(1) withholds, hides, conceals, refuses, refrains from: is annssa do dāinib gabāil im rūnaib rodochtaibh, Otia iii 49 § 9 . ba galar ... don gillu gabāil im a rūn, 48 § 5 . mian mna torrcha ... ocus ar daigin secdachta ro gabadh im in mbiadh, Laws i 180.6 Comm. ma ro chuindigh sí in biadh, ocus ... is e a fer ro gob im in mbiad, iii 550.14 ; 552.4 . doni eisinnroic don airchindech, mas e gabus uime, v 120.15 . duine do fédfadh maith do dénum ocus gabus uime gan a dénum, SG 40.33 . táinic in fer ros-buail (sc. in liathróit) ina diaidh. Rogab in cerd uimpi, the craftsman refused [to surrender] it, ZCP iv 240.10 . mad ro gabustar gataide im in fiadnaise if the thief withheld evidence, O'Curry 536 ( H 3.18, 265b ).

(2) Leg. distrains (in the matter of) : gaibead imme co n-ímcua `let him be distrained until he fences,' iv 128.4 = gaibet aire, O'D. 2180 ( Rawl. B 487, 66a2 ).

(3) Leg. makes good, compensates, condones (?) : o gebus iman fogail sin, Laws iv 16.13 Comm. foghal no fuaibread duine do denam, o bus cara no coibdeileach do no gebad uimpe, conad ínann do ocus no gabad budein ímpe, 16.18 Comm.

(4) adheres to (?) : mas tria comraiti rucustar ... in gu-breth (sic leg.) ocus ata ac gabail impi if he deliberately gave the false judgment and persists in it (?), Laws iii 304.8 .

(5) refl. dresses, arrays (oneself): lasse gabas immbi (gl. cum ... induerit), Wb. 13d22 . gabais Fráech immi cona muntir, TBFr. 351 ( LL 251b27 ). geib imut is imthigeom, SG 363.28 . Ériu v 156 , 178 . corragbat impu that they may dress, iii 100 § 24 .

(h) g.¤ in assails, belabours : ni gebthar inniut ... rotbia falti, RC viii 52.16 . tallsat in slaitt as a láim cor gabsat ina chend di, PH 3299 . gabhuid do ṡnáthaduibh i súilibh Lionóideach, Hy Fiach. 336.11 . gur ghabhadar da ngaothaibh ann, Keat. iii 3255.

(i) g.¤ la

(1) accepts, sides with, stands by : co ragbatar fir Alban leō ar connalbus, Otia ii 88.1 . gabhaim-si ... let (in answer to an offer of marriage), ZCP vi 283.3 . gab lind mar bar bfilidh féin, ii 348.19 . gin go gabhthasa leam, x 286.9 . gabhaidh Dia leis tar a locht `God forgives him spite of his sins,' A. Ó Dálaigh l.3 . feadh mo ghalair níor ghabh leam Pádraig ... P. did not help me, Dán Dé xiii 5 . ro ghabh an tír ... la Tepoitt, AFM vi 2012.28 . mo rí Gabhra an ngéabhadh lam, TD 12.11 . do ghabh ré n-a dhearbhráthair mar mhac `adopted ... as a son,' Keat. ii 5008 . gabhuimsi lé Pádraig (i.e. instead of the Reformers), Mac Aingil 4333 . prouensi ... gabhus le rīg na Fraingce, Fl. Earls 12.13 . Cf. 190.24 (fri).

(j) g.¤ oc (1) sets about, begins : ro gab ic fostud ... in t-ṡlúaig, TBC-LL¹ 470 ; ib. 1494 . gabaid oc neméle moir, ┐ oc aithrige, PH 814 . gabaidh ... ac snechta, SG 35.8 . gabhmaoid ... ag iompódh a intinne `we attempt ... diverting his mind,' TD 8.27 . (2) sides with, stands by ; passing into sense is partial to, lets off : gab got c[h]omarsain mad fann, ZCP vi 272.3 . dlegar ... co ro-gaba ... ic na fannaib, PH 4157 . a Césair ... ro gabhsum acut, CCath. 541 . sellach slan ... gaibes oca cach nirt ocus cach folud an onlooker (at a deed of violence) is exempt if he comes to their support (i.e. of the injured parties) with all his strength and substance, Laws i 242.7 . gabuid ac lucht mo cille, BCC § 277 . a thigerna, gab agum forgive me, ZCP vi 94.30 . TSh. 3593 . nach gabhann an bás ag druing ar bioth dona daoinibh (i.e. does not pass over), TSh. 50 . gur geb (v.l. gab) gá gáeithib | fúair gach fer a dháeithin díbh till he spared (?) his darts, IGT Decl. ex. 644.

(k) g.¤ ós gains supremacy over : mórrí ... ro gab os Herind, LU 4041 . ro gab ós Mide mongréid, Arch. Hib. ii 82 § 6.

VI Is used in combination with a number of nouns. See achmusán, áilges, aiss, athgabáil, cairdes (alliance), 1 cath, 1 cet, cíall, coinne, comairle, commairge, desimrecht, fáilte, flaithius, forbais, geis, gnáth, goim, 1 grád, 1 gráin, greimm, inad, lám, leithscél, maidm, merg (rust), nert (also trén, 1 treise), ríge, tech, 1 tír, tuinide.