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n (1 bés + gné)

(a) custom, usage; discipline, morality: ro fitis mo bésgnese frib, Wb. 14c12 . huanaibæsgnaib noibaib `from the holy customs', Ml. 74a14 . in bésgni gl. disciplinae, Wb. 24b10 . foglaim in besgnai, Ml. 14c11 . i ndegbæsgnu, 87a7 . na huili besgna gl. omnibus disciplinís, Thes. ii 7.26 . atbath in cach bescnu `in (the practice) of every rule', Fél.² Ep. 318. ambéscna `the usage', Trip. 34.2 . tormach bescna ┐ eolais of morality (?), ZCP xxx 140.10 ( Alex. 816 ).

(b) Legal custom, law, regulation; contract regulated by custom; protocol: Corus Bescna (title), Laws iii 2 . im chorus a mbescna ┐ a rechtgai, LU 9742. imma-deisidh leo a buith a mbéscna isind inis-se, Seanchas 252 § 1 . muna roib bescna eturru, slainti na fogla do niat (of mutual liability in the case of opponents in a battle), Laws iii 216.6 Comm. bescna .i. dliged, O'Dav. 275. tria bescna bríg, SR 7963. a crich nembescna `in a territory not covered by protocol´ CIH vi 1933.12 , Peritia xix 153 n. 33 . is coirpdire in bescna fil etarru do íc dó `of the protocol´ CIH iii 791 .28 , Peritia xix 153 n. 33 .

(c) speech, language: bescna .i. . . . bérla, Lec. Gl. 8. on Latindacht .i. a latitudine .i. on leithet in bescna, Auraic. 355. in gach beusgna ┐ in gach berla, 2268 . béasgnadha tuinighthe Taidhg `words', Content. xxii 20. cialla na mbéscna `the senses of the languages´ Ériu xxxii 70 gl. 13 .

? blathach

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ind b.¤ .i. graece playtoc (πλοῦτος, ed.) graece (recte latine) diuitiae uel a platea (πλάτος, ed.) .i. latitudine , O'Mulc. 121.

1 lethu

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in phrase i ll.¤ (sense not clear): robem cen áes hi ll.¤ , Thes. ii 305.1 ( Hy. i 43 , glossed .i. hi farsinge). dogníth mór fertae i ll.¤ , Thes. ii 316.1 ( Hy. ii 33 , glossed: i nEtail no in latitudine saeculi). rocés mór sáeth i ll.¤ `far and wide', Thes. ii 316.3 ( Hy. ii 35 ). In each case: bethu. hi llethæ rén 'in a space (?) of routs', BDC 148.698 . Cf. 1 leithe and Letha.