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leth 1 side, direction; side; Page; direction, region; Of twofold division of a house side (?), part (?); the direction in which, anywhere, wherever; his, its; on the other side; on the other hand, alternatively.; elsewhere, anywhere, etc.; in, from all directions, sides, every- where; where, whither; on both sides, mutually; in any direction, anywhere; in the direction of, towards; past, by; With respect to, as regards, according to; More specifically because of, from, on account of; separately, severally, individually; aside, apart; apart, separate, different, special; on both sides, respectively, both of them; in turn, one after the other; in the direction of, towards; Of kinship, family connection; joins forces with; resorts to, places one's trust in, seeks refuge in; assigns to, ascribes to; charges with, lays to the account of, attributes to; to be expressed or understood relying on, engaged in etc.; On the side of, along with, in support of; With respect to, concerning, in the case of; In the direction of, towards; as regards, with respect to, in the matter of, touching; because of, by reason of, by, through; against 2 half; a half, the half (of); (fitting) opponent in battle, adversary; part, division; and a half 3 centaur; green-sided(?); (high) at one side, hence uneven, unequal; unequal, unfair; judgement, opinion, contract etc. onesided, partial, prejudiced; partial (poetic) knowledge; side, edge, border.; half; With names of measures, numbers, periods of time, etc.; injured in a leg, limping(?); one of two, one of a pair