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cotumrullar that she may be joined with me
9 dam to me
dess 1 right (as opposed to left), dexter:; right hand, right-hand side (lám being understood); on my right, to right of me 2 south (the s. being on the right to a person facing east). As prep. south of. In Mid. Ir. usually tes on the analogy of tuaid, tuath; In various advbl. phrases: andess from the south, northwards; With FRI from the S. towards, hence to the south of; southwards 3 right, just, meet 4By extension convenient, becoming, agreeable, well- arranged, neat, later pretty, fine 5 brown or ruddy in the south?; shapely
dliged 1an individual’s entitlement, right.; a right in respect of fair contract as opposed to naidm ‘binding surety’.; thing or action to which someone is entitled; debt, obligation.; as attrib.: rightful.; As adverb: rightfully.; calculation; argument; reason; form; maxim, rule; In sense of Lat. ratio, guiding principle, law, or theory (regarded as basis of belief or action); principle, rule, norm; dictum, authoritative statement; More loosely of a statement or saying in general; reason, argument; reckoning, computation (?); nature, condition, kind, manner 2 law in wide sense, of a prescript, code, or tradition based on authority of some kind and demanding obedience;; Esp. of civil law; legal lore; lawyer; Passing into sense of judgement or jurisdiction; Doomsday; In sense of abstract justice, right; unlawfully 3What is lawful or incumbent, duty, obligation; As pred., is d. (dom) it is right (for me ), it is (my) duty 4What is right or due (to someone); due, right, prerogative; conditions 5 Due, tax, tribute 6 Faculty of reason (an extension of I (d) above) 7 deserving
dligid, 1is entitled to, has a right to, is owed (as a debt)2 deserves, merits 3 deserves, merits 4x is due from y; y owes x; x is required of, is incumbent on y; I am bound to, ought to; absol. it is due, right, necessary 5 ought, is bound to, owes; Of moral or legal obligation ought, is bound to, must; in late texts the condit. is often used of moral obligation; Owes, with DO of creditor; x is due from (owed by) y coming to mean x is due to y
do-cuirethar 1 puts 2 invites.3 puts, deposits, places; deposits, produces, brings forth; have been set, planted round; throws, casts, sends; throws, i.e. makes a start, bound 4it puts me; I happen to be; lit. it puts me to (on, towards), hence I meet, come upon, come across; lit. it puts on me , hence it is incumbent on me , I must; they fall out, quarrel 5Of rest, condition 6denoting motion 7 meets, comes upon, falls in with8 encounters, opposes9 falls to the lot of, happens to, befalls 10 comes to pass, happens, takes place; there was 11 Invites, summons
do-icc 1 comes to me in sense of I get (ó from); denoting place, destination, aim; Usually as prepositional phr. as far as, up to, till: 2 comes; advances, proceeds; lit. until . . . comes as prep. until; Comes back, returns; of transition to a state, mental activity; Of time, comes, arrives; By extension, comes to an end, is spent; comes to me , befalls me; Of states, events, etc., in general comes about, takes place, happens; Comes into being, arises, originates; Comes to pass, is fulfilled; employed to denote state, development, etc., almost in sense is, becomes, etc.; Escapes, recovers; it is not possible; relents, is moved (towards, by); gets on, succeeds; speaks of, touches on, mentions; agrees on; begins with (in gramm.); falls on, devolves on, pertains to; comes out, escapes; recovers; results from; runs out, comes to an end; comes, arises from, depends on, is consequent on, due to; it comes from me , i.e. I am able (to); falls to, befalls; pertains to, applies to, suits; it is time for me to . . ., I arrive at, attain to; opposes, impugns (Laws); it occurs to me, I form the notion, project (of); comes against, withstands, opposes, injures; sub- mits to, agrees to (with); concurs, agrees with, suits; I am able (to), succeed (in); comes (safe) from, escapes from; comes from, i.e. is stated by; transgresses, violates; overcomes, subdues; touches on, mentions, speaks of; deal with; comes in on, interferes with, assails; comes up (with), over- takes (mod.) 3 gives 4 understands, etc. (see do- beir)
1 étir, éter Able; possible, feasible; it is (im-)possible for me (in my case)
1 fó good; hail!; I deem good, like, am satisfied (with; I care not, am indifferent; it is good (no harm) for me; `well-footed' [?]
foma it is open to me , I am competent (?)
foróil, furóil, fuláir 1 in excess 2 excessive; is necessary, incumbent; it is not too much for me; I need, have a right to; I may as well, I ought; I deem it too much, excessive; I deem it proper, fit
maith 1 good; a good man; of quality, state, etc. good (of its kind), profitable, excel- lent; denoting ability, fitness, proficiency; good for, to the advantage of; good to, kind to; pleasant to; it seems good to me , I like, approve; of rank, station, wealth; wealthy(?); persons of rank, nobles; well, as interj.; it is better for me; I think it better, I prefer; the better of, for 2That which is good; good; his virtue; of state, condition, etc., a good thing, a benefit; good, prosperity; for good unto, for the sake of; concrete, goods, property, wealth
mé , 1 I have not; I am not
mebair 1 recollection, memory; adj. = remembered; it is a memory with me , I remember 2 by heart, by rote; the faculty of memory 3in early Mod.Ir. used in wider sense, reason, intelli- gence
mebal, mebul 1a cause of shame, a disgrace; it is a cause of shame to me; I am ashamed 2transf. in concrete sense pudenda 3 deceit, guile, treachery (common later meaning); treacherously
me(i)s(s)ide pertaining to judgement, judicial
me(i)s(s)idecht judgement, jurisdiction
mellach Pleasant, agreeable, delightful; pleases me; middling'; `deceitful
mór, már 1 big, great; blustering (?); a great while; a great thing, in Glosses used adverbially = greatly; beyond counting; great = mighty, famous 2a great amount, a great deal (many); very often 3 greatly, to a great extent; especially; more and more 4 it is not (too) much for me , I require, I ought to (have, do); I think it much, excessive; I think much of, esteem, value, etc.; I think much (highly) of:; very little, hardly at all; almost; it is not much that (if) . . . = scarcely, hardly; almost; not more = nor . . . either; not more than, only 5a great battle; great guilt, a great crime; strong ale; a great birth (child, scion); a great circuit; as adv. (absolute or with i n-) all round, about; great Easter; big-headed; pro- lific 6 very; very great; much greater; the great battler; sluggards; very valiant; of mighty deeds; deserving much praise; great-billowed; bearing great (? many) apples
1 ní 1 anything, aught; something 2 any (some) part (amount, number) of 3 somewhat = something that is of conse- quence, matters; it is a matter of some con- sequence for me; I think it important, advisable 4is it a fact that . . .?
ro-saig 1 reaches, comes to, arrives 2 arrives; extends; comes (falls) to me (as a share, due, turn, duty, etc.); I succeed (in doing), accom- plish; comes to an end, is finished 3 comes up to, attains; attains to = gets, acquires; can, is able to,
1 toich 1 natural, proper, inherently right; it is X's natural, here- ditary right; Hence is proper, fitting for; fair, pleasing; more natural; it is better for me; I prefer 2 inheritance, property
úasam ? over me ?