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Forms: menciu, meinciu, minic, mionca

i, adj. (cf. W. mynych) compar. menciu, Ml. 67a4 ; meinciu, Sg. 31b17 , 137b2 . Mod. minic, compar. mionca.

Frequent, recurring often ,

(a) generally as pred. of cop.: is menic a n-irnichthe frequent is their supplication, Wb. 17a5 . menic a luad often is there mention of it, Thes. ii 292.9 ( Ml. Poems ii ). is menicc coccad etraind, Lat. Lives 82. orcain cille Cuilind . . . olsodhain na pu menic a thing which did not often occur, AU 938. is menic dondecmaing it often happens, Ml. 54a7 , cf. 26c4 , is menic aithnes Dia isin scriptúir God often commands, PH 4860. cid menic imthigi in síd, SCC 29. nach menic robá cen chend Connachtaig fóm chind that I was not often without, IT i 104.17 . cesu meinciu aranecar although it is oftener found, Sg. 137b2 . forcetol ba menciu dogníd Petar which P. used most often to teach, FA 32. cathuir . . . is indti is menca bís rí an tíre, Maund. 182. is m.¤ dom: is meinciu dúnni a n-aitherrechtaigthe in des the patronymic in `-des' is more familiar to us, Sg. 31b17 . pa menci doid fess amoig more often thou sleptest out of doors, K. and H. § 1. in tor is ardi . . . is e is menicciu dō terbrud the loftiest tower is the one most often damaged, PH 4118. is m.¤ lim(m): snámh na Loingsi . . . fa meinic le mac Lugach was a frequent habit with mac L., Acall. 738. amail ba minic lais as was his wont, Cog. 118.15 . ba menciu let-sai ag mēt[h] d'acb[áil] ocaind it was more your wont to leave a fat ox with us, IT i 100 § 7 (H.). annumh liom dul a cath . . . ba menca lim anadh ann, MR 310.1 .

(b) exceptionally as pred. with personal subj. (in advbl. sense): batar menci som úaraib | fo ilaig iar mbithbuadaib many a time they would raise a triumphant shout, RC xiii 393. 15 . bátar menciu fir Herend oc do chosnom-so . . . indás bith deitsiu for merogod oftener have the men of Erin been contending for thee, BDD 27.

(c) as attrib. with subst. (generally in pl.): dála menci frequent assemblies, Tec. Corm. § 3.5 . bendachtae menci, Mon. Tall. 18. crecha mora meinci, AU iii 118.17 . toirbiris moeldorna mora mionca, TBC-LL¹ 3903 St. doberedh othrala [= ofrála] minca dona heglasaibh, ZCP vi 24.32 . tria n-a édpartaib immdaib meniccib, PH 6104. Ériu iii 138.104 . an ro chuir do galaib mina menici the frequent minor combats he fought, Cog. 60.24 . uisitation meinic, Fl. Earls 130.9 . doghní cuairt mheinic, TSh. 10340.

(d) adv.: in menicc (gl. jugiter), Ml. 86b4 . Sg. 21b14 . nos-molammar menicc, Fél. Jan. 17. cid cuit á imraid co mmenic even as to mentioning it frequently, Ml. 39a11 . no chathaiged frim co menic, PH 1790. do cuireadh toirmeasg oram go minic, Romans xv 22. (compar.) gairthear Éire do'n oiléan nídh-sa mhionca ioná Fodhla, Keat. i p. 100 . níos mionca, 2 Cor. xi 23.

(e) as subst.? dul duit i llaithi Domnaig . . . acht mad dochum in tempuil | is ocul fri gach menicc, Ériu ii 228.5 (i.e. it is risky to form the habit of going out on Sunday except to church?).