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Forms: miltiuch

n m.¤ .i. tech mellis ( a bee-hive?), Corm. Y 914 = miltiuch, H 3.18 .

2 oirdne

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n singulative of 1 ordu? g s. lethet oirdne [oirne, ordne v.l.] do ṡaithib, Ériu iii 102 § 30 (Rule of Ailbe), i.e. a piece of honey-comb the breadth of a thumb? = ex alveario mellis ad latitudinem pollicis, Acta Sanct. Feb. 13.


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adj (see staíc) roasted: at illi optulerunt ei partem piscis assi uel assati (.i. staígthi) et fauum mellis , Harl. 1802, 127a cited RC viii 369 , cf. xii 462 .