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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: midbae

n io, n. (3 mid + vn. of ben- `cuts, strikes') lit. middle cut , hence (acc. to Plummer, MS. notes) an average , cf. Germ. Durchschnitt. Cf. Jn. Celt. Stud. ii 204 . cach mes cach tomus olcena is a midbu miter .i. is ondi tara mbi int eibe meodanach .i. in grainne a mesemnaigther e; eipe .i. grainne mas fir damsa, O'Dav. 1244 ; every estimate and every measurement, it is according to the average that it is measured, i.e. from the point across which the middle cut goes; i.e. the grain by which it is measured (must be of this average size); so that `eipe' means grain, if I am not mistaken (Plummer). mid .i. leth .i. midbae .i. graine; midbae dino .i. leth-ben no leth-uagh, fo bith in toraind bis iter indala ben de ┐ in mben n-aile ` midbae ' then a half-end [benn] or a half-whole, because of the mark (division) which there is between it and the other end (Plummer), H 3.18 p. 72 ( O'Curry 113 ); the same gl. is given ib. p. 636 ( O'Curry 1412 ) and O'Mulc. 822 , 823 (which should go together). The glossators' explanation as `grain' seems to be an error. Cf. also: midba bretha, Laws i 26.3 (title of a law-tract; the `juste milieu' of judgement, Plummer notes), and see midbad.