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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: mogaid, mogthae, móaigid, moightiumh, moaigfid, moigfith, mooifid, moaighfi, moaichfid, mogaigthi, mouigh, moaigther, moaightear, moigther, móugud, mogud, móaigthe, moaigthe, mogaigthe, moaigthib

v g, makes greater, increases, magnifies . The O.Ir. form was prob. mogaid, part. mogthae q.v. and some of the exx. given below may go back to it (see: rod-bet o gallaib bann[ach]aib (?) barca … maínib mogatar (MS. mogetair) 'from industrious (?) foreigners may you have (receive) … boats that are magnified (enriched) with treasures' Ériu xvi 65.47 , Celtica v 136 ); the form móaigid is perhaps due to influence of compar. 1 mó. moaighid (.i. . . . dobeir sé moughud for nech), Anecd. v 24.8 . dia moigit main (.i. dobeir mougud maine), 23.8 . 3 s. imp. (with 1 s. pron. suff.) moightiumh Dia dānaibh saoraibh may god endow me with, ZCP vi 258.10 . fut. moaigfid (moigfith, mooifid, moaighfi v.l.), xi 91 § 3 . moaichfid docenel tria grada ecalsa `plebeians shall be exalted', Laws iii 30.1 (intrans. or impers. ?). secht mugu moigfite morgnimu mugsaine, Corm. Bodl. s.v. mann = mogaigthi , Corm. p. 29. pret. ma ra mouigh meiser cach aon iarn-arille, Nero A vii p. 150b ( O'D. 2221 ). Pass. pres. mochen mata moaigther , Ériu vii 6.32 (a pig that is fattened?). moaightear, Laws iv 20.5 . fonenmuin moigethar mac fria athair `the son is enriched in the same ratio as the father', 286.6 . moigther, 266.24 . vn. móugud, Anecd. v 23 n. 20 . Laws iv 290.15 . mogud, iii 34.27 . mógad cacha tuaithe, ZCP xi 88 § 55 . g s. trí fúammann móaigthe `sounds of increase', Triads 146. man moaigthe [mogaigthe v.l.] dagdaine (.i. matan métaigthe na ndagdaine), Amra Senáin § 3 ( ZCP iii 223.5 ). d p. admestar as a moaigthib (mogith, v.l.) mblicht increases , ZCP xi 94 § 36. See mogaigid.


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Forms: mogaigthe, moaigthe

v g. increases, makes great? ni aenan maen moaightear i setaib (.i. ni hinand mogaigus maine), Laws iv 20.5 , 24.6 . ? vn. g s. man mogaigthe dagdaine danaib (.i. matan métaigthe na dégdaine), LB 241a23 = moaigthe, ZCP iii 223.5 ( Amra Senáin § 3 ). ? .vii. mogu mogaigthi fri morgnima mugsaine, Corm. p. 29 s.v. mand = moigfite morgnimu, Bodl. Corm. See móaigid (perhaps same word).