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n baten (.i. bat[h]-aten .i. ēc obonn) .i. moirtcend atbail a aonur, ar anī is bath intan is timmortae is bās fordiṅgair, Corm. Y 114.


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n expld. as (sudden) death: b.¤ (.i. bat[h]-aten .i. ēc obonn) .i. moirtcend at-bail a aonur, ar-aní is bath in tan is timmortae is bās fordiṅgair, Corm. Y 114 = b.¤ .i. bath aitin . . . is ed inso bas fordingair, Corm. 6. b.¤ .i. muirtcenn .i. atbail a áonur ar bath intan is cumair is bas doforne, Phil. Soc. Trans. 1859, 174 (H. 3. 18, 114).


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Forms: moirtc[h]enn

n n. or m. (<Medieval Lat. morticinium, ZCP ix 35 , Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 194 ).

(a) dead flesh, esp. the flesh of an animal which has died from natural causes? formuichthib .i. moirtchenn (gl. suffocatis, Acts xv 20 ), Thes. i 497.22 ( Ardm. 181a1 ). mortcend .i. ab eo quod est morticinium .i. marbadh, Corm. Y 872 (= muirtchend, Corm. p. 29 ). baten (.i. bat[h]-aten .i. ēc obann) .i. moirtcend atbail a aonur, 114 (= muirtchend, Corm. p. 6 ). nech . . . hithes morchiund no lúis a lind i mbé in morchend ` carrion ', Ériu vii 146 § 3. cach soim is cech doim . . . is talum moirtc[h]enn martair | carcair coitchenn dia corpaibh a grave-yard (?), ZCP vi 265 z (g p. or adj. ?).

(b) transf. sudden death, destruction (cf. Corm. Y 114 quoted above)? is mortcend do ilslúagaib, FB 71. Cf. bruth matho, murtchét for crethaib, ib. 52 , where Zimmer, ZCP i 90 - 1 , suggests reading: murtchend for cethraib (the scribe having mistaken the contraction for n for an accent).