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maín, moín, muín , maen 1a gift, a benefit (primary sense); gift 2a valuable article or possession, a treasure; pl. treasures, possessions, wealth; treasure (bestowed) on a slave (i.e. wasted); In Laws sometimes used of cattle, stock 3 honour, dignity; favour, popularity (?); affection 4in Bérla na f., knowledge, science, art
1 muin 1the upper part of the back between the shoulders and below the neck; on his back; a child on the back' (technical term for a certain metrical fault); humbug; on horseback; on the pig's back = in luck 2 upper part, top, surface; Of the top or ridge of a hill (?) 3 on, on top of; Over and above, in addition to; besides, as well; in succession; for the sake of (?); at back of, behind; following on, subse- quent to, in consequence of; on account of; in respect of; with all one's heart, sincerely; protected by, under the guarantee of, on the strength of; on the back (top) of = in addition to; on account of 4a neck; a collar, torque 5-necked; wry- necked; short-necked
2 muin a vine; the name of the letter m in Ogham, called after it
3 muin , muín a wile, ruse, trick
4? muin my, mine; my folld. by eclipsing n-
6 muin 1 love, esteem, affection 2 patronage, guaranty, protection