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Forms: Dartraide, Dartraoi, Dartraige, Dartirge

pn io, n. Dartraide, Dartraoi ( ALC ii 464. 13 ). Name of several territories and a tribe whose eponymous ancestor seems to have been Dartaid; compare the moccu Dartado s.v. Dartaid II; Dartraige, then, possibly for older Dartirge, cf. Nechtarge: Nechtraige , Osserge: Osraige. Like Dáirine also in pl.: ac Dartraigib, SG i 37. 2 . ar Dartraighibh, AU ii 458. 8 . AFM iii 308. 2 . Explained as Dáire-traighi .i. traigh Dáiri the tribe of Daire Doimthech: nam traigh .i. cland nó cinél .i. cinél Dáiri Doimthich iat, Cóir Anm. § 75 ; as Dart-raige, descending from Doigre Dart SG ii 508 .

(a) Dartraige Coininnse the country of the O'Boylans, now Dartry Barony in the west of the County of Monaghan, Fél. 150 at June 15 . trénḟer ua Baighealláin tigherna Dartraighe do ṁarbhadh, AFM ii 756. 1 f.b. Also called Dartraige Oirgiall FM Ind., Hogan.

(b) Dartraige Daminnse FM Ind., Hogan.

(c) Dartraige mic Flanchaid (Flanchada) the Barony of Rosclogher in the north of County Leitrim AFM iii 248 n. a . Hogan.

(d) Dartraige Feimin, Hogan. Dartraige alone may apply to all these. Another Dartraige in Munster, near Cashel SG 36 . For other localities of this name see Hogan.

? nechtraige

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x Corm. p. 42 s.v. traæth, see nemnechtardae.


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Forms: nemnechtardae

adj io, iā. (nechtar) in compd. nemnechtardae `not the one nor the other' = neuter, neutral: troeth .i. gach neutur .i. nemnechtardea [sic], Corm. Y 1220 = .i. cach nechtraige ┐ cach neotur, Corm. p. 42. Of health: eirges nech aisti gurub nemnechtarda é ... do reir foillsighthi nemnechtarda an nech eirges a h-eslainti, Irish Texts i 48 § 1 . nemnechtardha is coir do radh riu they should be called neutral (neither well nor yet ill), Rosa Angl. 116.24 .


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(adj. ?) neuter: trōeth .i. gach neutur .i. nem nechtardea, Corm. Y 1220 = traaeth .i. cach nechtraige ┐ cach neotur, Corm. 42 . t.¤ , Auraic. 1236 , 1475 , etc. traoth gach neotor, 4561 . troth, 1458 , 1461 , 1465 . traet, 1468 .