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Last Revised: 2013


n [io, m.] (büe, orig. cow-less, worth no cows Ériu xlii 41-42 ) non-native , person from outside the túath, one without possessions, without legal connections: ni aile maithre cuit i maccaib acht mac con glais no mac ambui .i. ín deorad i.e. the mother-kin has no share in the sons except for the son of a foreigner from across the sea and the son of an immigrant from another territory, Ir. Recht 31 § 33 . slan n-erca tar cend ambui, Laws v 178.8 .i. tar cenn in ambunad, in deora, 182.4 Comm. .i. in deoraid, inand ┐ in murcurthi romuind, 184.21 Comm. raith ar ambui a n-echtair, 224.3 , 228.3 .i. tar cenn in ambunadaigh a n-echtair amuigh, 226.4 Comm. athgabail ambui anechtair, 260.20 . ambue: bue .i. dagfear, ambue .i. drochfear, O'Curry 839 (H 3.18, 383a). dona tri amb[u]aib ar a tarud eiric . . . ┐ ambui anechtair .i. daor-fuidir indsin, Laws v 185 n. ambūe .i. nembunadach: būe .i. bunadach, Corm. Y 66 . būe .i. bunad, ut est ambue .i. ambunad, ut est ambúe faccaib fri laimh righ, O'Dav. 274 . rath ambue, 683 . ambui tuaithe, 1372 . Perh. as dental stem in: cuir na nurfocraidh ┐ na [n-a]mboth, Laws ii 218.12. Comm. But cf. uair ro fitir urfocra ina mbuide .i. cibé dona trí hambaib ara tarud éric . . . .i. fer focarthur cura ┐ ambuí anechtair, O'D. 1170 (H 2.15, 44(68)b) = forfocradh ina mboidhe, 1173 = Laws v 185 cited above. In n. pr. Brig Ambui banugdur fer nErend, Laws i 22.11 . bretha Brige Ambue, 18.27 .