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4 féth

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n gender doubtful. Possibly same word as 5 féth. Of craftsman's work, smoothness, finish, polish? Cf. faithche .i. fēth-chaí .i. conair iarna fēthughad .i. iarna rēidhiughadh, Corm. Y 628 . condenad a f.¤ ┐ a snass ┐ a slemnugud (of stakes of holly = to make them even ?) TBC-LL¹ 1410 (fethugud St). ní hécen f.¤ dar fudbu de, 158 (i.e. difficulties need not be glossed over; a proverb ?). G. [h]astas faciebat fri teora gressa ┐ ba feth in gres dédenach; dogníth ... L. soer [na crunda] fri teora snassa ┐ ba feth [feith, Sec. Battle of Moytura RC xii 94.1 ] in tsnas dédenach the last chip put the finish on them (?) Corm. Bodl. s.v. nescoit = Corm. Y 975 . ni rocindsead a feth nach a lighdhath [gús anocht], Anecd. ii 7 (of a bronze palisade = they could not give it the finishing polish and colour ?). (etym. of nemed :) nem-aodh la cerda ┐ goibniu, ar issed dobeir nemhtenchus doib in feith doberat tre aed [.i.] tre tine, O'Mulc. 830g . nem-mod la saoruib ... niamfeith, ar ised dobeir nemtenchas doib, ind feth doniat tre nēim, 830h (both exx. apparently mean that a craftsman's status is determined by the finish of his work. Cf. dlegar do cach feth i nemhedh, Irish Texts iv 21 § 22 ). fethgeir .i. dobheir feith ger ar in fige no fid gér dobeir feth ar in fighe, Laws i 152.13 Comm. (= it makes the wool even ?). Cf. feith .i. faebar, Lec. Gl. M 97 . See also 1 féth (f.¤ fithnaisi). Used as adj. = smooth, finished (?) ; superl.: fethim saire no fedem .i. onn `smoothest of work' (kenning on the ash-tree or letter o) Auraic. 5651 = foillem, Anecd. iii 44 ; text doubtful. Compds. ¤chrann: cona fet[h]crannaibh snasta slemnaigti `even ... shafts' (of arrows) CCath. 5462 .

¤snas: féthán féths[h]nais, MacCongl. 93.10 (see féthán and fithnais). Cf. also: go bfiodhbhacaibh féthshnoightibh smoothed or polished bows Hugh Roe 72.8 (f. 19a) .