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n (apparently a by-form of 2 saigid, q.v.) fri sechem slúag 'na s.¤ (: irgaile) `to pursue hosts on the march', Metr. Dinds. iii 256.3 (suide, saide, v.l.). fri s.¤ fir for suing a man, Laws i 268.17 . luid . . . Sinend do saigi (sic MS.) in imbois, Dinds. 59 ( RC xv 456 ). techt do saighi[dh] Asgain, Aen. 2071 (in last two exx. perh. leg. saigid). In Laws name of an offence (?): saighe briughadh .i. innsaighther don briuga a ndire a bo ar nemtenchus sech cach, O'D. 658 ( H 3.17, 489a ). cin ┐ tobach, saigi ┐ inableogain `crime of a middle kinsman', Laws i 258.24 = s.¤ ┐ inbleogun, O'D. 118 ( H 3.17, 95 ), glossed: saigi .i. in t-inbleogain medonach .i. cin comfocus co a sect dec, Laws i 272.23 Comm .