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2 deime

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n neuter; neuter substantive: deme .i. gach neutur lasin laitneóir is d.¤ lasin filid ngáidelach , Corm. Y 449 . it é sin na deme thepide ┐ na lánamna demi ┐ a ngeni-side 'these are the derived neuters and the pairs of a neuter and their derivations', Auraic.² 49 § 3.14 .See also teipide, lánamain.


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Forms: neutur, neutair, neutair, neutor, neodur

n o, n. (o, m.?) (Lat. neuter) the neuter gender; a neuter word; common in Sg., nearly always written with contraction; the follg. exx. are written in full: neutur, Sg. 66a20 . g s. ind neutair , 201a10 . hilar neutair , 39b16 . As pred. (n p.?): fír neutor na briathra remeperthi, 149b1 (`true neuters are the verbs aforesaid', Thes.). gach neutur lasin laitneoir is deime lasin filid ngaidelach , Corm. Y 449. neudur .i. ni fetur cia cenel, uair nach si nō se, Auraic. 613. int uile gne mascuil ┐ femin ┐ neodair, 1913 . neodur, Laws v 4.5. Comm. As adj.: ainmniugud neodar, ib. 1 .