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n following, adhering (?): badar in Pictaue [go] ngraine dia nglenail (: Elair), Todd Nenn. 134.58 = gen grane dia nglenail, BB 204b10 .

2 gráinne

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Forms: gráinne

n (gránda) ā, f. repulsiveness, ugliness : Fir duba co ngraine dét, Trip.² 1319 . gráinne (given as one of the 15 tokens of a bad woman), ZCP viii 113.22 .


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Forms: penginn

n f. also penginn (Teut. loan-word, cf. AS penning, Eng. penny) a pennyweight, a weight (of metal), for the value of which at different epochs see RC xiii 406 - 7 .

ocht ngrainne cruithnechta comthrom na pinginni airgid, H 4.22 p. 70a ( O'Curry 2083 ). oc tomus aenpinginde tomais .i. comthrom .vii. ngráine fhircruithnechta, Corm. p. 35 s.v. pissire. dā pingind, Laws iii 376.14 . teora pinginne, i 246.6 . cethoro (leg. cetheóra) pingeinne, v 172.2 . screaball . . . .i. sect pinginne ōir, Lism. L. 2832 . circul airgenti . . . ┐ .viii. penginde tomus in circuil sin, LB 222a10 m . Later of a money-value or coin : ocht penginde co leth . . . is ed fil in cech airgent díb, PH 3213 (of the 30 pieces of silver given to Judas). do bhiodh screaball nó trí pinginne ag rígh Mumhan do chíos uirre (sc. on each fire lighted from the great fire of Tlachtgha) `three pence', Keat. ii 3819 . as leis hordaighedh monadh peinginne re creic (i.e. coined money), CCath. 3859 . nochar taisced peinginn riam | do chisti ag Colum na cliar, ZCP vii 304 § 15 . do ceannchaide[dh] . . . an galún leanna ar sé pinginibh, AU iii 442.9 . AFM vi 2078.25 . annsna pinginnibh air ar díoladh Críost, Eochairsg. 54.12 (i.e. the 30 pieces of silver). tabhruidh chugam pinginn a penny, Mark xii 15 . ro forcongradh for Fh. a dhenamh ara phinging féin at his own expense, AFM iii 314.5 = ara phinginn, ALC i 368.12 . gur bhó héigen dóibh dul fá phinginn don prionnsa . . . ┐ bá hisin céd-phinginn Cloinne Cais `to become tributary . . . tribute', AFM v 1698.13 . Mod. often pighinn. Transf. of morsels, pieces, etc. of size or weight of a penny ? pinghinde bega do genum do premaib na luibhe, C IV 2, 25va 8 .

See also puingin and puincne.


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n a kind of balance or apparatus for estimating a small weight ? pissire .i. piss-aire .i. crand lethanchend bís oc tomus anepinginde tomais .i. comthrom vii. ngráine fhírcruithnechta . . . Oenphengind din aire in chraind sin, Corm. p. 35 - 6 ; perh. a wooden spatula or spoon for measuring the grains of wheat. piosaire `the weight of 7 wheat-corns or the third of a scruple . . . also a kind of broad-headed beam or bar for weighing', P. O'C. cf. pís.