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n act of washing, cleansing: fodb do aesclad .i. nemnesam in tétach no co nígther ┐ ó nígther é is nesam, O'D. 1627 (H. 5.15, p. 16a). fodb do aesclad .i. atach (leg. étach) in mairb má ro nighedh hé is anad náine for in athgabail, ib. = do fhaesculad, O'Curry 1061 ( H 3.18, p. 439a ); do foesclad, O'Curry 1148 (H 3.18, p. 457a) a.¤ .i. nighe nó glanadh, ut est fodb d'a.¤ .i. cetach (= edach, O'Curry 2750 ) in mairb do uisge-luagh, do luadh ar in uisce, O'Dav. 170 .


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v (aititiu) acknowledges (freq. in glosses on daimid and ad-daim): rodet a cron iarsin .i. ro aititniged do M. etc., O'Dav. 1393 . co aiti[t]nigther in dliged lanamhnais, 114 . nad ro damair nach ndlighedh .i. nocha ro aititnigestar, Laws i 156.15 Comm. adaimter .i. on mheid aititnigter, v 288.7 Comm. tir atdaimter la flaith .i. tir aititnigter aco'n flaith, 316.25 Comm. ni diuparar nach tidnacul adaimtur .i. . . . in tí aititnigthur do tidhnacul ratha, ii 300.29 Comm. in inbaid aititni[g]ther comrac frisin mnai . . . muna aititnige comrac fria, O'Curry 2003 (H 4.22, p. 30). Cf. aititigid.