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n io, n. (see 2 suide) a seat of some kind (a cushioned or padded one? cf. 1 mell), apparently a seat of honour: mellṡuidhi [mellṡaide v.l.] mín do Mæl dían dúin, Anecd. i 54 § 32 (cf. lighi cumtachta do aircindeach an tighe a aenur, RC ix 468 ). mellsuide dar ninu Néde (.i. is aíbind in suide i ndessid Néide no . . . is melta Nede dont ṡuide i ndessid), LL 186b14 = mell suide `a mistake . . . is N.'s seat', RC xxvi 14 § 8 , taking as two words; but the word may be a compd. denoting the ollave's chair.

1 nin

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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: nena, ninu

n [u, m.] n p. nena, ZCP xii 295.7 (< H 3.18 p. 564 ). a p. ninu , LL 186b14 ( RC xxvi 14 § 8 ).

(a) name of the ash-tree: nin .i. uinnius, Auraic. 1173. coscrad sīdhe nin .i. uindis. ar is dī na croind gaei triesa cosgarthar an sīth, 4269 .

(b) name of the letter n in the Ogham alphabet (called after the tree): nin dno is o chrand ro hainmniged .i. o uindsind, Auraic. 1171 ; belonging to the first `aicme' or letter-group and denoted by five strokes, ib. 976 . dinin dishail .i. sech [ni] nin ni sail acht duir it is neither n nor s but d, 815 , cf. 3653 . cech baile i mbiadh nion re ngort is ngetol sgribthar and, 2896 . anamain eter dā nin inso .i. nin i tossuch in moltai ┐ nin ina deriud, LU 400 (ACC Introd., cf. RC xx 146.3 ; description of the Amra, which begins and ends with the letter n). Aedh Gnaí . . . nin do gait ás goma hAedh Gaí é, Cóir Anm. 162.

(c) a letter of the Ogham alphabet in general: nin .i. liter, ut dicitur: dar ninu Nede, Corm. Y 996 ; for the citation: dar ninu , see RC xxvi 14 § 8 (glossed: dar mo littre, LL) and Auraic. 2793 (dar mo niona). nin ainm coitcheand do gach litir, Auraic. 1561 , cf. 2791 . nin .i. letir nó oghum no fren [= frém?] oghuim, ut est co laidhib co ninaib, O'Dav. 1288. nín .i. dealb nó litir, Lec. Gl. 6. nion .i. litir, O'Cl. Metr. Gl. 26.1 . ni uindim aon-nin am chīn (.i. ni faicim aon-litir am lebhar), ZCP v 488 § 4 (B. na filed). contoaim for amnin a nin (.i. luighim fam luighe filed), ib. § 9 (amnin = non-letter?). sin drochnin duit `a bad letter (handwriting)', O'Gr. Cat. 267.15 (scribe's note). pl. nena filed feghthar linn . . . bethe, sail, huath, coll, etc., ZCP xii 295.7 . See also 2 nena.