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úachal(l), úachell

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Forms: uachall, uallach, uathbhásach

[o-ā] an adj. of uncertain meaning accord. to Metr. Dinds. Gl. `uachall for uallach by transposition of letters ?, i.e. uathbhásach terrible, horrible, frightful, whimsical, fantastical, fanciful , vid. uaichle,' P. O'C. a s. rogab lige n-uachail n-ard, (: Luachair) `he found a grave proud and lofty,' Metr. Dinds. ii 14.55 (v.l. nuachal, n-uathaid)= LU 4170 .

As subst.: serr cech nuachell .i. cech noccla (nuallach, LB) `everything proud,' Corm. Bodl. s.v. serrach . serr gach n-ūachall, cach n-ogla (v.l. uachell, uallach), Corm. Y 1161 .