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4 dath

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Last Revised: 2013


conj (1 dath) when, as, because, since : dath as-bert-si(n) a focul n-í-sin ba slan-side fo c[h]etuair 'when she said that she was healed immediately' Bethu Brigte 267 . dath donic irt 'wie der Tod kommt' CIH ii 605.15 (Duil Dromma Cetta) , ZCP x 374 . dath nád inonn airlethar Día do cach dóen 'since God does not equally provide for all' Ériu xxxii 62.7 . is tech ndagfir dath atchí, 'it is a house of a good man as you see it' Thes. ii 292.18 , RC xxxvii 21 . dath .i. uair ut dicitur: dath nomolfa méd mo neirt, O'Mulc. 332 . Cf. H 3.18 p. 69 a , 635 a : dath nomolfar ( nonmolfa , 635 a ) ar mét mo nert .i. úair nonmolfam.