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Last Revised: 2013


n (Lat. nothus < Greek νόθος) loan, loanword: tre-nothath gl. exilis etiam a Graeco ἐξίτηλος factum 'by loan, by loaning' Sg. 56 b 3 , Ériu xxxvi 187 . níbbu machdath betis grecdi ┐ nothath foraib linni ┐ dano it latindi amal sodain ut dixit prius: in latinis uerbis placuit f ... usque facio 'it was no wonder that they were Greek since we call them loan-words' Sg. 6 a 9 , Ériu xxxvi 188 . ? causa noth- (leg. nothath) gl. n expellitur a Grecis in -ων desinentibus cum in Latinam transeunt formam , Ériu xxxvi 187 , but see A Dictionary of Old Breton ii 529 .