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n u and o, m. (opair) the act of working; activity, operation, performance : oipred Dáe, Wb. 27a15 , cf. 1a14 . trissin n-oipred ṅdogniat [inna dúli], ML 42c2 . bete banscala occar timthirect ni du nach oipred ailiu (i.e. for no other occupation than attending on our wants), Wb. 10c22 , cf. 21a7 . issed asbeir in fer in tan ṁbis oc ind oipred (gl. futuo), Sg. 190b3 . opred morfer, LU 1930 ( RC x 60.15 ). g s. (a) aidmi oipretho pectho instruments of committing sin, Wb. 3c14 . (b) innas ind fir . . . ┐ innas ind oprid dognith, SCC 23 ( LU 3454 ). séta a oprid ┐ a shaethair, PH 4058.