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3 ág 1 cause, reason, occasion 2 on account of, because of 3In wider sense oppression, maltreatment; Hence danger, fatality, slaughter, etc.
airec 1act of finding, obtaining; acquiring 2act of inventing, devising; invention, contrivance, plan; device, plan, project 3 providing, supplying (food, entertainment, etc.); pleasure; waiting on , pleasing, satisfying 4act of determining, guiding
airmaisid 1 hits the mark, aims at, strikes; hits on , comes upon, finds 2 manages to, succeeds in, can
anúas 1 from above, down; somet. simply above; down on , in contact with from above; over and above, in addition 2In chronology downwards 3brings into a discussion, cites, quotes 4
1 apa reason, cause; Because of, on account of, for the sake of,; nevertheless, however
1 ar 1 before, in front of; before 2 for, for the sake of, on behalf of, etc.; for the sake of, by; on account of, because of; on account of it, therefore; instead of, in place of, as substitute for, in meaning of; counts as; in return for, in exchange for, as price of, in payment for, as equivalent of; preference; for the purpose of, in order to obtain; by virtue of, by means of, through; In general sense of in respect of, with regard to, in the matter of, relating to, etc.; about (of stories, books, reading, etc. In late exx. only. Perh. orig. for in this meaning); from; from; against
ar-cuirethar 1 increases, extends; prolongs 2 represents(?)3 turns back, turns away(?) 4 overthrows; casts on , throws on
bél 1 lip; lips, but here usually mouth; (of a hag); (in application of an incantation); (of a witch); (term of endearment); mouth; the mouths; By metonymy person; red (raw) morsel in (the) mouth apparently of property illegally acquired or attached; Of the mouth as the source of speech; By extension word(s); subject of talk; self-judgment, -doom; unanimously 2various things resembling lips or mouth; edge, rim; mouth of cavity, orifice, opening; (used as term of endearment); edge, opening of wounds; upper of shoe 3Freq. of replacing in kingship, headship, etc. one who had the normal claim, before, in preference to, in place of; before, at, close to; on the point of; before; towards, to; over, across; out of 4With FOR (always with possessive) on the face, face downwards; face to face 5 turns to, seeks help from
bíth 1As prep. because of, on account of, for the sake of, lit. under the stroke of 2 because, for, since
brollach 1 breast, bosom, chest; Of garments, armour, etc.; breast-piece; rent (?)2Legal. In Laws Comm. dorn, lám i mb. `hand on the breast', a symbolic (?) gesture appar. used in apprehending a debtor or expelling an outsider 3 outset
1 cé this world; on this side, here,; the world
coisigecht act of travelling on foot
1 de, di 1With intransitive verbs of motion, denoting departure, separation or moving away; arises from, stands up from; darts, springs forth from; removes from; went away, departed; springs from, descends from; springs forth, flows from, sprouts; falls; escapes from; comes; comes from; goes from; falls from; depart from; leaps from; parts with; separates from, parts with; departs from; ceases from; drips from; flees from; ebbs from; denoting removal, abstraction, expulsion, robbing from, &c.; wards off; sweeps off, casts out; takes off, cuts off from; wrenches, strips from; takes away from; steals from; gathers from; keeps from; keeps apart from; gains from; puts away from; removes, expels from; lowers; exacts (a tax) from; puts away, prevents from; cuts off; cuts off; leads from; removes; raises from; takes away from; takes off; keeps off from; lets go, throws, lets down; hunts; flays; throws from; sends; remove from; takes (away) from, keeps from; takes away from, lops off; steals from; clears away from, expels from; moves from; expels from; casts from; cuts off from; loosens from, releases from; sweeps or snatches away from; loosens from; takes off; transfers from; With verbs denoting salvation from, protection from, cure of; helps out of; rescues from; saves; saves from; After verbs denoting cleansing, clearing, purging, washing; cleanses from; With verbs denoting restraint, prevention or prohibi- tion; keeps back from; forbids; restrains from; hinders; restrains from; hinders; abjures; ceases from, rests from; re- vives from; becomes strong from; After verbs denoting surpassing, excelling; surpasses; surpasses, excels; prevails over, outstrips; In the construction of verbs denoting lack or want of; is wanting; remains, is left over; is left over, remains; After verbs and substantives denoting disgust, ab- horrence of; With verbs denoting buying from, receiving from; receives from; buys from; buys from; After verbs denoting asking, begging, demanding; inquires; begs; asks; After verbs denoting eating, drinking from; drinks from; drink from; sip from; eats; After verbs (words) denoting choice or selection out of a number or quantity.; has chosen; profits by, from; Expressing position with regard to, (north, south, &c.) of; denoting derivation, descent, source, starting-point or the like.; causes, effects; Expressing the origin or derivation of a name; name from; derived from; Indicating racial origin, descent; springs, descends from; is born from; of origin, descent, native place; of issue, consequence; makes a part of, belongs to; it follows, comes, results from; is because of; Indicating the material or substance of which anything is made or consists; is made of, consists of; builds up; creates, shapes; brings forth, creates; establishes; from without; on this side of; from the south; from yonder side; from above, de-super; (from the root) from the beginning, originally; from every side; from afar; from afar, of space; for long; away; this time, on this occasion, now; after; from near; at once, suddenly; on the spot; on the spot; hence, then 2 enjoins, commands; is victorious, wins; bids farewell; care; fearlessness, confidence; adheres to, cleaves to, follows; providence; provides for3denoting part or quantity; forms part of, belongs to; a better warrior; a tribe; a drove; a herd, a troop; a drop; a little; a bit; choice of; a spark; an equivalent; enough; a flock; a burden; a shower; the full of; number; sufficiency; quantity; much 4to make or to do; to seize; to beat, strike, ply upon, scourge; to cut, shear, clip; to break, to injure; to wound, to kill; to throw, fling; to drive, drive away, expel; to destroy; to bind; to write; to shut; conceals; disturbs; makes, does; aids, heals; illuminates; burns; adorns; support oneself by; by means of, by the power of; arbeir biuth he uses, consumes; smears; satiated, satisfied; satiates; supplying wants; serves, attends; from, by, in consequence of, according to; therefore, for that reason, consequently; for that, because, since, cf.; why; of, about, concern- ing; to die of, to be sick with; to reprimand for, take vengeance for; to beat one for sth.; to do penance for; to complain of; to be or become angry for; to be proud of, to boast of; to be envious or jealous of; to be thankful for; sad, mournful, tired, weary; thirst from; intoxicated; weak from; commiserates, has compassion on; for, during; at night; from afar; diligently; clearly, openly; usually, always; much; for the sake of, because of; with the consent of, of free will; over and above, in addition to; because of; according to the judgment; because of; with the permission of; away; on foot; from sorrow; because of; by the will of; by force; on horseback; willy- nilly; on my own account; by means of, in virtue of, on the score of; for fear; on account of the goodness or excellence of; in anger; in truth; in consequence of; abundantly, extra, in excess; through the oppression or tyranny of; in word or deed; continually, semper; for the honour of, under the protection of; in presence of, before; by rote, by heart; from hatred; by sea; ever; of one mind; at one birth; with one voice, unanimously; of one mind, intent; with one accord; together; with special aim, deliberately, exclusively; of one report, all together; according to; takes as a choice, chooses; for love; by land; on account of, owing to; on foot 5 THOUGHT, FEELING OR ACTION; of, concerning, with regard to, in reference to; is of, about; in subject-headings, titles of tales, chapters; speak, tell, preach, mention; asks, inquires; mention of; is called; sing of, write of; prophesy, prefigure; testify; instruct, teach; discuss, dissertate; blaspheme; hear, think, remember, forget; care for, provide for, be confident about, fear for; providence
descad, descaid 1 dregs, lees, sediment; the lowest, vilest; the utmost, very depths; on account of 2 ferment, leaven, barm, yeast; Transf. fermented liquor (?) 3 sign, symptom
dess 1 right (as opposed to left), dexter:; right hand, right-hand side (lám being understood); on my right, to right of me 2 south (the s. being on the right to a person facing east). As prep. south of. In Mid. Ir. usually tes on the analogy of tuaid, tuath; In various advbl. phrases: andess from the south, northwards; With FRI from the S. towards, hence to the south of; southwards 3 right, just, meet 4By extension convenient, becoming, agreeable, well- arranged, neat, later pretty, fine 5 brown or ruddy in the south?; shapely
díberg 1 marauding, freebooting, pillaging; a pirate vessel; engaged in marauding, on a foray; In concrete sense act of brigandage, raid, foray 2 band of marauders 3 marauder, riever, pirate 4 strife, vengeance, wrath (a later meaning prob. due to association with ferg anger); revenge 5 injury, destruction (?), punishment
dín 1 protection, defence, shelter; depending on; act of sheltering, protecting; sheltering, protective; protection, shelter against 2 covering, thatch, roofing 3 sparing, husbanding 4In legal sense remission (?)
diṡíu hence, from here; from one side and the other, on both sides
dligid, 1is entitled to, has a right to, is owed (as a debt)2 deserves, merits 3 deserves, merits 4x is due from y; y owes x; x is required of, is incumbent on y; I am bound to, ought to; absol. it is due, right, necessary 5 ought, is bound to, owes; Of moral or legal obligation ought, is bound to, must; in late texts the condit. is often used of moral obligation; Owes, with DO of creditor; x is due from (owed by) y coming to mean x is due to y
do-airret, do-áirret 1 overtakes, comes up with, comes upon unawares, catches; Often in hostile sense attacks, falls on:; Of events, disasters, etc., comes upon, befalls:; reaches, comes to; catches, seizes, grasps; Catches, captures; finds; gets, attains to, secures; visits, avenges (an offence) on; lays, imposes a pledge, bond ( on ) 2Intrans. comes up, arrives; comes up with, overtakes, falls upon
do-armairt 1 intended, attempted, was about to; Hence was on the point of, was like to, was nearly; weighed ( i.e. intended?) or attempted
do-beir 1 brings 2 gives; surrenders, gives up; gives battle; takes heed; gives in exchange for, pays for; makes for, attacks; of compensation or retribution); gives, gives away; gives out, gives away, dispenses; Of an author cites, adduces; yields, produces; utters, pronounces; promises, (swears); deceives; turns; trusts; takes in hand, sets about; spends; causes, brings about, effects; occurred; makes, renders, causes to be 3 Puts, places, sets; lays upon, confers on, imposes on, inflicts on (both in good and bad sense);; enjoins upon, compels, instigates; put on; brings, puts (into a state or condition); sends; give and put 4 Brings, leads; brings, deduces, traces (of a sequence, genealogy, etc.); brings down, humbles (mod.); brings up, rears, educates (mod.); well-educated 5 Gets, wins, takes; takes from; takes a wife, weds; wins, captures 6 makes for; falls on , attacks 7 comprehends, understands; perceives, observes, is aware of; observe, note , know (common in med. texts); perceives, knows (by looking at); knows (from), infers (from); thinks, opines, considers; means, signifies; understands (of), applies or refers to (freq. in pass.)
do-cuirethar 1 puts 2 invites.3 puts, deposits, places; deposits, produces, brings forth; have been set, planted round; throws, casts, sends; throws, i.e. makes a start, bound 4it puts me; I happen to be; lit. it puts me to (on, towards), hence I meet, come upon, come across; lit. it puts on me, hence it is incumbent on me, I must; they fall out, quarrel 5Of rest, condition 6denoting motion 7 meets, comes upon, falls in with8 encounters, opposes9 falls to the lot of, happens to, befalls 10 comes to pass, happens, takes place; there was 11 Invites, summons
1 do-ella 1 turns aside, deviates, bends; Esp. in moral sense goes astray, errs, degenerates; turns to, takes to (usually in bad sense); turns on , assails; takes after, resembles 2 turns aside, deflects 3Esp. as gramm. term declines;
doéndaigid puts on human nature; makes human or mortal
do-farcai 1 looks down on , guards, fences around2 towers over, surpasses, excels; encompasses, includes ?
do-fuirmi settles on , alights on
do-furgaib 1 raises, lifts up; takes on oneself; raises, sets up, erects (a stone, building, etc.); later often of building, constructing in general; uplifts, elevates, exalts; raises (a cry, the voice, etc.), utters, enounces; rears, brings up; raises up, produces, causes; raises, begins, undertakes, engages in 2 rises 3In allied senses arises, appears, comes forth
do-gair 1 calls, summons; calls on , invokes; utter?; calls down, brings ( on oneself); proclaims, enounces; Absol. calls out, cries, shouts: 2 calls (by a name), names
do-icc 1 comes to me in sense of I get (ó from); denoting place, destination, aim; Usually as prepositional phr. as far as, up to, till: 2 comes; advances, proceeds; lit. until . . . comes as prep. until; Comes back, returns; of transition to a state, mental activity; Of time, comes, arrives; By extension, comes to an end, is spent; comes to me, befalls me; Of states, events, etc., in general comes about, takes place, happens; Comes into being, arises, originates; Comes to pass, is fulfilled; employed to denote state, development, etc., almost in sense is, becomes, etc.; Escapes, recovers; it is not possible; relents, is moved (towards, by); gets on , succeeds; speaks of, touches on , mentions; agrees on; begins with (in gramm.); falls on , devolves on , pertains to; comes out, escapes; recovers; results from; runs out, comes to an end; comes, arises from, depends on , is consequent on, due to; it comes from me, i.e. I am able (to); falls to, befalls; pertains to, applies to, suits; it is time for me to . . ., I arrive at, attain to; opposes, impugns (Laws); it occurs to me, I form the notion, project (of); comes against, withstands, opposes, injures; sub- mits to, agrees to (with); concurs, agrees with, suits; I am able (to), succeed (in); comes (safe) from, escapes from; comes from, i.e. is stated by; transgresses, violates; overcomes, subdues; touches on , mentions, speaks of; deal with; comes in on , interferes with, assails; comes up (with), over- takes (mod.) 3 gives 4 understands, etc. (see do- beir)
doich 1 likely, probable, to be expected; I think it likely, it seems to me; likely (in sense of likeable); desirable, an object of liking; proper, right 2 opinion, conjecture, supposition; methinks, I daresay, in my opinion; most likely, verily, surely; in the belief (that), on the supposition (that); hope, expectation, confidence; in hopes, in expectation (of, that); puts trust in, hopes in; forms expectations of, builds hopes on (usually in sense of hoping to attain or overcome); a ground of hope; a likely or hopeful subject (for); chance, opportunity; suspicion, conjecture, hint, cognizance; manner, fashion, way, condition
do-immoirg 1 narrows (?)2 presses on , urges, drives 3 gathers, collects, brings together, amasses 4 gathers, assembles 5 controls, checks, subdues 6 chastises 7 compels, constrains 8 enforces on , compels (to) 9Gramm. shortens
do-infet 1 Blows, breathes (intrans. or with cogn. accus.); blows on , breathes on (trans.)
2 do-nessa tramples on , crushes
do-scara 1 overthrows, knocks down, lays low; With extension of meaning, lays low, defeats, destroys:; Lowers, lets down; lets fall 2 falls on; assails, subdues, op- presses (?)
do-tét 1 used to come 2 comes; comes back, returns 3 comes, ensues, takes place; appears, arises (of persons, consequences, events) 4 is (goes) surety for:; hits upon, contrives; comes off, escapes; comes from, arises or develops out of; comes to, accrues to; touches on , men- tions; comes or falls on , happens to; goes with, applies to, is incident to; Opposes; turns to, takes up, practises 5 goes; goes on , advances 6is construed as
1 do-tuit 1 Falls out 2Transf. falls, abates, subsides: 3Esp. falls, perishes, is killed;4In theol. sense of transgression 5 falls (into a state, under a rubric, etc.) 6 falls (to the lot, share, etc., of)7 falls upon, comes upon; devolves on 8 falls, lapses, is forfeited or lost 9that is my wish, object
1 drenn quarrel, combat, encounter, on- slaught; combative
driuchaid chafes, frets, rages; stands on end (of hair)
druim(m) 1 back; Back of men or animals; a pent-house, shed; a calf-shed 2 back, surface (flat or convex) 3 ridge, usually of elevated ground; hill; ridge, crest of a wave; Of a sword-blade 4 one above (after) another, in succession; upside down, topsy-turvy; Backwards; following, in succession (addition) to:; on account of, by means of; Away from, off from; abandons, abjures, re- nounces 5 broadbacked 6 back-leather; tombstone; keel; Of part of a diadem; `superscription', envoy; back-spleen; ridge-beam; Of the cornice of an altar (?) 7 crippled
dúalgas 1 traditional right 2 custom, tribute or other obligation (due to someone) 3 by right of, in virtue of, on account of, by means of; for the sake of; reward?4 kin (?)5 reward
1 dul 1 act of proceeding, setting about (doing something), entering (on a state); donning; In Laws act of going as pledge, forfeit, etc.; vanishing; going out, exit; Escaping; Dying; cohabiting; to die, perish; to be confirmed (?); sunset; Attacking, falling on; turning to, taking up (an occupation, etc.); act of entering on (a state); tending to, becoming; getting shorter; act of escaping from; act of going beyond, exceeding, transgressing; running over; act of getting out, release; purgation (?); to advance, progress; abating (of a fever); act of being lost, passing away, dying; proceeding, course, manner; well-said, bravo; occasion, time, turn; this time; on another occasion; on that occasion, then; at summer-tide; so that; because, since
dúscad awakening, arousing; State of waking; Transf. exciting, stirring up; to incite, egg on
ecmong, ecmoc 1A happening, occurrence, hence a point, conjuncture;; at this particular time, on this occasion 2 Lapse, conclusion of a period of time
feccaid 1 bends, stoops 2 turns on i.e. against: 3 sets about, begins 4 resolves
fecht 1A course, journey, expedition; a journey of (free) entertainment, visit of hospitality; an occasion of hospitality; a raid or hosting; a fight, attack, assault; transf. of persons making a foray, a (marauding) band; course, proceeding (?) 2A time, occasion; on a single occasion, once; formerly; theretofore; before; once upon a time, on one occasion; another time, on another occasion; at one time ... at another; On a former occasion; in the second place; again; on this occasion, now, passing later into sense henceforth; this time, now; henceforward; henceforth; each time, every time; every second time, alternately; once for all; on one occasion (only); at the same time, simultaneously
fíadnaise 1 witness, testimony; in Laws evidence, attestation; I testify 2a witnessing, being present at, hence presence;; in presence of, before; (absol. ) present, in view, looking on
fillid 1 bends; kneels; bends over, folds; gramm. term, inflects; turns, turns back, makes return, repulses; turns away, averts; turns into, changes 2 bends, stoops; turns back, returns; turns from, renounces; turns on , against; turns away, swerves, flinches; desists
fo, fa, fá 1 under, beneath; under sun (heaven) i.e. alive; in the world; Esp. in sense of carrying, supporting; of direction towards, into, through:; undertakes, attempts; esp. of impact, collision, attack; turns on , attacks; assail; throughout, over, gen. of motion; on; about, around (contamination of IMM; Hence hard by, near (?) 2 under ;; thus; secretly; sub specie; in unison(?); on a course (?); of grammatical function, in Glosses (a particular appli- cation of preceding); actively ... passively; as a negative; in the neuter; underlying; under, subject to; submits to, undergoes; assumes; leaves at the discretion (mercy) of:; under (a name, head, rubric, etc.); under = less than; inferior to; according to, in accordance with; in that case, in accordance with that; like, corresponding to; lit. in proportion to i.e. in requital of (?)cf. (q); with numerals as multiplicative; twice; twice; at, by; usually means by that time but occasionally at (with) that; during; Of approximate time of an occurrence, at, about; on Sundays; in respect of, as regards; lavish of; About, concerning; Of mocking; On account of; along with, including (= imm); after vbs. of swearing, asseverating,; in return for,3I intend; is liable for (?); impugns; is decided upon by; incites; I settle down; as (of manner) 4 rather, somewhat
fo-ceird 1 sets, puts, places; applies; displays, exhibits; plants, sows; Of pitching (a tent), throwing up (a pile, mound), erecting, etc.; throws, casts, often of missiles; throws away, loses; casts lots; casts down, overthrows; upsets, prostrates; throws off, expels; drops, sheds; puts forth, emits, sends out; launches (a boat); offers, grants (to); lays, imposes ( on ); bestows ( on ); takes counsel; plans; turns, twists, makes a stir; goes round; visits; searches; makes a contract or agreement; makes a leap, jumps, springs; rests; of sounds, noises: utters, makes; raises (a shout, cry); sighs; snores; cheers; performs, executes, wages; of defeated side; of opponent; slaughters; overthrows in battle 2had achieved; fall asleep; struck; alighted 3 weighs on , grieves, vexes; scares (?)
fochraic 1a reward, recompense, payment; Esp. of heavenly reward; Fee, hire; heaven 2 purchase-money, rent, esp. in Laws.; on hire, for rent 3 compensation
fo-geil grazes, feeds on , consumes; lives on (a person), is a charge to, battens on
foichled act of hiring (?); attending, waiting on
foichligthe prepared (for), on one's guard (against)
foimte on the look-out (for), prepared, in readiness (for)
foimtenaigid takes heed, is on one's guard (?)
foimtiu Being in readiness for, antici- pating, being on one's guard against
1 folmaisse 1being on the point of, being near; being about, attempting (to do something) 2 opportunity
fomeilt using, making use of; trying on; enjoying; price of use
fo-naisc Binds (someone to do something), imposes (an obligation, etc.), makes a contract; will lay tribute on , subdue
1 for, 1 on , upon; over, above; on , at, by; upheld, supported by; being worn; carried by; over, up; attached to; in, amongst; forming a portion of; on , over, to, towards 2of form, appearance, hue, etc.; of arrangement, state, process; division, classifica- tion, naming; of point of time; coincidence of occurrence; on; with words expressing quality, talent, success, etc.; over, of rule, sway, superior might; upon, in addition to; in succession to, after; on i.e. affecting, afflicting; governing object of blessing, cursing, punishing, etc.; on , by means of; relying on; depending on; in; at; is incum- bent on; owing from; expressing worth, value 3 on , upon; over, above; on , over, above; Often = in; above ground, anywhere on earth, in existence; alive; Of wounds, bruises, etc.; Of approximate position, juxtaposition, on , at, by; Freq. in sense upheld, supported by, also being worn (esp. of weapons, ornaments; IMM is regularly used of clothes) or carried by; after vb. of placing, hoisting, over, up; Of things attached to, or forming part of a body, etc., as, parts of weapons; hair, limbs; leaves of trees, etc.; In, amongst; forming a part of, mixed with; After verb or vn. implying motion on , to, towards; Across, by way of 4 on (of that by which something is evident, known, recognized, etc.); over (of rule, sway; superior might); upon, in addition to (see do-formaig); in succession to, after; in addition to, along with; on , i.e., affecting, afflicting (of emotions, physical or mental states or conditions, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, sickness, pain, hunger, etc.;; existing on , by means of (a food, diet); a similar use is relying on , depending on; some- times = content with; in (a state, con- dition); in exile; in error; in the right; inclined; `by dint of' (cf. j); At, engaged in (an occupation or task); in despite of, to the detriment of.5 on account of, because of, for the sake of; on behalf of
for-cuirethar 1 casts upon, throws upon 2 overthrows, overpowers; Esp. forces, violates 3 lays hands on , appropriates (?)
forderg red on surface; very red (esp. of colour of blood); bloodstained, wounded; bloody, san- guinary
fo-ricc 1 comes across, finds; finds before one, finds on arrival
forimthecht Walking about; going on one's way, proceeding
-forlaig lies on , presses on , overwhelms
for-ling Leaps on or over; Assaults
for-loisci burns, sets on fire, esp. of malicious burning, arson
formáil wages, hire; on lease
for-reith 1 runs on , proceeds
forruma 1 waiting on , attending to (the wants of) 2a guard on cattle, lest they injure a neighbor's property
for-tá 1 is over or remaining, is left, remains, sur- vives; is still to come; is on , over, dominates 2 is on , is upon 3 is incumbent on , is due from 4 there ensues, further- more, also, item 5 is over, is above, with notion of superiority; excels, dominates (cf. I b, II a)
for-teinn gnaws, nibbles on
1 foss, fos 1 rest (oppd. to motion); remaining quiet or stationary; a state of rest or quietude; Remaining (in a place), continuing (to do something); perseverance, steadiness; Halting, stopping; a halt; perseverance; firmness 2 residents or sedentary folk; immovable, steady 3 in a state of rest; stationary, remaining in a (certain) place, hence here, on this side, often nearly = at home; Here, on the spot, in this place; Often here, in this world (oppd. to `tall'); now
1 frecnairc, frecndairc 1In gramm. the present tense 2 present, on the spot, in evidence; techn. term for a fault in prosody 3 presence
frestal 1 receiving (as a guest), meeting, welcoming 2 waiting on , ministering to, serving (freq. of supplying physical wants); Hence ration, supply; fill; Of serving at table; Of handling tools, etc.; attending to; Attendance, service; attendants; With gen. of thing supplying, furnishing; entertainment 3transf. of serving a church, office, etc. 4to join battle 5hence in hostile sense responding to (an attack or opponent), encountering, coping with; opposition 6 in preparation for; anticipating; in prospect of 7by extension matching, keeping up with, being equal to
frestlaid 1 attends on , ministers to; entertains 2transf. of receiving or encountering an attack, enemy
fri 1 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching; cf. d); alongside, down along, by; against; next to, at, in contact with 2To express association, along with, beside 3to express direction of feelings, behaviour towards (cf. I a);; to; of opposition to, hostile feeling, attitude towards; to express protection, guard, watch against, also limitation, boundary;4to express difference, distinction from 5 with respect to, with regard to; on account of; on behalf of; according to, in agreement with (cf. II).6 in the opinion of 7 through, by means of 8 before 9 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching), alongside, down along by; In local sense of attached to or pending from; against; next to, at 10To express association, along with, beside (of local or mental relations, cf. V d); Passing into sense in addition to; moreover, besides; with 11 antici- pating, forestalling; to express direction of feelings; behaviour towards,; of prayer, etc. to; of hostile feeling, attitude, conduct towards; To express protection, guard, defence, watch against; but perh. FRI here = because of; see V b 12to express difference, distinction from 13 with respect to, with regard to (cf. III c); on account of (cf. VI b); on behalf of; according to; in agreement with, with pers. somet. = in obedience to 14to be at, engaged in or about to engage in (some occu- pation, process; cf. III a); denoting the occasion (event, cause, etc.) on or from which something takes place15To denote mental subjective attitude, in the opinion of 16 by; to denote instrument, through, by means of, by dint of 17 by day, in the day-time; by night; before; bare, exposed, uncovered
fris-áilethar 1 looks forward to, expects, is prepared for; opines, assumes (?), takes into consideration (?); handled, dealt with 2 anticipates, bewares, is on the look-out for (a danger, enemy, etc.), somet. handles, tackles (cf. fris-indlea) 3 catches, receives 4 receives (a guest), entertains, attends or ministers to; Serves, attends on; Of things attends to, provides for 5in hostile sense, receives (an enemy, an attack), wards off, engages (in fight)
fris-cathaigedar 1 Fights against, opposes, revolts against2 Fights on behalf of, beside
fris-gair, -frecair 1 answers, replies 2 answers (to), corresponds (to), is analogous (with), with DO; Counterbalances 3 answers, responds to, meets (a challenge, combat, etc. or an enemy).4 answers, responds to (a summons, call, duty, etc.), obeys; co-operate with; With acc. of pers. answers (the call of), comes (at the summons of); ? respond 5 answers for, on behalf of; comes to the aid of:
fris-indlea meets, answers to, serves (a purpose, etc.), deals with (a piece of work); of persons, waits on , encounters, deals with (both in friendly sense and the reverse); tackles, grapples with
fris-sella looks towards, gazes on
fris-tibi smiles on
fritháilem 1 expecting, looking out for 2 catching (something thrown) 3 anticipating, making provision for, preparing 4 waiting on (a person), ministering to the needs of, supplying; Of service or attendance; Of things, functions, etc., attending to, looking after, discharging; attendance on the sick 5in hostile sense coping with, withstanding (an enemy or an attack)
fritháiltech ministrant, attending on; expectant
frithálmach on the lookout, alert, wary (?)
frithchassad `counter-twisting,' bristling, of hair standing on end
frithguin counter-wounding or slaying, used of resisting an attack or attacking in retaliation; Of reprisals in battle; on the other side, in retaliation
frithlorg a return-track, a reverse course or direction; On the track of, after
frithrosc adv. with vbs. implying motion in the sense backwards, in an inverse direction; reverted, standing on end, erect (?); barbed (?)
fúabair, fóbair 1 falls upon, assails, attacks (a person or place); Passing into sense attempts, essays 2 makes for, rushes (at), speeds, hurries (occa- sionally intrans.) 3 falls to (doing something), begins, sets about 4 attempts (to do something), begins, proceeds to (usual later use) 5 was on the point of, was near (doing), all but (did), often in impers. construction
fúachtnaigid is aggressive or violent, makes an attack, injures, does injury; avenges on
fuilliucht 1a trace, impress or mark; scars; on the track of, following 2 section, subdivision 3 record, version
fursundud 1 giving light, illuminating; illumination; lustre; Exception- ally lighting, kindling 2 throwing light on; setting forth clearly, elucidating, demonstrating 3a species of literary composition; catalogue poem ()
gaibid 1 lays hold of, grasps; takes hold of, possession of; passing into sense receives, accepts; takes to oneself : admits of, allows; insists on. Supports, upholds; receives, admits; receives as; considers as; takes by force, captures; takes away ;; holds, maintains; affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition, etc.; affects injuriously (illness, etc.) paralyses, bewitches; puts, applies; puts on , assumes; assumes warrior status ;; puts on; reaches; pitches a camp; chooses, fixes; sets about, begins (an employment, etc.).; conceives (a passion, etc.).; thinks, infers; takes down from dictation; edits (?); conceives (offspring); takes on oneself (respon- sibility, etc.).; assumes; takes a path, traverses, reaches; ? celebrates; suits 2 goes, proceeds; lands, settles, takes up one's abode; holds out, remains; Gram. is declined; also is subdivided.; holds sway, reigns; takes hold or effect 3 sings, chants, recites 4 holds back, restrains; distrains; hinders, holds back; sets about; attacks; covers, fits; attacks, charges at; assails; begins, sets about; overtakes; outshines; includes; holds out against; warns; re- ceives, welcomes; commences, begins; refuses, refrains from, conceals, withholds; distrains; makes good, compensates; adheres to; dresses, arrays oneself; assails; accepts, sides with; sets about, begins; sides with, stands by ;; is partial to, lets off; gains supremacy over 5 lays hold of, grasps; takes (hold of, possession of); passing into sense of receives, accepts; takes to oneself, undertakes; takes to witness; admits of, allows; supports, upholds (?); concerns, affects; receives, admits; takes, receives as (in the quality of); takes by force, captures; holds, maintains; affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition or the like; more commonly affects injuriously (of disease, danger or other evil influence); esp. bewitches, paralyses; puts, applies; puts on , assumes; assumes warrior status; takes flesh; puts on clothes; gains, reaches (a destination); fixes, pitches (a camp); chooses, assigns, fixes (a day, meeting, etc.); takes up, sets about, begins (an employment or occupa- tion); conceives (a passion or emotion); thinks, infers; takes down from dictation; edits (?); conceives (offspring); takes (a burden, responsibility on one's self), undertakes; takes to oneself, receives,cf. TSh. Glossary. Leg. assumes (?); takes a path, etc., traverses, reaches; provides for,; holds, celebrates (a festival); becomes, suits (late) 6 goes, proceeds, extends; surrounds; settles, lands, takes up one's abode; holds out, remains; is declined; holds sway, reigns; takes hold, takes effect 7 as it may be, as for instance 8 sings, chants, recites; declares 9 holds back, restrains; distrains; hinders, holds back; sets about, undertakes; attacks, `goes for'; covers, fits; attacks, charges at; assails; attacks; begins, sets about; overtakes; outshines, beats, defeats; includes, comprehends; rules over; holds out against, prevails over; warns, threatens (?); receives, welcomes (?); commences; withholds, hides, conceals, refuses, refrains from; distrains (in the matter of); makes good, compensates, condones (?); adheres to (?); dresses, arrays; assails, belabours; accepts, sides with, stands by; sets about, begins; sides with, stands by ;; is partial to, lets off; gains supremacy over
grendaigid challenges, defies, beards, incites; brings on , induces
gressacht inciting, urging, egging on , goading, instigation, stimulus, provocation; fanning flames, the blowing of a bellows; incitation, urging
gressaid incites, urges, stimulates, provokes: (used of egging on a warrior); urges on, incites, spurs on; sets on
grísaid 1 causes to glow, causes to blush 2 incites, eggs on
i 1 Place; Denoting place where; in; among; at, on , upon; on foot; seizes; Denoting state or condition in which; properly; as quickly as; Denoting manner in which : by means of, through, by; in the matter of, in respect to, in regard to; according to; instead of, in compensation for; in contrast with, as against; for the purpose of, with a view to; to the extent of; there, therein; Denoting place whither; Denoting state into which; for, on account of; as 2 when; then, in that case; thereupon 3 against, opposed to; against; as well as, in addition to; at the end of; after; after; towards; in front of; along with, in the company of; here; with, in the company of; in regard to, with; at the beginning; at the beginning; then, thereat
1 íar 1 after; then, thereupon, after that, thereafter; thereupon; after that, then; after this, hereafter; hereafter; hereupon; afterwards, then; thereafter; after some time; after a while, presently; in turn; gilded; being 2 across, along; beyond, on the farther side of; behind 3 according to, in respect of, by reason of; truly; in general 4 after
illiu on this side
imchommus 1 mutual measuring together, proportion, estimation; in proportion to, according to; on account of 2 restraint, control
1 imm, imb 1 around, about; Of clothes considered as encircling the body, around, about, on; With gaibid puts on; more definitely, at, by, along; along with, including; besides; After vbs. of motion, to, into, through, throughout (cf. fo); Of impact, collision (more usually fri), against, on 2Of the approximate time of an occurrence, at, about 3In abstract sense, concerning, as regards, in the matter of, on account of, for the sake of; With the idea of purpose, with a view to; In rel. construction with vb. about which, on account of which, concerning which; Of fasting for; appeals to the judgment in the matter of; In distrib. sense with numbers, for equivalent of to in the Eng. idiom two to one; Of anger and its opposite towards; Of affection and its opposite towards; Of fear, anxiety, sorrow for 4Used idiomatically with the subst. vb.: tá ... imm is engaged in, concerned in, in doubt about; Used of person adversely affected by action (=dat. of disadvantage) more commonly expressed by ar; In impers. const. with vbs. expressing violent un- controlled action to indicate person affected by the action; With vbs. in pass. impers. to express person affected by the action 5 meets; keeps to, perseveres in; puts on clothes; surrounds, troops around; seizes, attacks; lies with; swears by; rises; prevents or hinders y from doing x; deceives, deludes
1 immaig 1of place without, outside, on the outside:; In Laws, in fer amuig lit. the man outside is used for plaintiff (see Laws Gl.); abroad, from home; remote from, away from; round about, surrounding; excepting, without; apart from, except
immarbág 1 strife, contention, a contest; act of con- tending; chief strife-fomenter; contending on behalf of; wordy dispute, boastfulness; act of boasting 2As grammatical term, the comparative of the adjective:
imm-beir 1 carries around 2 puts, places; applies 3trans. and intrans. plays (a game), gambles, stakes 4 uses, employs 5 plies, handles, wields, uses; works in (of a metal) 6 practises, exercises, inflicts, performs; practises violence on; vents anger on; puts to death; uses violence on, inflicts punishment 7Used intrans. with FOR, works on , affects prejudicially: 8 brings into play; causes 9Used reflexively, moves oneself about, throws oneself on (for)
imm-cuirethar 1 carries around, carries, brings, conveys 2 sends 3 bears, carries (of offspring) 4Fig. endures, bears, tolerates, allows of 5 carries on , supports, sustains 6With reflex. pron., comports oneself, behaves: 7 revolves (in the mind), meditates 8 carries away, bewilders 9Folld. by do, happens to, befalls
imm-forbair inflicts on , brings upon, practises
imm-téit 1 goes around, goes about, travels, sets forth, comes, goes (in general sense); goes away, departs; Fig. passes away, is lost; Fig. proceeds, walks (of manner of life); befalls, happens; has to do with, deals with; changes, varies; is lost, is done for; dies 2 circumambulates, travels on , traverses; goes about in the sense of encloses; in- cludes; goes round protectingly, guards
imthecht 1the act of going about, journeying, proceeding, going; going away with, making off with; happening to 2 traversing 3 evading, transgressing 4a wandering, a course, journey, departure; travellers; passer-by; departs; be off; frees, dismisses; set free 5(esp. in pl.) adventures, exploits, doings, experience; news, tidings 6 departure by death, decease 7 pace, walk, going on foot, power of walking 8 extent, scope
imthothaim falling on both sides
3 in-, 1 capable of being claimed; capable of acting as surety; fit to offer Mass; suitable for the offering of Mass; capable of giving battle; able to argue; fit for ploughing; arable land; capable of bearing arms; worthy of being recounted or men- tioned; fit to travel, capable of walking; As epithet of a messenger; capable of being recognised or acknowledged; capable of acting as a surety; fit to be in- habited; fit for a ghost; fit for (use as) a razor; fit for military service; liable to be bound ? liable to give a pledge or guarantee ?; `fit for a battle-field'; fit for a wedding-feast; capable of being censured, blame- worthy; fit for the axe; customary; capable of being, fit to be; fit for food ?; like a bow; capable of taking part in a conflict; fit to be reaped; eatable, proper to be eaten; capable of being cast; able to fight; worth fighting for ?; marriageable; worthy to be bought ?; capable of (committing) an offence ? responsible ?; able to help; worthy of protection; able to restrain or resist ?; capable of being traversed on foot; worthy of note; able to fight, a match (for); worthy of being boasted of; comparable; comparable; capable of giving combat, a match (for); fit to mate with, marriageable; fit to be to- gether with; comparable with Cc.; proper to be kept, to be held; able to defend; to be dwelt (in); capable of being sold, liable to be sold ?; fit for the yoke, marriageable; to be put, proper to be put, comparable; fit to be compared with Corc; fit to join a company (of warriors), able to fight; proper, peculiar; `giftworthy'; courteous, gallant; capable of being made, (proper) to be made, capable of performing; to be forgotten, for- gettable; resembling a pin ?; unlucky, unfortunate; (proper) to be gone, able to go, traversable; fit to perform feats, fit for military service; suitable for horse-contests ?; capable of wisdom; necessary; capable of valiant deeds; liable to be paid (as éric); suitable for tillage; to be refused; fit for military ser- vice, capable of efficient action; As subst. `service due to a chief'; fit to be a warrior; capable of watching over; capable of giving valid evidence'; fit for a poet; marriageable; fit for a prince; chief-becoming; fit for an outlaw; capable of being inhabited; a habitable residence; capable of inheriting family land; to be waited for, worthy to be waited for; endurable, permissable; to be main- tained; fit to be taken, (liable) to be taken; to be captured; worthy of acceptance; Of a prayer, to be recited; sick, diseased; fit to be named; fit for manure; tallowy; fit to be accepted as a pledge; later worthy, excellent:; capable of (warlike) action; capable of work; worthy of censure, blameworthy; `to be sought for'; fit to drink; able to pay; curable; proper to be inflicted; fit to contend with; fit to row upon; fit to set out, ready to set out; capable of being traversed; (a wound) requiring a tent; by trans- ference, the person on whom such a wound has been inflicted; a milch-cow, a cow in milk ?; fit for a hero, heroic; capable of bearing a calf ?; curable, able to profit by the treatment of a leech; curable; excusable; lion-like; profitable ?; capable of maintaining; fit to float on a lake; blame- worthy ?; worthy to receive a reward; worthy to be boasted of (see moídem); sea-worthy, fit to go to sea; (capable of) intoxicating; worthy of praise; teachable (?); marriageable; worthy of a warrior (of a woman, marriageable, attractive (?): of a man, manly); warrior-like; fit for an assembly, festive (of attire); drinkable, ready to be drunk; curable, able to benefit from medical treatment; capable of making an alliance; capable of marrying; visible; fit to be men- tioned, proper to be said, noteworthy; capable of undertaking suretyship'; fit to run; kingly, fit for a king; fit for kingship, eligible for kingship; worthy to be calculated; fit to be divided; fit to be trusted; like a knife ?; fit for separating, to be separated; fit to be strained ?; capable of hunting; suitable for seed ?, favourable to growth ?; worthy of peace, able to be reconciled; able to walk; able to fight, fit for military service; significant, worth mentioning; fit to be bound; fit for swimming in; able to bring happiness or good fortune; fit to be an example; capable of engaging in combat with; able to come; worthy of trust; worthy to be expounded; capable of going, to be gone, (fit) to be tra- versed; capable of severity ?, capable of giving battle ? (see 2 tend); able to emulate, to be desired, worthy to be loved; acceptable; permissable ?; worth coming; desirable; able to weigh; fit to contend; worthy to be sought after; fit for a journey; fit for sick-attendance 2 to be sued for; to be feared; fit to be reckoned, con- siderable; to be waited; habitable; proper to be; to be taken; to be considered; able to fight; to be disparaged; to be censured; fit to give battle; to be corrected; blameworthy; to be checked; equally to be esteemed ?; to be observed, to be kept; to be compared; credible, trustworthy; to be visited; to be put; capable of fighting; to be condemned; to be done, fit to be done; fit for the spreading of a couch in; to be blamed; fit to be cast, capable of being cast; to be expelled ?; (or perhaps under (a) fit to be enslaved; to be gone; to be feared; to be consented to; worthy to be looked at; to be accepted, acceptable; to be taken; acceptable; acceptable; requiring to be removed ?; irremovable; moveable; to be called; to be invoked; to be sought for; to be inflicted; edible; to be spoken; fit for lying on; legible; to be let, to be loosed; to be followed, to be pursued; worthy to be mentioned; (worthy) to be treasured ?; fit to be killed; capable of intoxicating; to be compared, to be thought likely, conceivable; worth boasting of; praiseworthy, commendable, requiring to be praised; capable of being taught; to be revealed; to be refused; to be said, capable of being said; to be subdued or disciplined; capable of being travelled; fit to be made king; to be avoided; `fit to be dwelt in'; to be considered; to be given; capable of being compared; (worthy) to be trusted; to be avoided; to be brought, to be given, to be applied or ascribed; to be understood
inad 1 place, spot; appointed place, position; a berth; burial place; place (of safety), shelter; space, extent, room; proper place, place suitable for ...; site, position, trace; dwelling place, home, steading; place, passage (in a text) 2 position or office held by anyone; successor, deputy 3 instance; in each case; on any point 4 in place of, instead of, in succession to 5 on account of, in indemnification for
inbaid 1 time, period, proper time; season, due time; when, whenever; now; at the time; on one occasion, once upon a time; right, timely; opportune 2 time of delivery (of a woman), travail
in-cuirethar 1of intro- ducing stock on to land 2of (unlawfully) imposing a contract on the fine 3of bringing in an adopted son from outside the fine
ind-feithi intends, fixes on
2 ingaire anything given out on hire, an accommodation
1 ingairid gives out on hire or loan
inmuilled act of inciting, instigating, setting on
1 inmuillid incites, instigates, sets on
innonn Of place, yonder, over, thither, to that side; of time, hence, forwards, on; of enumeration, on , out; yonder, on that side; henceforth; hither and thither
maigen 1 a spot, place in the widest sense: folld. by a rel. clause often takes the place of a rel. adv. (cf. dú).; a place belonging to (some one), stead, home; Of passages in a book; on the spot i.e. immediately; in place of, instead of 2transld. `inviolable precinct' or `sanc- tuary'; Pre- cincts
mairnid 1 betrays, plays false; leaves in the lurch; Deceives, deludes (with false appearances, promises, etc.), cozens, wheedles, misleads 2 tells on , informs on (a person); reveals (a plan, etc.), not necessarily in bad sense; In looser sense of revealing, making known 3 confounds, baffles, brings to nought;; perished
1 mér A digit, finger; a toe.; Used as measure; `the nail on the fingers', legal term denoting the lowest division of `fine' or family-group; with — fingers, — fingered; crooked-fingered; long-fingered (-toed); slender- fingered; hand-sluggish
2 mesrugud feeding (animals) on mast
1 mes(s) 1the act of judging; a judgement, opinion; Absol., the faculty of judgement 2the Last Judgement; on Doomsday 3 appraisement, estimate, valuation; estimate of value; to be estimated = according to (its) valuation?; examining (comparing); of standard value (? measure)4 opining, deeming, supposing 5 estimate , reputation 6absol., esteem, respect, regard
moídid 1 boasts, vaunts 2 declares, avows, asserts (see moídem (b)) 3 impresses on , reminds; reproaches with 4 promises, threatens (to do someth.)
1 muin 1the upper part of the back between the shoulders and below the neck; on his back; a child on the back' (technical term for a certain metrical fault); humbug; on horseback; on the pig's back = in luck 2 upper part, top, surface; Of the top or ridge of a hill (?) 3 on , on top of; Over and above, in addition to; besides, as well; in succession; for the sake of (?); at back of, behind; following on , subse- quent to, in consequence of; on account of; in respect of; with all one's heart, sincerely; protected by, under the guarantee of, on the strength of; on the back (top) of = in addition to; on account of 4a neck; a collar, torque 5-necked; wry- necked; short-necked
muinigin Trust, confidence, hope; trusts in, relies on , has recourse to; dependent on , looking to (some one to do something); confidence, expectation, hope
muir 1 sea-beach, coast (? sea-dyke)?; a sea bag', inlet of the sea; a cormorant; a sea-judgement; (in pl.), mari- time law; sea-bond; transf. of a chieftain a sea-compeller, sea-ruler?; a sea-fleet; a naval expedition; in fleets; castaway, shipwrecked person; a sea-fight; a naval expedition or hosting; a sea-raven; sea-faring (? coast- ing); an inlet of the sea.; a sea-spear, harpoon; sea-sickness; a sea-lunatic'; a sea-fugitive or wanderer, term applied to the mermaid Lí Ban; sea-sorcery, sea- magic; sea- fish; a sea-island; full tide; sea-pool; a lagoon, salt-marsh; sea reeds, sedge; a sea-plain, salt marsh (?); a sea animal, fish; rough sea; unnavigable seas; a viscid sea; sea-produce; sea- strand; strand, beach; sea-monsterful 2 sea-raven; sea-dog
ómothá from . . . on
1 on A blemish or disfigurement; in early sagas used of a blister (?) raised by a poet's satire on the face of his victim, and hence fig. a blot or stain on one's reputation, a social disgrace or dis- qualification
1 ón 1 that is so becomes later a formula of assent = yes
2 ón , (óin) The act of lending; a loan
1 ós, (úas) 1 On (top of) (= prep. for); overlooking, overhanging 2 Above, surpassing, superior to; (Head) over, (ruling) over 3 over, above; aloud, openly; in private, secretly
1 pairt 1a part, division, section; part (of), some (of) 2in special sense of a literary work, volume, tome?; stanza, quatrain 3a small quantity or mass, a lump, clot; a clot of gore 4 part i.e. side, party; association, alliance, fellowship; on the part of, on behalf of
1 rann 1a part (of a whole); Of a main part or division of the earth, passing into specific sense of continent; as regards, on the part of; a share; Lot, portion; participation (communion) with; the act of sharing, dividing; butler, dispenser; without division, entirely; division, strife; partisans; A party, side; partisanship, faction, alliance 2 star, point
6 ré, ría 1 before; before that, previously; previously, above 2 before, in front of; on , forwards; against
saltrachan act of treading on , trampling
selb 1 property, appurtenance, domain, possessions; a flock, a herd; possession, ownership; possession of; takes possession; in the possession of x; under the protection of x; in possession of x; protecting or watching over x; in the possession of x; in the name of, on pretext of, under colour of; for the purpose of; takes possession of; undertakes 2 property, estate; ownership, possession
sellc(h)echt, seilligecht onlooking, witnessing; act of looking on
sís 1 down, downwards; intervenes, mediates; sets forth, relates, describes 2 northwards 3 below; onwards, throughout 4of time, on , onwards
1 son 1a sound; a word, a name 2 instead of, in place of; by way of, for, like; in requital for, in return for, for; for the sake of; on account of, because of; nevertheless; because; because; although 3 instead of
súas 1 back (in genealogy, time, etc.); forward, on (in time); from then (now) on , henceforth 2is alive, exists; emerges, bursts forth; support, sustain (life); gives up, renounces, repudiates; brings up, rears; makes up, puts together, compiles; avoid, evade 3one who looks up; crest of hair (?)
1 tabairt 1 giving, bestowing (do to); dictating; pressing upon; gift, payment (legal); Also gift or payment due; wages 2 taking, bringing, placing; taking a wife; Of a woman taking a husband; placing upon, conferring; Of giving a name to; enjoining on , forcing on , compelling; inflicting on; upbringing, education; grant
tadall 1a visit, act of visiting; a glance; raids (?); coming, arrival, attaining, reaching; entering, going into; frequenting; practising; a stroke, blow (of a weapon); prod, thrust; suing (?)2 transitory, short-lived, evanescent; this world 3 touching, contact; the sense of touch; touching on , reference to (?)
taeb 1 side; side of human, animal's body; side of face, cheek; Hence by metonymy the human body, form; page (of book); shroud 2 side in a dispute argument, fight, etc.; direction, part, region; the South; side, branch of family 3 trust, reliance, confidence (fri, later la in); In phr. do-beir t. fri trusts, confides in; entrusts x to y; trust in (?); accost; awaiting; relying on , dependent on , hence having no other ... but 4 on each, every side; from one side to the other; through and through; side by side, adjoining each other, together; together, united; simultaneously; aside, laterally; side by side 5 as regards; on account of; outside; beside, on one side of; in regard to, with respect to, concerning; willingly; With reference to descent from one side or another of the family; on account of, as a result of; from, having regard to; beside, near; along, by the side of; as well as, in addition to, besides; in comparison with, compared with; with respect to; in anticipation of ?; beside, near; as regards, with respect to; as a result of; in favour of (?); in respect of (?)6 flank attack; out-houses; side of the back; purity of body; border, boundary; jumping aside; sloping side; hacking the side, body; wounding the side, body; shearing, devastating; sluggishness; swimming on the side; side measurement; hearth (?); side-striking; breast; huge-sided, spacious; fair-sided; strong-sided; having the body hacked, wounded; smooth-sided; wounded in the side; firm-sided; lit. bold-sided; pure- sided; red- sided; brown-sided; dark-sided; bright-sided; long-sided, tall (of persons); white-sided, bright-sided, fair in form; hacked; pure-sided, fair-sided; green-sided; blue-sided; pregnant; side-flaming; slender-sided; broad-sided; rosy-cheeked; bare-sided, naked; fresh, young; smooth-sided; sluggish, slothful; red- sided; having wounded sides; side-gaping; slender-sided; smooth-sided; lopped (?); bright-sided; thin-sided, slender-sided; side-cut, having the sides wounded; dry-sided, dry-sloped; having perforated, wounded sides; having plaited (?) sides; heavy-sided, stout; stately (?); Of women pregnant; green-sided, —sloped; cold-sloped
tairecc 1 providing, supplying 2 preparing, preparation 3 get; at sunrise (?)