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opad , (obbad)

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Forms: opaid, optha, obtha, opa, obu, oba

o and u, m. (vn. of opaid) g s. opaid, LU 5668 ( TBC-LL¹ 1193 ), later optha, obtha. In Mid.Ir. also opa (obba): d s. obu, Acall. 4961. oba f., IGT Dec. § 3.7 .

The act of refusing or rejecting; a refusal . obbad (= recu- satio), Sg. 90a2 . opad fidei trinitatis , Thes. ii 1.5 . ferr āthe opad , LL 345c41 . in lucht dia tabair Caron obad whom Charon rejects, Aen. 1324. frithbhrudh ┐ obadh do Díabhal, RC xxv 392.10 . Declining (someth. offered), with obj. gen.: d'obba ar ṁbíd, RC vii 300.170 ( LL 207a32 ). ba geis do Ḟind fled d'obu, Acall. 4961. is cenel ṅdiumais . . . opad a dán for Dia to refuse the gifts of God, Alex. 1011. Refusing (to give or do someth.), declining (a challenge, etc.): ag obad in tshida refusing peace, Aen. 3097. obadh luighe refusal to take oath, Eg. 88 f. 35b (O'Don. Suppl.). geiss do Bress a n-opa | na cless dobreth chuca, Metr. Dinds. iii 220.61 . comlund do opa do oenḟir, RC xiv 398 § 2 ( LL 107b27 ). d'opa in cathaigthe, TTr. 1407. nirbo hobadh augra in ceim sin, CCath. 4900. comhrac aoinfhir d'obadh, Keat. ii 3388. fiach optha a debt to be repudiated, used after neg. cop. of a challenge (combat) that is taken up: ni fiach opaid, TBC-LL¹ 1193. nírbtar feich obtha la muintir Cesair sin (= C.'s troops responded to the attack), CCath. 5753. nirbo feich optha lá muintir Uí Dh. indsin, AFM v 1812.9 . Rejecting (a person): dimigen mor lais Dido dia obad that D. should refuse him (as a lover), Aen. 745. ní shaoil mé m'obadh don fhior `I expect not rejection by the Man', Dán Dé xxvi 14. maor . . . nach maor obtha aon-duine `a steward who refuses no man', A. Ó Dálaigh xxxi 2.