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1 airg or .
danó, dano 1 Also, further, in addition, besides, as well, too; comparison; condition; time; cause or reason; concession; also, again; further, besides, moreover; Often in the sense of `too' (`also') immediately after nouns and pronouns (or emphasising particles); or , or else; thus, thus also 2 Therefore, then, accordingly, itaque, et ita, igitur 3 then, accordingly, so, upon which, thereupon, now; further, again; introducing a new event or indicating transition to an entirely new subject: now, now as to, as for 4 However; however, but 5 even
1 fa, ba, fo whether ... or not
fem(m)or aid, relief (?)
fuirec preparation, especially provision for feeding or entertaining; food, etc. offered in entertainment; a banquet; hospitality; As technical term (of a due ?); Transf. of a pers. or place a provider, entertainer
3 imm, imb whether ... or
2 in 1 whether; to know if, if perchance 2 whether ... or not 3 is it that ... not
1 is 1 who (or which) is not, that (it) is not; that (it) is not; that (it) is not; who, what (is); why ?; how ?; how many; although, that.; so that.; whoever, whatever; whoever they are; whatsoever 2 whether; whatever; although, that; nevertheless; whether (it be) ... or ...; whoever it be; though it be; even; either, or; although; who, what 3 if I were; although
1 nó or; and; either . . . or
1 or 1a limit, boundary, extreme; confine, frontier of a terri- tory, etc.; Shore (of the sea), bank (of a river), brink, edge (of a pit, etc.); Side, edge (of a road, etc); edge, border; from end to end; side by side, alongsides 2 border, hem (of a garment)?
2 or hair, mane?
3 or , (ur) 1name of the heath plant 2the letter u in Ogham
4 or says, quoth
1 ór 1 treasury; gold-socketed; gold-coloured; gold-hilted; gold-hilted; gold thread 2 gold- hilted?; gold-bordered; gold-bossed; gold-lettered
2 ór hour
3 ór an incantation
4 ór , (óir) for, because, since
2 rath Goods, chattels, property; a fief of stock or land given by a chief or landlord to a tribesman or tenant subject to certain counter-obligations (divided mainly into doír-rath and soír-rath
rígan, rígain A queen or noble lady
1 ro, ru 12 it may be, perhaps; or , whether 345
1 sceota satchel or case for carrying copy of the Scriptures; a wrapping for books or relics