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Forms: partaic, partlaing, parluing, partar

n f. word of doubtful meaning, apparently some bright crimson or scarlet substance or material ; acc. to Stokes, IT iii 222 (folld. by Windisch TBC-LL¹ p. 28 n. 3 ), derived from Parthica (pellis) = Parthian leather dyed scarlet ; common in heroic lit. as a comparison for red lips and by editors somet. transld. `rowan-berries'; prob. the writers attached no very definite signification to the word beyond that of colour. The variants partaic (< Parthica?), partlaing, parluing and (in compd.) partar also occur.

deirgithir partaing a beoil, LU 9273 (Siaburcharpat Con Ch.) = dergithir dual partaing, Anecd. iii 50.17 . batar dergithir partaing na beoil, BDD 2 (partaic v.l.). indar latt ropa di partaing imdéntai a beóil, TBC-I¹ 31 ( LU 4516 ). cosmail do nuapartaing a beóil, TBC-LL¹ 209 . batar dā dúal partaingi a beoil, TFerbe 43 . IT iii 186.12 . dual partlaingi, Aen. 1928 . dergithir nua-partaingi, MR 64.24 = FDG 576 . crottbolg di chrocnib doborchon cona n-imdenam do phartaiṅg, LL 249a19 ( TBFr. 101 ). cona cruinnc[h]imsaib coimfighthi do ilcenelaibh gacha partaing[e] isin bith `of every scarlet-red leather' (? of every shade of bright red), CCath. 5455 . cen chorthair partaing russi `a fringe of red Parthian leather' (sign of luxury), Ériu iii 96 § 5 .

Compd. bél partaing-derg, SG 329.15 . beóil partuingdeirg, IT i 69.8 (Eg.) = partaingderga YBL, partardeirg LL.

1 pell

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Forms: peall

n o, m. (Lat. pellis ) peall, IGT Dec. § 65 . An animal's skin or fur (?), hence a rug or blanket, generally one for sleeping on (oft. nearly = mattress, couch). pell, i.e. a pelle .i. ón c[h]roicend, Corm. Y 1042 . pell ondi is pellis , 797 . ro scailed a pell fae, Cog. 196.21 . ni bidh . . . pell no brothrach . . . fui isin lepaid, CCath. 2909 . nir chodail ar peall, BNnÉ 134.73 . ná bíom . . . gan luighe araen ar einphioll, O'Gr. Cat. 367.19 . ag roinn aoinphill dúinn is dó he and I sharing one couch, 453 z . da mbé ag duine | i ndíol a pheacaidh peall gaoiside `if a man wear a horsehair shirt' (?), Dán Dé xxx 6 . pl. pill, coilcthi, clúime, LL 297a43 . ba duthain pennan na pell, 136b33 (`transient was the torment of the couch', RC xlvii 289 z ). re dergud imdad do pellaib cimsacha corcarglana, TTebe 462 . Of a pad for placing under a scribe's paper (?): tabhair fós páipéar is peall | fám láimh `paper and cushion', Studies 1923, 597 § 4 .

In sense of skin, fur : do thoguibh sí in t-at pill da cenn `hat of leather' (? fur), ZCP vi 291 y . at pill, gl. pelleus (= pilleus?), Ir. Gl. 831 .

Compds. ¤buide: a uích chuicpatan peallbhuide of a tawny-pelted hare (?), IT iii 96 § 151 . ¤coím: Pallas pellcháem, LL 233a3 (`fair-skinned', TTr. 1168 ).


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Forms: bellec, pellec

n [f.] (< Lat. pellicium, Meyer GJ iv 106 ) a skin bag or basket : bellec, gl. fiscina, PCr. 17b1 ( Thes. ii 226.29 ). pellec, gl. sportula, Ir. Gl. 136 . ? pellec .i. bél-ecc .i. ec [eccda, H2] ina bel. No pellet .i. pell-set .i. seta pellis impi .i. a croicend Corm. Y 1066 (the former explanation seems meant for bellic, the latter for this word). tri peillge . . . .i. peillec dechmaide ┐ peillec mirenn ┐ peillec tuirtin ciric, ZCP xii 291.16 , 17 = pellic dechmaide, etc., Mackinnon Cat. 130.18 (`a basket of tithes, a basket of broken meat and a basket of waxen tablets', Meyer GJ iv 108a ). trí pheillce nó trí mála leathair, Keat. iii 3444 (same tale). peillic `a skin, hide, . . .pelt ', P. O'C.