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Last Revised: 2019


I adj stark naked: muc Mic Dá-Thó, tlachtmūad torc | nocharb í ind attrúag imnocht, Sc.M² § 22a . ba ingnad a bith imnocht, SR 1298. Fig. free from sin ?, detached from the world: bas lomm ō phecad ┐ bas imnocht ó domhan, Corm. Y 211. araile ancarae robui hi cluaoin mac naois ... imnocht imdilmain cen ní for a cubus, Mon. Tall. 155.4 . ro thathamhair ... íar na beith iomnocht imdilmain ó dhemhan ┐ o dhomhan, Hugh Roe 262.7 .

II As subst. (cf. Sc. MMD2 cited supra) : étach uad do cach imnocht 'raiment from him to every naked one', Blathm. 14.158 . iomnocht feise .i. croiceann muice, Atlantis iv 200.7 (O. Chl. Tuireann) .


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Forms: methlad

v ā. (denom. from 1 meithel?) reaps; uses, consumes? meathladh .i. tomhailt no caitheamh, O'Cl. mairc dec[h]ras don domun dian | is mairg methlas a mōrpian who reaps (experiences) its great suffering (? whom . . . wastes), ZCP vii 498.12 . naoi ccéd bliadhain . . . o genair Crist . . . cosin mbliadhain ro meat[h]laidh `nine hundred years have been spent', AFM ii 652.11 (poem).

? ossar na ndūli methlad | ni bad chin dūini a mandrad (Lucifer of Adam), SR 1143 ; expld. by Wortk. § 129 as vn. of this vb., but neither construction nor sense is clear. ro [ḟ]ōis re ceathrur iar sein | im dia[i]dh cen nach methladh mer | doḟedar . . . | at glan cin phecad re fer | (addressed to a woman; = without being any the worse for it?), ZCP vi 266 § 5.