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Forms: tolnathar, ratholathar, rontolomar, rotholtnagem, ruttolnastair, tolltes

v (tol) pleases: Pres. 3 s. rel. ní mór tolnathar di dia, Mon. Tall. 134.19 . pres. subj. 3 s. conna bái bíad ratholathar dó `so that there was not food that pleased him,' CRR 1 . 1 p. diar fiadait rontolomar (.i. rotholtnagem), Thes. ii 304.3 . pret. 3 s. ruttolnastair in fer `the man has pleased thee,' RC xi 446.65 .

Later tolaid: nim tolann ní do gach blicht, IT i 123.9 (TE) . is mē [E]ocha eceas | icluinimh nim thola, ACL iii 241 § 15.

Cf. tustall .i. ar tus toltair riasin leim, Corm. Y 1260 . assa graece placeat ... tolltes (?), O'Mulc. 61.