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Forms: bot

n o. See Pokorny ZCP xvi 405.

(a) tail: bód .i. erball, O'Cl. ro gab in ben ar but ┐ dosrenga asin crecht seized it (viz. a wolf) by the tail and drags it out of the wound, LU 7971 (BDD). tēt an fer tarat amal tēti bott tar catt, TBC-I¹ 2680 (but prob. belongs to (b); see Pokorny, ZCP xvi 278 ). ard bót fiaich ocaind, íseal b.¤ con `the raven's tail stands high with us, the hound's low' (signs of scarcity), Hib. Min. 66.13 , 14 . don bod bunnremur, barr-daingen robui aige, ZCP vi 80.32 .

(b) membrum virile: bot quasi put a puteo no fot a uerbo fotuo (futuo) no quasi pot Grec .i. a uerbo poio (ποιέω), H 3.18, 80b13 . tri hordlaighe do bhuain do bhod E. . . . d'orcar do gunna, AU iii 438.16 . triobhas buid an bhóthuir bhrealluigh, IGT Decl. ex. 667. cé beg in sen gerrfa duine éigin in bod a richt na potóigi (scribal comment prefixed to law tract), O'Gr. Cat. 113.5. bun do bhuid-si gan dóth, Eg. 88, 15a1 , cited Contribb. 242. scuir díomas as spleóid luchd chraoísach na mbód, Hard. ii 22.y . b.¤ cruaidh codad . . . co ceteora troighidh trenmiledh ina fod (of a monster), Stair Erc. 1238 , ITS Sub. xvii 25 .