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n o, m.

(a) a wooden mould for shaping a smith's clay furnace or oven (consisting perhaps of a cylindrical block or disk round which the clay was pressed, with a vertical handle or shaft for lifting, Joyce's Wonders of Ireland p. 238 fg. ), and by extension

(b) the clay furnace itself. bai crann ina laim . . . .i. ness a ainm, is uime dognither ind aurnaisi criadh, Corm. Y 975 s.v. nesscoit (of the smith Goibniu). Nes nomen don c[h]rund ut prediximus . Ness ainm don aurnaisi chriadh feisin, amail atbert aroile ben gobend ag denam marbnaide dia fir ... ba binde no chandais dord | fri derc a niss [neis LB] a dā bolg sweetly his two bellows chanted a refrain against the hole of the `ness', ib.; the allusion is to the hole in the furnace through which the joint nozzle of the two bellows passed. neas .i. ainm an chroinn fa ndentar an [sic leg.] urnisi chriadh isin gceardcha. n.¤ .i. ainm don urnaisi chriadh bhios isin ceardcha, O'Cl. ness.i. aurnisi criadh, H 3.18.73b ( O'Curry 16 ). ness gobann `a smith's moulding-block', Triads 148 (one of the three `renovators of the world'; the gl. .i. mála cré, p. 39 makes it refer rather to the furnace).

? Fig. mar chuiris an ghrian a gal | feadh gach tire 'na timchiol, | cuiridh Eoin teas a thoile | tre o [= a] neas eoil na hionmhoine, Arch. Hib. i 99 § 12.