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Forms: fromadh

u, m. (vn. of promaid) making trial of, testing, proving . promhadh .i. dearbhadh, O'Cl. ar promad a neirt, gl. pro virtutis experimento, Ml. 54a16 . do promad for ndeserce, gl. caritatis ingenium comprobans, Wb. 16c10 . do phromad mo lám ┐ dírge mo urchair, LU 5092 ( TBC-I¹ 606 ). ba o rigaib dobertis forra do promad a cana to test (obedience to) their law, Corm. Y 48 . digeba a promad a tein shall be tested in fire, ZCP iii 451.23 , cf. 454.2 , Ériu i 200.5 . trēna Tailten . . . oc promad na fían-chéite, Metr. Dinds. iv 158.164 . ag promhad mo phinn, LB 226 m.inf. mir do cor do coin .i. da promad (i.e. to try his temper), Laws i 180.29 Comm. = fromadh, ib. 31 . A proof, testimony : amail adeir in promhadh-so (introducing a quotation from Scripture), RC xxviii 320 § 38 .