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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: fromaid, promtir, promad

v ā. (Lat. probare) in later Mid.Ir. generally fromaid, puts to the test, tries, proves. subj. pres. is licet cia nos-promae thou mayest prove it, Ériu i 202.7 (-proma, -fromha v.l.). is torbe . . . dian-promam if we test it, Fél. Prol. 143 (fromam v.l.). fut. `In setir lat tuidecht . . . isin curach?' `Promfit' ol se I will try, Corm. Y 1059 (p. 92.2) = proimfimít fris we will see, Corm. p. 36 (prúll). perf. amal rond-prom som, Wb. 4b30 . Pass. pres. promthair pain la pugin puincern, Corm. Y 1052 = promtir, LB. fut. promfidir innar gním, Wb. 17b7 . proimfithir, LU 10983 ( Imr. Brain i 48.4 ). perf. pl. ro promtha tré martrai, Fél. June 27 . Of testing food: toimlid in bocht cen co promaid 'na fagaib without testing what he gets, Alex. 978 . míl úre ni promfat the worms will not taste (him), Fél. Ep. 219 . Vn. promad.


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n some part of a balance (for weighing)? scaoilter pain la pugin puncern, Corm. Y 397 = promthair p.¤ la pugin puincern, 1052 . See puincern.


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Forms: puncern

n f. some kind of balance or apparatus for weighing ? promthair pain la' pugin puincern, Corm. Y 1052 (= puinceirnn, Laud) = puncern, 397 . puincern didiu .i. cern tomaiss sella ┐ med tomais indile .i. in med inbech, 1053 (a measure for measuring a `selann' and a balance for weighing cattle, a notched balance ?). g s. cimm uim olas nuim hi puincerne puinc, 304 (citation from the Bretha Nemed) = i punacerni puinc, Corm. p. 12 s.v. cím. See Laws Gloss. s.v. selaind .


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n a s. ?: scaoilter pāin la pugin puncern la s.¤ cen nac[h] cermnas, Corm. Y 397 (cf. 1052 ) = laesial, Thr. Ir. Gl. p. 35 s.v. páin.