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n a measure or value equivalent to a `screpal': puingcne .i. screbul meidi inbiche, is e sin screpul nGaoidel .i. oiffing, Corm. Y 1050 . puincne is ainm do scribol, Metr. Gl. Ff. 61 . pui[n]cni sgreabull, Metr. Gl. 33 § 18 (Eg.). puingcne .i. sgreaball, O'Cl. .iiii. scripuil fichit [= fichet] no .iiii. afuingi fichit nó .iiii. puincni .xx. (equivalent values), O'Dav. 25 . Seems a stereotyped pl. of puingin a measure equivalent to a `sel(l)ann': puingin .i. selland imme .i. selland cernae, Corm. Y 1051 = pinginn salund imbe, Corm. p. 35 ; acc. to Stokes, Metr. Gl. 102 , a dim. of ponc; a word of Teutonic origin cogn. with pinginn, Eng. penny, RC xviii 114 .