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Last Revised: 2013


n ā, f. (lit. 'part-taking', modelled on Lat. participium Latin Script and Letters 171 ). a participle (gram.): isind ranngabail adrodarcar a ndéde sin those two can be seen in the participle , Sg. 172a2 . is aiccidit do ranngabáil aimser `time is an accident to the participle', 188a27 . beatus a randgabail sechmadachta its past participle (of the vb. Lat. beare), Hib. Min. 13.444 . randgapal, Auraic. 2668 (YBL). ducatus a r[an]ngabail chésta passive participle , LB 238(b)a38 ( Lib. Hymn. i 8 ).