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belletus, bil(l)etus

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Last Revised: 2013


n belletus cach rēta `destruction of everything' (Thurneysen) one of seven wrongs committed by a wife which justify a husband's separation from her, ZCP xv 356 § 44 Comm. (Caratnia), 359 f. `destructive insanity with regard to every object´ ZCP li 37 . biletus .i. loites nó locdae, . . . bilitus cadh rét .i. be loites gach raot itir lín ┐ olaind, O'Dav. 278 (etymol. gloss, ZCP xvi 228 ). Cf. beillitus .i. loc catha (? taken as = belli itus), H 3.18, 64b3 . billitus .i. loc cath, 633b3 . Cf. beille ?