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fithec, fidec an earthen (?) fort or rath; Of an underground tunnel or cave
1 Gall 1a Gaul 2a Scandinavian invader; Northmen; Danes 3an Anglo-Norman, an Irishman of Norman descent, an Englishman 4a foreigner
1 mogaid A bondsman or servant; a rath-builder
ráithín a small rath or earthen fort
1 rath 1 grace 2a grace, virtue, gift 3the granting of a favour; A mark of favour, a boon; Mercy 4 good luck, fortune, prosperity; on account of
2 rath Goods, chattels, property; a fief of stock or land given by a chief or landlord to a tribesman or tenant subject to certain counter-obligations (divided mainly into doír-rath and soír-rath
3 rath fern
1 ráth 1a surety, guarantor 2 suretyship: a guarantee, pledge
2 ráth , ráith An earthen rampart surrounding a chief's residence, a fort, rath
ráthbuige a rath-builder
ráthmogaid a rath-serf, one employed in building raths
ráthmug a rath-serf
ráthmuigecht the craft of rath-building