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n o, m. a going before, preceding ; used as vn. of remi-tét. eter remthechtas et tiarmoracht, Sg. 215a1 . hí remthechtas , gl. praepositivae, ib. intech Dé dom remthechtas `God's way to lie before me', Thes. ii 356.13 ( Hy. vii ). is he in t-athair . . . inti bís i remthechtas ┐ is he in mac inti bís i tiarmórthecht, RC xxvi 30 n. 8 (of a genealogical list). in psalm . . . cid hé no beith hi remthechtus na psalm should be ( placed) first of the psalms , Hib. Min. 11.359 . i tóraind inna rédlainde-sea ic remtechtus na ṅdruad guiding the Magi , PH 7049 . fath remtechtais `cause of precedence', Fél. 2.14 .