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Forms: ríodhg

n gender doubtful; treated as fem., LL 47a38 below. ridhg readhg m. and f. (g s. n p. -a), IGT Dec. § 95 (p. 127.19) . Mod. ríodhg f., Dinneen .

Apparently a sudden impulsive movement (inspired by anger, fear, etc.), a start, dash, spring, often of an assault or attack. bedg, no redg, no lua, no saebleim (of horses), Laws iii 180.17 ; cf. rer . . . inde dicitur rerg no redg frisin boin mir, Corm. Y 1103 . Cú na cerda . . . rob redg robda dar glasmhuir, Cóir Anm. 266 (of the hound of Culann, brought by his master from Spain; `furious', Stokes, but seems a noun: it was a daring dash across the sea ?). co n-érracht Lugaid Riab ṅderg | ropo thalchair a thren-redg, LL 129a40 ( MacCarthy 198 § 2 ). noí ṁbliadna Bressi na mberg | rapo mór tressia [leg. tressi] a thrén-redg, LL 128a28 ( MacCarthy 172 § 6 ). cath Torand ba fortamail | co tres rúad co reidg (: feirg), LL 47a38 ( RC xxix 212 § 19 `with a rush'). rucsad-sum da trenredg trice . . . i certchomhdháil a cheli (of combatants), MR 298.16 . ruc-sum tri trenreadga tinneanais d'imgabail na hirgaili, 234.15 . im Rus na redc `Ross of the rages', RC xx 136y (ACC Comm.). nocho chath na tuitt rí redg | ar cruadbach [is?] ar comfherg `a stout king' (?), CRR § 5 (prob. corrupt). ac righ na redg, SG 26.31 . ridhg anfaidh, IGT Dec. ex. 1687 . readhga fuara tinnis `fits of pain', Keat. iii 1852 .

? rerg

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ind rer .i. lon . . . inde dicitur rerg no redg frisin boin mir, Corm. Y 1103 . Ruad Rus rān rēire rerga, Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 17 § 12 ( Rawl. 116b30 ).