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1 ro , ru 12 it may be, perhaps; or, whether 345
1 ró 1an over-great amount (degree); excess, too much 2 prosperity, good fortune
2 ró clay, earth
ro-cluinethar Hears (a sound, tidings, etc.); listens to); Hears of
ro-finnadar 12 know 3 finds out, discovers, learns; find out; find out 4 knows; is aware of, seldom is acquainted with); knew 5is known; was known 6 finds out (knows) against (to the discredit of)7 surely, certainly
ro-geinn is contained, finds a place
ro-icc 1In gen. sense comes (to a pers. or place), reaches, arrives; comes to pass 2 comes to me, falls to my lot; reaches (an aim), succeeds; attains to, gets; accomplished; `attains to the benefit (of)', needs; until, as far as; up to = excluding, except
ro-saig 1 reaches, comes to, arrives 2 arrives; extends; comes (falls) to me (as a share, due, turn, duty, etc.); I succeed (in doing), accom- plish; comes to an end, is finished 3 comes up to, attains; attains to = gets, acquires; can, is able to,