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Forms: tíachtu[n], tíachtain, -ana

n [? ā, f.], tíachtu[n], tíachtain [g s. -ana]. Mid. Ir. vn. of do-icc (see also tíchtu) cf. Irske Studier § 105 . The vocalism is perhaps influenced by tíag- in forms of 1 téit, q.v.

I act of coming, reaching; taking place: iar tiachtain Patraic, Corm. Y 883 . fo-chen du t[h]iachtain ... a oighe, 637 . cian rofeas do thíachtu sund, BDD² 359 . atrogell Édaín ... t.¤ úaitsiu, Ériu xii 184.4 . fath a tiachta an-Erinn, Lec. 287a37 = fath a tiachtana, BB 43a35 . bés ní tarissi iar tíachtain, TBFr. 395 . iar tiacht inmadha ... na hingine, Stair Erc. 557 . iar tiacht in lae, 1765 . iar tiachtain doib int shlebe (riachtain v.l.), TBC-I¹ 616 . cia bad dóig diar tiachtain, TBC-LL¹ 823 . dlegar a tiachtain `it ought to be forthcoming,' Laws i 128.6 Comm. cen tiachtain in marbtha though death does not take place, 174.8 Comm. ? don ingin ac ata in tiacht maicne, Laws ii 404.24 Comm. (but cf. Stud. in E. Ir. Law 71 n. 1 .).

II With prepositions.

(a) t.¤ as act of escaping from: na coimgend tiachtain as, Laws v 332.10 Comm.

(b) t.¤ de to be able: gan tiachtain de a tocuala, TTebe 3370 .

(c) t.¤ etar act of going between, ? interrupting: tiachtain itir dilgud ┐ indechad, Laws i 14.2 Comm. ríge ... ocu do gress, cen tiachtain eatarra without interruption? (Plummer MS. notes), Lism. L. 2102.

(d) t.¤ fo act of submitting to; to be liable to; act of impugning: tiachtain fo dliged foltmaisi to submit to , Laws v 122.11 Comm. tiachtain fo lan in ecodnaig ann, ii 70.22 Comm. is coimgech in fine forru im tiachtain fo coruib to impugn , v 130.10 Comm.

(e) t.¤ fri

(i) act of opposing: ar ba haigmeil leis a thiachtain fris ima rigi, Lec. 269vb27 . fonaiscid forro cen tiachtain fris ... co brath, RC xxiv 200.26 .

(ii) act of submitting to: tiachtain ... re dliged submitting to law, Laws ii 16.28 Comm.

(f) t.¤ im: tiachtain ima reir to abide by his decision, Laws v 252.16 Comm.

(g) t.¤ o: tiachtain o leith dire co trian naithgena `is reduced ,' iii 176.6 Comm.

(h) t.¤ tar act of withdrawing from; mentioning; transgressing: dias doroine cundrad ... is cuimgech cach fer dib 'masech tiachtain tairis, H 5.15, 8a ( O'D. 1589 ). nocha chumaing ... tiachtain tairis, H 3.18, 642a ( O'Curry 1434 ). is imarcraid n-imnisen tiachtain dar na nechib to mention , LU 7915 . is tíachtain tar breith senórach tíachtain tar do breith transgressing , Ériu iv 134.21 , 22 . otchonnairc Dia tiachtain doib tara thimna, Lec. 22vb43 .

III In phrase ic tiachtain leigind engaged in learning , later simply tiachtain: ic tiachtain leiginn ┐ proicepta, Lism. L. 2613 . saoi tiachtana leigind, AFM ii 836.19 . logh a tiachtana no a oidechta, Laws v 212.21 Comm. calbh a tiacht .i. cenn saoiechta, ZCP v 485 § 2 (B. na f.).