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Forms: tuillid, tuilled

v (*to-lín-): do neoch fo-rroí ┐ do-lína tóla[e] n-uisci `which a spate of water floods', Ériu xvii 72 § 14 ( Laws iv 220 ) (cited Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 566 as subj. 3 s. of do-lin, q.v.). Perh. also: slan don ti linas in leig acht nib tairsi doliniter `provided it be not overfilled', Laws iii 212.11 Comm. do linat selba fri seilb they increase possessions (?), O'Curry 891 ( H 3.18 397b ) (do-lin?).

Common in Mid.Ir. as simple vb. tuillid (cf. fo-lína, fuillid) increases, adds to: tuillis .i. médaighis .i. rothuill .i. do mhedaigh, O'Cl. ní namá doronsat in ní roherailed forru, acht rothuillset tria umaloit (= per obedientiae voluntatem addi- derunt), PH 4454 . mor tuath ┐ cinel . . . rothuilsit a seodu co mbessaib ┐ cissaibh ┐ dligedaib di increased her treasures with custom and tribute, BB 444a35 . secht mba is tarb tuilltís tress `that increased strength', Metr. Dinds. iii 42 . ni farcaib . . . mac nothuilled trén-muntir who should increase the strong brood, 252 . robái mainistir aoibhinn ann . . . rotuillestair dano rí na cennait[hch]e sin enlarged, RC xxv 388 . Adds (oft. with FRI to): is é rotuill na cethri runnu-sa, Hy. i 46 Comm. rothuill fochetóir he added (the following words), PH 5804 . dethbir imorro rotuilled Bethil Iúda, ár ata Bethil ele ann it was right to add Bethel of Judah, 6942 . cid a n-doronad and do báis, | noco tuillfem dana fris, RC viii 154 = SG 415 . rotuill in fili gaidhelach .b. fris . . . ar rop āille leo gobar quam goor added the letter b, Corm. Y 675 . is é D. rothuill mís fri faichill ┐ combaeidecht mbliadna, SG ii 479 . With AR: rothuill in Coimdiu cóic déc do ar a shaegul added fifteen (years) to his life, PH 8051 . bendacht ar cech óen mebraigfes . . . Taín amlaid-seo ┐ na tuillfe cruth aile furri, TBC-LL¹ 6207 (scribe's colophon).

Vn. tuilled. See IGT Verbs § 71 .