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2 rath

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n o, m. (orig. neut.; n s. rath n-athigh, ZCP xv 251 § 7 ) prob. orig. same word as 1 rath, from which it is not always to be easily distinguished. See ZCP xiv 339.33 .

Goods, chattels, property , esp. as bestowed in bounty (cf. 1 rath) or given as a due or stipend. Cf. icund rathtig, gl. in macello, Wb. 11b19 (a prima manu), i.e. a provision or store-house? rath .i. foirithin, ut est . . . cét-rath cacha selba .i. . . . cét-foirithin cacha sealba, O'Dav. 1374 (i.e. subsidy ?). cotomroir o rathaib (.i. romfoirestar o tuarustal), LL 392d27 . ro gnathaig ratha (.i. ro gnataig tuarustal do tabairt dam), ib. 37 . urlam do rath, rurtech do chách ready in bounty (?), LU 3398 ( SCC 18 ). seanchus cach righ is a rath `the history of every king and his income', Leb. Cert. 52.18 (poem dealing with the tributes and subsidies due to the king of Cashel). intí . . . dobered rath doib, ba isin coire dobered, Corm. Y 141 s.v. bōige (of fees or food-gifts to qualified poets). forscailtech raith lavish of property, bounty (?), LL 147a20 = PRIA iii 546 § 17 . mise ó's ag min-roinn mo raith | timnaim ise don Ardḟlaith, IGT Dec. ex. 902 . ? i n-inber raithe `the inver of bounties', RC xxvi 26 § 104 (raith v.l.; glossed .i. i n-inber ind ratha .i. i n-ollamnas). maic Aincgeis co méit ratha `rich in substance', Metr. Dinds. iii 4.27 .

a fief of stock or land given by a chief or landlord to a tribesman or tenant subject to certain counter-obligations (divided mainly into doír-rath and soír-rath ); by Thurneysen, Cóic Con. p. 9 defined as Lehen, Viehstellung mit Gegenleistung. in fuidir . . . nochin-fuil ni is mó dō nā rath dā bō . . . cid mor do nechib iartair air, is ecen dō in rath sin do aisic no in fognam do denam uada, Cóic Con. 54 § 123 (the `fuidir' has a loan or stipend of two cows; whatever service may be required of him, he must perform it or restore the loan). dilis, acht cu muine coire, rath n-athigh do flaith, ZCP xv 251 § 7 (the `rath' of a peasant is forfeit to the lord provided the latter has fulfilled his obligations; the `rath' here is an acknowledgement, probably in stock, of benefits conferred by the lord in representing him or defending his rights). rath aithuigh di alaile, 251 § 8 (a loan or subsidy given by one peasant to another on footing of equal rank). a biathadh fo méit a raith o ṡaerceilibh ┐ o dhaercheilibh, Rawl. B 506 f. 35b ( O'D. 2329 ). A list of various kinds of `rath' is given in H 3.18 p. 392b ( O'Curry 874 ). dliged raith fine. Se rath file la feine . . . luath-rath, fi[a]drath, etc., H 3.18 393b ( O'Curry 878 ). luath-rath .i. rath ernar iar fuilliucht athar ┐ sean-athar . . . fiad-rath .i. rath ernir i fid heirnidh loingsech no fogluid no feinniuth, ib. ( O'Curry 879 ). cor druith (.i. co rath) no mire (.i. cen rath), Laws i 52.1 , 31 (transld. `one who can do work', `one who cannot work'). im gaire ndruith (.i. co rath .i. nesam in biad ┐ in t-etach ro caithfithea riu); im gaire mire (.i. ben mer, .i. gin rath), i 124.9 ; 136.18 , 20 .

1 ruirthech

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Forms: ruireach, Ruirthech

adj o,ā. (< ro-rethech?) adj. of uncertain meaning, perh. `running swiftly', hence swift, rapid, impetuous: romechtar cleith curi rith rurt[h]ech aga catha, Corm. Y 1018 p. 88 (orc trēith) = rom-echutar clethi cuire rith rurthig ágae catha, Corm. p. 35 = riuth ruirthech, Bodl. ruirthech rian, RC xx 258 ( ACC 63 Comm. ) = ruthach, LU 857 . tracht ruirthech `strand overrun', RC xxvi 32 § 151 (glossed .i. ro-ḟirthach do longaib, LL). da ndroch . . . ruirthecha, TBC-I¹ 3392 . Of persons swift, prompt (in action or resolve)? fochen Labraid . . . urlam do rath, rurtech do chách, SCC 18 , `munificent', O'Curry, Atlantis i 383.28 . rētglu ruirthech, Bruchst. i § 106 (of an abbot) = rédlu ruirtech, LB 101b = ruireach, AFM i 512 (`ein Stern mächtigen Laufes', Meyer). batar ruirthig bar ríg `Eure Könige waren freigebig', Alex. 193 , cf. 572 . ros fallnatar rigi ruirthechai, 199 (leg. ríga ruirthecha?). intlec[h]t ruirthech, Anecd. v 26.5 (glossed roertach).

As n.l. Ruirthech, older name of the r. Liffey, Metr. Dinds. iii 104.6 .