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1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
blog 1 fragment, piece, bit; saint 2 part, portion; Of land, territory, terrain etc.; Of time; A part of a number of people, animals, etc.; group' (of diseases); In literary contexts; essence . . . of letter; passage
Brigit 1
Cothraige ( Saint ) Patrick
daig 1A flame, blaze, conflagration, fire; Metaph. of a hero, king, saint .2A pang, stitch, or other pain
érlam 1 Patronage, tutelage (?) 2 patron saint; patron or founder (of a church or monastery); a saint , holy man; a patron or founder, in general (?); A tutelar, tutelary spirit, deity (?)
2 Germán Saint Germanus (of Auxerre)
martrae 1 martyrdom; suffers martyrdom 2in wider sense, a violent death; slaughter; intense suffer- ing 3coll. relics (of saints or martyrs), somet. burial-place or tomb of a saint 4rarely martyr, victim
mem(m)ra A monument over the dead, a tomb; often a shrine (containing a saint's relics); a shrine; relics
noíb 1 holy, sacred, pertaining to a saint or the Church; a holy creature; holy champion; a holy virgin; blasphemy
noíbán a little saint
noíbthe holy; Saint
pátrún a patron; a patron-saint
róm a saint's settlement in which he was buried and hence of a burial-ground in general
1 saíre 1 freedom, liberty; nobility (of race, character, etc.) 2 privileges, immunity, etc., enjoyed by members of the free classes, churches, etc.; exemption, period of exemption 3 holy day, saint's day, church festival, holiday
1 San Saint
sanct a saint
Sint Saint