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Forms: sechit, sechitat, sechipad, sechip, sicib

pron. indef. See GOI § 461 (b) and 466 . Used before nominative of personal pronouns and nominative and dative without preposition of substantives, and before substantives preceded by a prep. (when folld. by a subst. this may or may not be preceded by a pron.): sechi chruth, Wb. 5b18 . sechi donaib anetarcnaidib `to any strangers whatever', Ml. 31a17 (gl. ad quoscumque ignotos). sechi ó óenrainn gl. ex una qualibet parte, Thes. ii 2.25 ( Acr. 4c1 ). Cf. i sachi retib gl. in quibus autem rebus, ZCP vii 482.18 ( Enchir. Aug. 75b ), which Thurneysen, loc. cit. says `is probably a Latinism'. Coalesces with copula: indic. pres. pl. 3 sechit háe, Ml. 101d4 . sechitat n-é (sic MS.), Thes. ii 25.38 ( BCr. 35d5 ). subj. pres. s. 3 sechib ed dliged són, Sg. 181a8 . sechip ed, Ml. 120c1 . subj. past s. 3 sechipad ed, 39c15 . In later texts the form is sechip -b, sicib -p. See below.

Archaic form: saichi crud, Wb. 23b22 (a prima manu).

whoever, whatever : adgenammar a séis sechip hé no-da-pridcha `we know his meaning, whosoever he be that preaches it', Wb. 14d28 . séchip hé dán . . . doberthar do neuch, 13a3 . sechib grád i mbether and imp óge fa lánamnas, 10a18 . sechi hed ríi a less `whatsoever she may need', 7b3 . rodchluinethar s.¤ he `who hears it, whoever he be', Ml. 129c19 (gl. auditori). a persainn s.¤ si `in whatever character', 115a2 . s.¤ dú nutsoesiu `wherever thou turnest', 112b6 . a duini s.¤ tú `O man whosoever', 70d4 (gl. té, . . . talia agente). s.¤ sí dia rignaib gl. reginam quamlibet, 65d8 . sechip sí fochaid imbé nech, 53b1 . sechitat hé gl. (solidas) quasque (materias), 51d7 . combad frisna gruade ┐ frisna forbru citacomairsed sechipad ed dodaíssed whatever might come to them, 39c15 . etir in dobrethir s.¤ ssí ┐ remsuidigud `or between any adverb whatsoever and . . .', Sg. 27a18 . im dán toísig nó thánaisi, sechib dán (sicib MSS.) di[i]b, Críth G. 323 . secip tacra dogniat na haicneada, O'Curry 250 ( H 3.18, p. 145a ). clad-bla; crich son íncoisce duae, na urclaide, no rath, no feart, no secib duae `or any mound whatever', Laws iv 144.16 Comm . secip leth tíasat ind ócdaim . . . bad and sein . . . in whatever direction, Trip.² 2990 . sicip hé dígbas in n-eclais, 751 . secip blas bá mellach la nech fogebed fair, LU 1787 (ICM). secip drúi co ṅdíchur eluda draidechta na Cristaige, ticed chucum-sa `if there be any magician who can . . .', PH 1172 . secip foradh-chnoc ard . . . i n-a tteicēmadh imat snechta . . . dó, Fl. Earls 192.27 . seicibtan .i. gibe tráth no uair, O'Cl.

? To this: intan asberar is ed a cheann sechis (? leg. sechi ed) ceann fir on no mna, Auraic. 544 .