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n (2 etham) non-arable land: fodla tire . . . eatham ┐ aineatham, Laws iv 276.2 . mad ainmin .i. mad aínethamh, 214.20 Comm. dethbir . . . athaim ┐ anathaim, 84.10 . dethbir . . . aithim ┐ anaithim, 21 . andomain .i. ferann ainethaim . . . cuirrig ┐ seiscenn no moin, O'Dav. 140 .


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n (domain ?) usually with tír of bog, marshy land, etc.: andomuin .i. ferann ainethaim, ut est a.¤ tíre .i. tír a mbí inne doimne, cuirrig ┐ seiscenn no moin, O'Dav. 140 . tir n-a.¤ , Laws v 250.6 .i. curraigh ┐ seisccend, 252.1 Comm. feis a n-a.¤ .i. bid a lenmain isin lathaig (of cattle), O'Curry 1059 (H 3.18, 438b). a.¤ .i. ainm antire [.i.] moin ┐ lothrach, 123 (ib. 75a). a.¤ duibtir ┐ moin son, Laws iv 276.19 Comm.

2 bocthach

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x 2 bocach: boctach .i. moin no seiscenn , O'Curry 86 (H.3.18, 64).


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adj o, ā (comáentu) united, harmonious, agreeable : comann comáentadhach, CCath. 102 . ceol . . . comaentadach comchubaid, PH 8338 . imram . . . cubaid comaontadach . . . a n-aighthib tonn ┐ sruth, ML² 657 . Med. ni comaentadhach an tadhbar cuige congenial, 23 P 10 ³, 32a27 . Adv. jointly, with one accord : dochōirgedar a cūanarta . . . co c.¤ fa Seiscenn na n-Aiged, Fianaig. 52.23 . do fhreagradar son co comaentadach, YBL 148b47 .

1 inne

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Forms: t-inne, innedha, indida, innidhe, innighe, innedh, n-indid

n , f. (but : in t-inne , Ir. Gl. 1013 ). (< prep. i, Celtica xv 18 ) In Mid. and Mod. Ir. d- endings also occur : n p. innedha, CCath. 4142. indida, Rosa Angl. 324.15 . a p. a innidhe , Exodus xxix 17. a innighe , 2 Samuel xx 10. g p. a n-innedh , Aisl. Tond. 104.24 . na n-indid , Irish Texts iii 49.x . See IGT Decl. § 180. ? Orig. meaning the inmost part of anything, the middle, the essence, the content:

I Figurative sense.

(a) quality, real value ; manner, kind, nature: alind á óiph in forcitil nemnech immurgu a i.¤ poisonous its quality (of the doctrine of Pelagius), Wb. 7c1 . is fo dobertar inna anman fonna inni fordingrat `it is in accordance with that the names are given (namely) in accordance with the qualities that they signify,' Ml. 37a14 . is i.¤ so inna ermiten `such is the honour' gl. qualem, 67c7 . i.¤ olc `the evil quality' gl. qualitas, 71b4 . eregem ind inni se `such a complaint,' 90c8 . torand folaid ┐ i.¤ `a signification of substance and quality,' Sg. 26b12 . i.¤ ind ḟebtad ł ind ḟolaid, 28a1 . do lanad ┐ ḟoilsiguth i.¤ indib gl. ad mani-festandam eorrum qualitatem, 28b18 . quantus .i. is heidméit ... qualis inna i.¤ so `qualis of this quality,' 30a14 . ní ed a mét foilsigther ind i.¤ robói hi pyrr not only is the quality which was in Pyrrhus demonstrated, 211a10 . Garb Glinni olc a ḟuáth is a inni, RC xiv 422.1 . in long d'ór is án i.¤ whose quality is splendid ?, LL 307b41 . meid ┐ inni ┐ inchosc `quantity, quality, and meaning,' Auraic. 673. bonus et malus is i in indi : magnus et minus is i in meid, 674 . a hi.¤ a cuit isin seoit from the true value of his share ... ?, Laws iii 360.12 Comm. tir ara ningealtar [log] .i. ferand ara r-gelladh log a hinde `land for which its real price was promised' (etym. gl. on ingeltar), v 430.5 and 15 Comm. in gell a hindi leth n-uinge `a pledge of the intrinsic value of half an ounce' (etym. gl. on ingille), 416.19 Comm. mided .i. meisemnaiged cach a hi.¤ in ni is coir do gabail isin rath let everyone judge from his own quality ? (or in his own mind ?). ii 254.28 Comm. tir a mbí i.¤ doimne, cuirrig ┐ seiscenn , O'Dav. 140. nach saobhthuir i.¤ an aeeóir `that the nature of the air be not perverted,' Studies 1921, 74 § 4 . ? fer brón fort íer techta inde (glossed : .i. more) lámnado, LU 10887 (rhetoric, = ... ier techta in delmnad, Ériu xii 182 § 12 ). a hinne used adverbially properly, naturally, by reason of or according to its nature or quality: cell con-a hincrod .i. cell cusin crod bis innte a hi.¤ , Laws v 222.14 Comm. co na nindteach .i. cusaní is toich no is duthaig bis orro a hinde, iv 152.13 Comm. ise ní ro meisemnaiged a hinde doib `the thing that was estimated originally for them,' 34.21 Comm.

Used absolutely as adv. of manner (see GOI § 876 ) : i.¤ ropridched dúib `as has been preached to you,' Wb. 25a40 . inni rombatar riam hí tempul such as they were before gl. talia, Ml. 62b2 . cia inni soas `how he turns' gl. qualiter auersatur, 123d8 .

(b) meaning, sense, signification: ara tucca cách a canas condib réil less ind i.¤ bess and, Wb. 27b27 . ce torbe dúibsi in fogur sin mani fessid inni bess fon fogursin `the sense which is under that sound,' 12d5 . issí i.¤ fil is indi as fluit, consumitur, Ml. 83b1 . is inunn chiall is indi as scit ┐ as nóuit is in dib desmrechtaibso .i. procurat issí i.¤ fil hi cechtar de, 114b1 . ind i.¤ bís indib riam gl. significatio, Sg. 4b4 . huare nád forcmat inn inni saindilis inna ndelb the special meaning of the forms, 50a6 . is follus inna n-inni som i.¤ inna n-anmmann húataat, 59a11 . brath inn[e] cach brethi, Laws i 22.5 Comm. bunad ocus inde ocus airbert ... don focul origin, meaning and use ..., 30.y Comm. a inde .i. a indaithmech its meaning i.e. its analysis, Lec. Gl. 169. dorrime S. ... inni n-ali nand .i. beatus quasi vivatus `S. gives another sense,' Hib. Min. 434. tucad in t-ainm iarsin n-inde thoirnes for in sollamain-si according to the meaning it denotes ?, PH 6934. seachta ... seacht n-ae a hinni `heptad ... seven sciences is the meaning of it,' Auraic. 742.

II Concrete sense.

(a) middle, centre, inmost part (very freq. in etym. glosses) : inde a hinde .i. as a lár, O'Don. Suppl. (< H 3. 18 ). inchind .i. i n-inde cind bīs, Corm. Y 760. inchind .i. indi in chind, O'Mulc. 732. innéoin .i. inne an eana .i. meadhón an uisge, O'Cl. ni diubair indraic inlobra .i. ... innraic bis a n-inde labra in the middle of illness, O'Curry 2469 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38 (39)a ). in ni bis a nind (leg. ninde) a treibe (gl. on intreb furniture), Laws ii 358.10 Comm. no lin[a]d indara lestar a hur in tsrotha, araile asa medon, RC xxv 35.25 , to `medon' corresponds hinde in tsrotha, 30 . iad i n-i.¤ aigianta eisinnill an áruis ... sin in the deep insecure centre, TSh. 6690. cuiridh an teas a teitead a n-i.¤ na talman astech `into the interior of the earth,' ITS xiv 38.11 . secht n-indsguithe .i. atait secht scuiche a hinde `there are seven internal departures,' Laws v 296.21 Comm.

? To this the following exx. : duine ro gaid set ┐ roe no (leg. ro elo) amach-asin crích ... ní légur a hi.¤ in ferainn é go foircenn na riaghla, O'D. 696 (< H 3.17, c. 509 ). ingraide tire .i. ingraid a hindi ... ina thir transltd. `grazing on a farm i.e. they graze the top (of the grass) in the land,' Laws iv 48.18 Comm. co dílinn do ladh a hindibh aeoir `from the inside of the air,' Leb. Gab.(i) 92 n. 6 . a sil a innibh an aieoir, DDána 110 § 48. failet ann linni lethna | ailli a n-inni a noebtrethna, SR 494. inngas .i. inde an gai na chuais the inner part of the spear in its socket ?, O'Mulc. 769. cāin inbir .i. ... riaghail inneich bis in inde bera na corad, Laws iv 212.12 Comm.

(b) mind, heart: ni ḟuil th'aídh na th'i.¤ hi ccradh `thy care and thy thoughts are not on wealth,' Cog. 64.29 . ca rūn atā fat i.¤ ?, ZCP xiii 170.16 . as mairg dobheir taobh re mnáibh ... cidh bed bhes ina n-i.¤ `whatever be in their minds,' BS 112.7 . amail aimsiges int aintcrist indi cāich, ZCP xii 368.18 . mar bhíos Críost san ghille ghlan | gan díosc na i.¤ iodhan in his pure heart, Arch. Hib. i 99 xvii .

(c) Usually in pl., the bowels, entrails, intestines: talias gl. na hinneda `the bowels,' Gild. Lor. 93. erga mea viscera gl. illeth rem indib, ib. 148 . cum medullis gl. cusna hindib, 227 . isnaib innib `in the inward parts' gl. in osibus, Ml. 28a7 . int i.¤ iachtarach gl. líén `the lower gut,' Ir. Gl. 1013. in mil bis i ninde uithir the beast which is in the bowel of the sick man, Laws ii 12.22 . ris in ngen inasas a hi.¤ in athar, in ingean, 346.4 Comm. ina sinib no na indib, transltd. `in her udder' (of a cow), iii 228.10 Comm. comba leir a i.¤ et a inathar tar a bhél, TBC-LL¹ p. 373 n. 1 . contarlaic a mbúi do innib ina medón corrabi for fortchi in charpait, LL 121a2 . coná raibhe acht a cris ... catha ic congbail a i.¤ ocus a inathair ar n-íchtar, MR 300.5 . ro-m-piantar tria m'índib, PH 802. ni testa fuirri innedha na linche the entrails of lynxes (of a witch), CCath. 4142 . nighfe tú a innidhe thou shall wash its entrails, Exodus xxix 17. indida na n-ainmindti, Rosa Angl. 324.15 . sa gaile no isna hindib, RC xlix 14.11 . gur marbh flux inneadh drong dibh `that a flux of the bowels slew some of them,' ITS xix 112.23 . eslainti in gaili ... ┐ eslainti na n-indid mar ata gaothmuirecht ┐ colica, Irish Texts iii 49.x . an té thiocfus amach as t'innibh féin bhus oighre ort, Gen. xv 4. m'i.¤ ro shúig `my vitals he sucked' (a mother of her child), Todd Lect. vi 82.11 . in tan ro-genair ... on óig cen eroslucad n-i.¤ without opening of the womb, PH 6752. i n-innibh ar mbancéile i n-ám tuismedha, CCath. 647. Fig.: cuiridh iomuibh ... innighe trocaire the bowels of mercy, Coloss. iii 12.

By an extension of meaning, dung: indebar .i. áilech, ut est tech i mbí indebar .i. tech i mbí inde in buair .i. tech salach semdellach, O'Dav. 1127 = Laws v 166.18 Comm.


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adj o, ā (luinniuc) clear-voiced, melodious, songful (of birds). Correct form not certain. iter helu luincechu gl. inter argutos olores (luin cen chu, luincencu (sic leg. Thes. ii p. 421 ), MSS), Thes. ii 47.28 . There is doubt as to the correct reading in the line given as: luinchech corr / i seiscenn Droma Dá Thrén, Murphy Lyrics 49.2 , where CF² (1430) has luinchidh (luinncheadh, MS.) and SG 113.3 luinche ( Acall. 845 ). A verbal form (as in CF2) is also suggested by: luincid corro crich Tethbo, ACL iii 310 § 9 (3 pl. ? Poem in B. na f.). See the discussion in Ir. Syll. Poetry p. 87.

? mormuir

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Forms: mormuir

n a bog or moor? ` mormuir' moin, `bothach' seiscenn , Forus Foc. 70 (mormuinn; mor muir; mórmhúir, v.l.); Stokes, Metr. Gl. 97 , suggests that the word is a compd. of mór and múir cogn. with O.N. mýrr `marsh' and Lat. muria `brine'. Cf. Eng. moor< A.S. mór.


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Forms: Muirsce, Mursce

n f. (< muir-ṡesc, cf. sescann, seiscenn ) a low-lying coast-land, a sea-board ; a name given to more than one stretch of coast in Ireland. morbrugi Erend .i. Brega Midi Muresc Murthemni, FB 32. Esp. a maritime district in Co. Mayo (mod. barony of Murrisk): hi Muirisc Aigli, hoc est campum inter mare et Aigleum , Thes. ii 267.27 ( Ardm. 13b1 ) = Trip. 322.24 . i mMuruisc, AU 602. a Muirisc, Ériu iv 96 § 24. a Muriusc [sic fcs.] na marcc | cosa thathig tond taeb[b]alc, LL 211b44 . g s. Muirsce, AU 602 , 706 . Mursce, 682 , 734 . cath Cluana mín-Murisce, LL 17a10 . Mag Mureisce, 211b48 . meicc Matæ Murisce, CRR 5. Máta Murisc, TBC-LL¹ 55. trí Mane Murisce, 5908 . Mand Muresci, TBC-I¹ 2163. See murrasc.


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adj o, ā (sal) dirty, foul; in moral sense impure, vicious : s.¤ gl. sordidus, Ir. Gl. 684 ; libidinosus, 616 . tech s.¤ , Laws i 130.18 Comm . buaile glan . . . buaile s.¤ , v 468.10 Comm . hi tégdais . . . s.¤ (of hell), PH 8298 . na follechta salcha = foeda vestigia, Lat. Lives 96.2 . at salcha na sligeda, CRR 6 . sligthi salcha, FA 30 LB ( IT i 190.26 ). na róid shalcha 'na mbí láib, TSh. 10735 . budh s.¤ tra eiseirgi na pecthach isin ló sin grievous (?), RC xxviii 316 § 23 . betha bronach . . . s.¤ , 318 § 35 . truaillighe . . . s.¤ . . . `defild, prophane', Eg. Gl. 576 . abhráin shalcha lewd songs, Luc. Fid. 107.1 . mac s.¤ gl. bufo, Thes. ii 235.8 . ? at salaig úantaind | . . . | at gairb chaithlig, LU 8361 ( FB 24 ). In gramm.: comhrointear guthaigheadha i ndó: .i. i nglanaibh ┐ i n-ionghlanaibh: .i. a trí glana: amhail atá a e o ┐ a dó salcha .i. i u 'vowels are divided in two [categories] i.e. three pure [ones], namely a, e, o and two dirty [ones], i.e. i and u', FS Delorez 7.6 . As subst.: a shalaigh (i.e. the world), DDána 50.6 . Compar. ní sine ┐ ni salcha a chach he (of a garment), PH 1970 . corab sailche in duine ina diabul, 7440 . ca mhéid . . . níos shailche ná sin atá an duine noch ibhios éigceart?, Job xv 16 .

Compds. ¤dillat: saluchdillat (sic leg.) `nursing clothes', Laws ii 160.14 .i. in t-etach do berar im in salcar, 15 Comm . ¤ros a marsh: salachru[i]s .i. seiscenn, ut est glan sruaim salachruis (sic leg.), O'Dav. 1427 = téid cained coir reime téitt glond glinde glan sruaim salachruis id salad filid fo-benaigh nemed, O'D. 2220 ( Nero A vii 150b ). O'Cl.

sescann, seiscenn

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Forms: seiscne

n pl. seiscne (cf. 1 seisc) unproductive ground; a marsh, swamp, bog : `bothach' seiscenn , Metr. Gl. 21 § 70 . bothach .i. móin ┐ seisgenn, Meyer Contribb. s.v. 3 bothach . cuirrec[h] . . . do rād fri seiscend, Corm. Y 331 . tir n-andomain .i. curraigh ┐ seisccend, Laws v 252.1 Comm . andomuin .i. ferann ainethaim, ut est andomain tíre .i. tír a mbí inne doimne, cuirrig ┐ seiscenn no moin, O'Dav. 140 . i cnocaib i sescnib ┐ i rrotaigib anaitreba, LU 2062 ( FA 14 ). gataitt da gerran . . . nos berat fodess fón sescán, Trip.² 2834 . i nimain . . . tar feith no seiscne, O'Curry 2327 ( Eg. 88, fo. 25 ). Femen cid sescand cose | ┐ cid rotá raigne . . ., LL 278a4 . Sescend Temra . . . .i. sescend salach bec fil and, 30c43 . co sescenn sal serg, Anecd. ii 33 ( Poem 18 § 2 ). fagbhaid a n-ionad sin, ┐ tiaghaid for seisgenn ba nessa `a neighbouring morass', TFrag. 146.16 . do hordaiged . . . sluag ferdha re foghnam fo na fedhaib ┐ buidhni sotla solma fo na sesguib (seasgannaibh, seisgionnaibh, v.ll.), ML² 1064 . i seisg, a sesgonn, i sléibh, BS 38.23 .

In place-names: co Sescen in da Cor, a Sescunn da Cor, Thes. ii 238.9 - 10 ( Ardm. 17a2 ). Sescand Cluana maccú Birnd, LL 275b13 . Dún Sescind, CRR 4 . a seisceann Droma dá trén, Acall. 845 . bui-sum . . . i n-a tig a Sescinn Uairbeoil, RC v 199 § 7 . Sesccann Lúbánach, AFM vi 2346.z .

? To this: fessatar co cend trí cóicthiges and i tig Conaill [maic] Gleo Glaiss. Ba hé sescend a n-oigidechta in chétadaig ┐ ni ba hí ind adaig dedenach `the barren part of their guesting was on the first night', RC xiv 428 § 53 = ba hí an chēad-adhoigh seiscionn a n-aoigheachta, Acall. (Leabh. ó Laimhsgr.) i 257.1 (cf. Acall. 2107 v.l.).


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n n, n.

(a) stream: sruaim .i. sruth. Salach ru[i]s .i. seiscenn, ut est glan sruaim salach ruis, O'Dav. 1427 . sruaim .i. sruth nó srotha imda, ut est cach leth co sal sruamach ( Fél. Aug. 25 ), O'Dav. 1462 . sruaim .i. sruth, ut est a n-ána for sruamannaib i sidh socomét in fosernaither flatha, 1464 . a n-ána for sruamannaib i sidh socoméd sernar flatha, 119 (cf. Corm. Y 48 ). saenn[sh]ruth sechta | asa rethaid sruaim slan solus, Anecd. i 66 § 143 . dommebaid sruaim isan talmain, Irish Texts i 6 § 17 . brúchtais . . . srūaim usci annsin, BColm. 52.14 . a shruaim amhail ceó do shlébh (to a river), AFM i 470.19 . ro snigseat sruamandai . . . saerfholai dar curpu, Alex. 253 . Of a stream of fire: araile díb ┐ srúama tened i tollaib a ngnússe, LU 2187 ( FA 27 ) = co sruamu, LB. cóig srúamanna tenedh, Cóir Anm. 159 . bethu dubach . . . i sruam(h)aib na sreth (sruth?) sir-theinedh, BNnÉ 98.z . saighnen . . . .i. sruam teinedh ag losccadh an talman, Irish Texts iii 20 § 15 . sruaim tine (gl. sraibtine), Laws v 192.13 . Fig. a s.¤ mór ind forcitil spirdáldi `the mighty stream of spiritual doctrine', Wb. 11a19 . srúaim soïs `a stream of knowledge', Fél. Apr. 4 . srūaim ecna ūaigh stream of pure wisdom (of St. Cainnech), ACL iii 220.15 .

(b) In glossaries large quantity: srūaim ena .i. imat usque (gl. srōn), Corm. Y 1176 . sruth .i. srūaim etha .i. imat ēisc inte, 1179 . sruaim .i. imat, ut est, sruaim salach sét guidhe, O'Dav. 1464 . srua[i]m .i. imad, Lec. Gl. 126 .