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ainchin sin , offence; unfriendliness, enmity
anfolad 1Legal. Lit. bad `folud' (see Thurn. ). Always of improper conduct or behaviour by one party to a contract, settlement, etc. In Laws and Plummer MS notes trans- lated disqualification 2 injury, wrong, injustice; resentment, grievance, grudge, feud, enmity; crime, offence, sin
1 caire 1 crime, fault, sin; sin-offering 2 blameless, innocent, flawless; faulty, blameworthy
cin 1 Guilt, fault, crime; enemy; Of specific sins, crimes 2in revenge, atone- ment for3In legal contexts offence, crime, etc. for which the doer is answerable at law, hence with meaning liability, guilt, incurred penalty, etc.; payment due, levy, exaction; booty, plunder, and hence by implication victory, triumph, success; share, due portion; in pl. fortune, weal; love, affection; esteem, respect; occasion (of sin , etc.)
cintugad 1act of committing crime, sin 2act of accusing, charging
col 1 infringe- ment, violation; wrong, sin 2 incest 3 degree of kinship as impediment to marriage 4 guilt, blame(?)
immarmus, immormus, immorbus transgression, sin (esp. applied to the Fall)
imm-sín stretches about ?
imnocht 1 stark naked; Fig. free from sin ?, detached from the world
lám 1 hand; expels; arm; Of the hand used in measuring length; Of the whole arm as measure; spectator 2 prowess, valour, accomplishment; might; control, power; upper hand, conquering arm; active part in crime 3 undertakes; act of undertaking; an undertaking certain of success; proposes, attempts; Of course of action undertakes; enjoins upon; petitions; practises violence on; operates on; act of avoiding, renouncing; beside; along by; compared with; refuses, rejects; Of renunciation of world, sin , etc; excepts; accepts the protection of someone; shakes hands; reserve force; manipulates; helps; help, assistance to; takes possession of; violates, disobeys 4 liberates from; undertakes; goes to communion; receives confirmation; in the power of, at the discretion of; subordinate to; swearing; beside x; Hence of possession, control; places at the disposal of; on behalf of, deputizing for; captive, subservient (to); In oaths by; in spite of5from hand to hand; equally balanced; together, unanimously; secretly; side by side; one and all; on either side
láp mud, mire; sin , vice
lathach mire, puddle; Of sin , the body, the world, etc.
léicid 1 lets go, releases; Of emitting shouts, cries, etc.; Of tears, blood, etc.; lets, allows, permits; leaves, leaves behind, allows to remain; abandons, forsakes; lets alone, refrains from interfering with or taking part in; abandons, forsakes, puts away (a wife); leaves over, defers, postpones 2 lets away from, releases from; give up, desist; allows to go to etc.; desists from, abstains from, leaves off; leaves to or for, hands over to, entrusts to; Allows, permits (to do, have, etc.); Allows (to go) to; Hands over to, looses among, sends against; sets aside, abandons, neglects; Hurls at; sets to, sets about; feigns; gives oneself over to; entrusts to, puts trust in; Reveals to; lays down, lets fall, lowers; Of kneeling; Allows to enter; Of sin , temptation; goes into, precipitates oneself into; neglects, abandons, overlooks; Lets go with; concedes to, allows to have, grants to; forgives, indulges, remits; Reveals to; lets go, releases, gives up, abandons. Often with more positive sense of dismisses, puts away, sends, throws; allows to be taken away, relinquishes, abandons; desists, leaves off; allows to pass; Refrains from (citing, etc.); Strains, makes percolate
leiges 1 art of the líaig, healing art 2 medical treatment 3 cure, remedy , medicine, medicament 4act of treating, curing, healing
leisce 1 sloth, laziness; idleness 2(the sin of) sloth 3 reluctance, disinclination, unwillingness
lochtugud 1 finding fault with, censuring, calumniating 2 defiling with sin
logad 1act of conceding; concession, permission; remission, relaxation (of a rule) 2 surrender, handing over(?) 3 forgiveness, pardon; remission (of punishment); quarter 4 indulgence; remission of punishment due for sin 5 decay, oblivion 6act of obtaining, acquiring: acquisition
1 min 1 shattered, pulverized; As epithet of endearment; minutely 2a petty river; small pieces; tender age, minority; flour- cakes; small (? broken) bread; flour.; a petty gift; small fragments (coll.); trivial matters; little Easter, Low Sunday; mincing: of mastication; confession of minor sins; fragments (coll.); small wood, chips; a small fly, midge; a trifling matter?; relic-case; small assembly; petty troop; fine wine-lees; small folk, inferior people (? children); minute work, ornamen- tation; a small church; a small bird; Name of a plant; meadow saxifrage; a minor prophet; minute observation; a petty chief; a minor offence; a petty theft; cutting small, mincing; a rivulet; small means; a small article or utensil; a small fish; small fish, small fry; a small vessel; a small ship, boat; a little bit, morsel; a venial sin; a trifling point or matter; a small part; minor parts (of speech); division into small parts; a small star; a petty king; a petty skirmish; a small rock; bits, fragments, hash (coll.); trinkets; chainlets; a small stream; a small hearth (sign of inhospitality);; minor authors; small-ribbed, puny?; finely spotted; crushed small; weak-eyed; pulverizes, smashes; crushes small
pec(c)ad Sin , both in abstr. sense and concrete (esp. in pl.), a sin , kind of sin, sinful act
pecthach Sinful, committing sin; a sinner
pecthaigid sins, commits sin
2 roimse sin , guilt; abun- dance, excess
sal 1 dirt, filth, impurity, dross; scabies 2 violet 3 sin , stain 4 stain on a person's honour, reputation
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
síl 1 cause, origin 2the semen virile 3 race, progeny, descendants 4 offspring, breed; act of breeding (?)
simplidecht simplicity, singlemindedness, sin- cerity
1 sin 1 that, the above-mentioned, the be- fore-mentioned
1 sín bad weather, storm; less freq. in general sense, weather (freq. in pl.), season; rarely, good weather; the times, circumstances, atmosphere, attitude; stormy sound
2 sín , ? sin the name of the ring or collar worn by Morann mac Máin. According to another tradition it was an epistle used as a charm.
3 sín , ? sin so, thus, like
sinser the elder, the eldest; a senior; in pl. elders, ancestors, fore- fathers; original sin; the yew tree; elder brother, senior kinsman
taem 1 fit , paroxysm, attack (of sickness, passion, feeling, etc.) 2 part of, portion of, degree of 3 scrap, particle, jot 4 sin , sinful action
tairmthecht 1 going across, traversing, passage; ambassadorship; a passage round the top of a wall or building, gallery, architrave (?) 2 transgression, sin; transgressing holy orders
targabál, torgabál transgression, sin; In Laws also trespass (?)
1 táth 1 joining, welding, soldering, binding; welding-beams; Hence in political sense uniting, rallying, annexing (countries, peoples, etc.); Med. act of healing; Hence (?) in religious poems saving from sin , salvation (? or from (a) uniting with God) 2 a kind of cheese (made of curds ?); curdles
tecmáil 1 happening, chancing, occurring; Usually with prepp. meeting, encountering, falling into, etc.; Of sexual inter- course; meeting; happening to; Of intentional rather than chance meetings; meeting, happening, etc.; clashed; falling into, becoming involved in; falling into sin 2 hostile encounter, battle, dispute
tuisled 1 act of falling, stumbling 2In abstr. (partic. moral) sense fall, slip, stumble, offence, sin; offence, crime (?)3 accident, misfortune, calamity