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berrad 1 short . . . synopsis, abridgement 2 act of cutting, clipping (hair), shaving 3act of tonsuring; tonsure; slave 's tonsure 4 style of cutting of hair, hence head of hair, hair:
1 cacht 1person in bondage, slave 2 bond, fetter; bondage, captivity, confinement 3 Duress, hardship; asceticism; fasting; Constraint, compulsion 4 common, general; generally
1 cumal 1female slave , bondwoman; later woman-in-waiting; servant, maid; maid-in-waiting 2Name of a variable unit of value; generally fixed at three milch cows; or equivalent to thirty-five acres of land3 fine, mulct, compensation; in recompense for, as penalty for
doír 1 unfree, lowborn, of servile condition or nature; subst., serf; Servile, menial 2Of physical and moral qualities base, ignoble, slavish: 3 enslaved, subject 4 condemned, deserving punishment, guilty 5 laborious, hard, rigorous, painful 6 dear, valuable, costly 7 unfree, servile, base, of low condition; `natural slave ', inferior; serf-tribe; serf-soldier; serf, `villain'; a bard of the second class; bondwoman (poet.); base-hospitallers; serf-cottier; base tenant; client; artisans of lower class; prisoner; imprisonment, bondage; tribute; serf-clan, inferior classes or race; lowborn person (?); bondsman; menial service, bondage; base `tenant- at-will'; servile yoke, servitude; base tenant of ecclesiastical lands; taskmasters; taskmaster; servile work; tributary territories; subject tribes 8 sentence of condemnation; tyrannical judgment; hard judgement or fate; rigorous, severe; ill-fated; haemorrhoids
doírán serf, slave
doírsech slave , bondsman
doírsinech bondsman, slave
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
inailt foster-sister, fosterling (); later; a handmaid, a bondmaid, a female slave
3 Mael cropped head' or `head; ` slave ' or `servant', hence `devoted to'; tonsured
mog slave
mug, mog 1A male slave or servant; a serf or bondman; servant of the water (a kenning for salmon?; a monk or coenobite; a hermit
mugsaine bondage, slavery; service of a slave .
scláb slave
3 serb a slave
tráill slave; Hence `kneading-trough